Wednesday, July 31, 2013


This is one of the many dirt roads….
all around the main damn area and beyond…you can get a good work out hiking on these roads…they don’t have any “trails” at this area but I did see some on the Ohio side of the lake…and I am sure there are others on the PA side also…just a left over pic from my adventure on Sun.

And now on to this….
I mainly am going to post about this because I want to remember what I was told on this day..since I will be leaving for FL in Sept. and not sure all this will be done before I leave…they did this early this morning…pic below..
Then a supervisor came along …so I went out to talk to him..told him about this part of my drive way that the borough ripped up last Sept. and said it would get repaired when they did the new water lines…supper told me that the borough was responsible for it but they would probably pay them to fix it…so it is noted here…on this day…
He also told me that any thing the tore up they would replace and fix…they are going to have to move my water hook up (the blue marker) to the other side of the side walk or right on the side walk but it will be replaced….
also the chipped some of the side walk when removing this side walk and digging this hole and filling it up with gravel…all done before I got here in May…
So where the pink paint is …that will be fixed also…not really sure why they dug that side walk up…cause there is not water line or  hook ups there..any way it looks like they are going to be fixing it soon…
Now on to my project…
I am getting antsy wanting to do some things…like creative things…so yesterday I dug out this old lamp from the yard sale pile…I am needing a lamp for my desk by my computer…and figure this would work…but not the ugly 1970’s olive green it was painted…(forgot before pic) so I went ahead and sprayed it white…it has a white round globe that goes on it…but I put this fancy globe on it for now..I think it is a little small but I like it…if I end up selling it I will put the round globe back on,…it really is not very creative but made me fell better anyway…rain today so guess I will work in the garage and basement today between rain drops…have stuff need out of the basement yet so I can clean and finish the dry lock and paint the floor…but have to clean up the garage so I have some place to put said stuff…never ending circle…lol…all the while keeping an eye ball on the work men..not because I think they are cute..but cause I am not at all sure they know what they are doing…you get different answers from different men…makes me think left hand doesn’t know what right hand is doing SmileSmileguess that’s it for now thanks for looking and come back soon…blessing G&M

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