Tuesday, April 30, 2013


An empty campground…..
This is what the camp ground looked like today after a weekend of Vet’s shingdig…empty….
More empty spaces…looking up the loop from where we will be parked…
Getting set up…..
Here is Soos getting set up in her spot…she had just a slight problem getting level…but it worked out…
This will be my site….
In the pic below is the spot I  will set up in tomorrow…I will go over early to start having some camping fun…if there is no one in the spot you can go in early…the normal time is noon…I can’t wait for the morning…My site is across from Soos and Dell.
Dell pulled in around 4pm and got her self set up beside Soos...this is a short post tonight....so thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings G&M

Sunday, April 28, 2013


On sat I want to get my spot at the home park so took the RV down at 6 :30 there were already 5or 6 boaters there…I left it there Maggie and I took our morning walk…went back to dads and got ready to spend the day at the park..there were 3 yard sales in the hood this morning so I walked around the hood again and took in some sales…it got dark out…so I thought I should hold off walking down to the park…and I was right now it is pouring cats & dogs…So made it there about 1/2 hr. later
Took Liz's idea for stowing my chair.
About blogger again….it looks like we all might have to join the Google + rather we want to or not if we want to continue on with blogger…so I might wait to the last min,. to join…one other thing ..it seems like people have problems loading pic on blogger sometimes…I wonder if you would use Live Writer you might not have that problem…so far for me I have not had it…I use Live Writer Not to worry Gypsy I check your blog daily…and about another 20 or so blogs!! I miss it when you are not blogging…
my maggie
So we went back to the home park and spent the rest of the day just hanging around and not one thing of interest happened. There were some people out and about , picnicking and boating…it did rain off and on all day so that is  probably why not much going on…we sat out side and I read and Maggie sniffed and growled…In comparison my days are not as exciting and eventful as most of my forum and blogger friends….  That’s it for now thanks for looking and come back soon.
blessings G&M

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


This post will be about some odds and ends of “stuff” with a few odd pics thrown in….
First up is blogger….
I want my blogger peeps that do not see me commenting on their blogs any more …the reason is Google seems determined to integrate Blogger into Google+. I went to Gypsy BoHo blog the other and wanted to make a post as she is at the beach again… and I was now “required to have a Google+ Profile” before I was allowed to comment on her  blog. I guess she and others have signed on to Google + ….this is something I do not want to do….you are required to give out your birthday on this profile and I am not wanting to do that…not cause I am old lady lol…cause of the other things that can happen when to much of your info is out there. So what I am planning on doing is mention my comments here on my blog to those blog I have visited and want to say something…hoping that they see it…(So Gypsy looks like you and the fur kids are having a great time….love that bike!) I might try doing the comment with red. So if you signed up for Google + I can’t comment Sad smile 
Mini GTG at Wickham Park….
I talked with Women RV friend Soos and then we chatted with Dell another member… on FB last night and it was decided we would do a mini GTG this week…well when I went over to the park this am…it was busting at the seams with Vet’s…they were having a shindig there thru Sun….so this week is out…I will go again nest Tues check out sites and we will the go there then for the mini….I will be cutting it close to launch time to the trip north…but I can go when ever I want….now I can say jello plans !!!! SmileSmileSmileAll for now thanks for looking and come back soon.
blessings G&M

Thursday, April 18, 2013


One of our day camps…
This is one of our favorite day camp sites over at Wickham…I was walking back to the park from the campground and see MySweetDream…sitting there waiting for us to come back….looking good  across the pond we parked by.
This is a very neat kayak ….
This is a crazy kayak that I saw at the home park last weekend…a man and his two sons were going out fishing…the black rig looking thing is some kind of fishing rig filled with fishing equipment …it is to large for the kayak..so it looks like he put a couple floats on each side of the kayak to keep it sturdy and up right….right click to make larger..he has one son in kayak with him….
And the other son…older ….
even tho he was the older of the two…they still were not old enough to be out alone…so the father tethered the older boys kayak to his…right click and you can see…the older boy did a good job with the paddles so he was never being pulled along by the other kayak…
And Maggie girl….
And here is my Maggie girl playing with her new bunny…she got it for Easter….I have never seen a dog that plays with toys like she does….from the very first day I got her…she knew that the couple toys by her bed were hers and she knew what to do with them..she taught me how to play doggie games…lol…she was only 8 weeks old…she was playing while I am working in the RV..
Where oh where is bell???
Wondering where is bell…hope she did not take any “party” detours along the way…here are a few friends waiting on her arrival…Where are youuuuuu????
I am still working on packing and arranging and rearranging the RV…taking things out and putting things in…I was going to take along things to make …but then decided this is a work trip for me…so took that stuff out..most of it anyway…I am excited and nervous at the same time…my first long solo trip…I think I will be stopping at WM, Sam's, Cracker Barrel etc.… for over nights…I need all my $$ for gas!!! It is getting warm (hot to me) and muggy so I am  looking forward to some cool northern weather….  all for now thanks for looking and come back soon.
blessings G&M

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


First I made a privacy curtain …
I used some heavy duty muslin…and made this privacy curtain to go around the cab of the RV…. I had to sew two pieces together to make it go all the way across….I velcroed it to the front of the half round where the bunk should be…I hope it sticks used heavy duty velcro also…It can go behind the cab seats or in front…my seats do not turn so it really doesn’t matter….
Then put up the lacy table clothe…..
Then I put the lacy table clothe up so I don’t have to look at ugly muslin…I think it looks and does a good job….Cheap also…buck for the lacy table clothe and muslin free…
Next I went to work on the ugly door….
Yesterday I was looking at full time RV video's on YouTube…and seen where one lady covered the RV door with material…made it look nice…I have a lot of vintage material…so dug around and came up with a piece long enough to cover it….not my first choice …but I like it….It really made it look homey in the RV..
I put a cup hook on the side of the cabinet so I could pull the curtain back if I want….I really like it covering the door the best tho….
Needed to get busy….
I really need to get busy and made some improvements and some needed things before taking of heading north in about 3 weeks…so today was the day…I backed the RV in and hooked up to dad’s shore power…and went to work…This is about all I got done today…I will be posting as I get things done….
Food for the day…..
Really been trying to eat better…getting rid of carbs…I usually buy one of those roasted chickens at WM the lemon pepper…and cut it up and freeze for all week…I am trying to eat all chicken and fish,…getting rid of red meat…doing pretty good with that part….Today lunch (my main meal)was piece of chicken..those frozen stir fry veggies…(sugar snap pea kind) with a little low fat mozzarella cheese  sprinkled on and a half sweet potato….so that was pretty good also…
So I am done for the day…thanks for looking and come back soon
blessing G&M

Sunday, April 14, 2013


We went to Wickham on Sat….
We have not been over to Wickham Park in a couple weeks…needed my campground fix so we went on a walk around the cg also….this was the view out our front door on Sat.
This was our day camp on Sat…
I spent a long time lounging in my chair…and Maggie in her bed. They were having Relay for Life in another part of the park and it was a busy day with lots of traffic….cars and people walking…
Looking up while lounging….
The pine trees in Florida are a lot different than the ones I am use to in PA….long long needles and giant pine cones…
and knarly branches…with twists and turns that go on forever…look at the pic below…that tree is totally dead…do you see the one lonely pine cone hanging at the top….
And there was a lot of this going on …..
It is something called Disk Golf…you throw frizbees at these metal basket type things..and keep score some how…not sure…but it does not look fun to me but there sure were a bunch of people doing it…right click on the pic to get a better look
We left there about 3 pm and stopped at the home park….
And was it busy!!! They were about 30 one man sail boats there…other boats and fisher people…picnic peeps..the place was hoppin…but we did find a parking place between two boat trailers…stayed until dark…I will post about it next time…Will start working in earnest now getting ready for the trip north…it seems like we will be having a visitor for awhile…and a traveling companion…it is Bell the Pink Flamingo the Women RV mascot…I guess she is pretty wild and has made the rounds..and now I will take a turn and see what happens…She is suppose to be flying down as we speak….Winking smileSo I will be posting about her on the blog also…might spice it up a little …..She has quite a history of getting in hot water so to speak …so we will see what goes on here….All for now thanks for looking and come back soon…
blessings G&M

Thursday, April 4, 2013



Just look at this perfect glassy river that I saw the other morning…now is that not a perfect place to put in a kayak? Being a newbe when ever I get my kayak…this is where I will be putting in for my learning cruve….the eau gallie river is a fresh water river that runs into the intercostal water way..the Indian River…that is salt water …I am going to gather some history of this river and when I get on it with a kayak then I can take pics and post something like I know what I am doing lol….hopefully it will be as interesting as some your all adventures. This pic was taken at home park at the point where it flows into the Indian River.


It doesn’t take much to thrill me….

I am pretty sure that this is a Rosetta Spoonbill …I was taking a walk around the campground at Wickham Park the other day and at the end of one of the ponds entering the cg…I saw this guy…while tying to get my phone out and turned on …he jumped up and was starting to walk away…all the while I was trying to get a little closer …I was able to get this one pic before he flew away…Needless to say I was totally excited to see this bird…I thought I would have to go out in the wilds of a reserve or state park to see this…Judy if you read this and I am wrong about him please let me know what kind of bird it is….I want to put him on my have seen list.


I have been wondering what …

kind of water fowl this guy is…I seen him in the water at home park…the first one I have ever seen and not seen one since…really pretty bird black and white …again Judy if reading this can you tell me what it is….want it on my list too.


Now with out food….

Can’t get away without some food today! Made this delicious corn bread in one of my favorite cast iron skillets. Turned out great!


And I did not make it from….

scratch. It was a Marie Callender packaged product..low fat at that…let me tell you that you can not tell it’s low fat.Mmmmm good..if you like corn bread you have to try this…next time I am going to add some southwest goodies to it….


well that is it for now thanks for looking and come back soon

blessings donna

Monday, April 1, 2013


It started with sun rise service…
I went down to the home park for the Easter sunrise service, left at 6 am so I could get a parking place for the day. On holidays and weekend if you don’t get there early you will not get a good spot. Especially with a motor home or boat.  It was a very nice service..at first rise the sun was behind clouds but soon appeared.
Find your spot early…
When I got there at 6am..there were two guys at this pavilion…for this large group that showed up later…. 

Here are a couple more …everyone of them had people holding down the fort before 6am.
And then some had to make their own pavilion using palm trees…their own tables and chairs.
These people across from me…(sometimes this is my home spot for the day) used a bench and the live oak tree.
Parked in…
Around noon parking spots were running out…some peeps came and set up their spot beside me under the live oak tree out my front door…but had no place to park…so I told them they could park in front of MySweetDream. Here she is parked in with two cars in front.
My weekend started …
My Easter weekend started at 6am going to the park to get my parking spot for the day. At about 7:15 there was a sunrise service put on by a local church. Then went had breakfast that I brought with me…took Maggie girl for a walk…read book ….people and boat watched…kayaks, paddle boards etc… then walked up and fixed dinner for dad and me…went back to the park and did the same in the after noon…I met a lady painting the eau gallie river ..I will post about her on my art/craft blog…
that’s it for now thanks for looking come back soon
blessings G&M