Thursday, July 25, 2013


After painting for two days….
up and down on my knees…I had to take a break yesterday….
so went outside to do a little trimming …my roddy bush was out of control so had to trim it back some…it does not look so good …when I came here in May the middle of it looked like it was dying..and it still does..
it use to be a darker green and so dense that you could not see thru it….now I can see from one side to the other…maybe it is because it is so old…..
005Found this old bird nest in there..looks like maybe a robin I could not get close to it even to put the camera up to see there were eggs in there…

And now to the inside….
I have been pricing then carrying things down stairs for the sale…..things are getting piled up in the living room..I think after this Sat. I will start putting stuff on the porch…everything you see here will be for sale including TV, chair it all goes…(I hope Smile) a few things I will keep if not sold but not much…
The room I just cleaned and painted….
This is the bedroom I have been working on the last two days….it is the only decent looking room in the house right now…with sale stuff sitting willy- nilly all over the place…The four post bed is part of a set I got back in mid 70”s …did some stripping it and put on clear varnish…maple showed up real well…this is some thing I am keeping not sure how yet…the wall paper has a peach color to it and the curtains are light peach lace..bed spread is a vintage chenille not peach but the yellow goes…
Remember looking for Waldo…
Well here’s looking for Maggie…the Steeler fan….
The rest of the story..
Today I am going to clean up the mess outside I made yesterday…grabbed most of the trimmings this am before garbage man came…so just have to rake up the leavings..then inside to do some cooking..I am trying to make a daily menu to save money and to eat healthier…My blood pressure ok and I want to keep it ok…so need to lose some more wt. and more walking…so I am on the band wagon again to lose wt. …..and I am going to do some camping soon…most likey a couple days here and there in Aug. maybe lake Erie area…so all for now thanks for looking and come back soon
blessing G&M

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