Thursday, August 1, 2013


Long about 4: 30pm
on Wed. they still had not come and put any thing up marking that there was a huge hole in the side walk…I put the flags there…and most of the men had left….
but there were 3 of them still working on a corner down the street…so I walked down and ask if they were ready to leave…yes they said…so I ask them about marking my hole where the side walk should be…well they they did bring some cones up…
This morning after the rain..
They came back and used cement saw and fixed everything up….after that they left again…about hr later they came back and put 2x4’s in side walk hole like it was ready to pour the cement in…..I don’t think sooooo….some time later a supervisor came along to inspect it…I goes out and start talking to him…I think it is a pretty big slab to be one piece of sidewalk worry about it cracking in the winter …as things do here in PA…if not reinforced …he says oh it will be ok…I said well they put re-bar in the large sidewalk in front of my drive way…he says it will be ok…I just looked at him…now mind you there is just dirt at bottom of about 6in side walk hole…nothing else and they are goin to pour cement in this !! then he left…well he must have figured out I sort of knew what I was talking about …..
because about 10 min later I see coming down the street a back hoe…large dump truck and another back hoe type machine with a big scoop on it…and about 4 men…
And they start to play in the hole….lol…digging it much deeper and stomping around it it…you can see my yard sale tables I started to put up…in the above pic along with the back hoe and man stomping in the hole…
And the rest of the story…
I will tell you next post…thanks for looking and come back soon blessing G&M

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