Sunday, April 14, 2013


We went to Wickham on Sat….
We have not been over to Wickham Park in a couple weeks…needed my campground fix so we went on a walk around the cg also….this was the view out our front door on Sat.
This was our day camp on Sat…
I spent a long time lounging in my chair…and Maggie in her bed. They were having Relay for Life in another part of the park and it was a busy day with lots of traffic….cars and people walking…
Looking up while lounging….
The pine trees in Florida are a lot different than the ones I am use to in PA….long long needles and giant pine cones…
and knarly branches…with twists and turns that go on forever…look at the pic below…that tree is totally dead…do you see the one lonely pine cone hanging at the top….
And there was a lot of this going on …..
It is something called Disk Golf…you throw frizbees at these metal basket type things..and keep score some how…not sure…but it does not look fun to me but there sure were a bunch of people doing it…right click on the pic to get a better look
We left there about 3 pm and stopped at the home park….
And was it busy!!! They were about 30 one man sail boats there…other boats and fisher people…picnic peeps..the place was hoppin…but we did find a parking place between two boat trailers…stayed until dark…I will post about it next time…Will start working in earnest now getting ready for the trip north…it seems like we will be having a visitor for awhile…and a traveling companion…it is Bell the Pink Flamingo the Women RV mascot…I guess she is pretty wild and has made the rounds..and now I will take a turn and see what happens…She is suppose to be flying down as we speak….Winking smileSo I will be posting about her on the blog also…might spice it up a little …..She has quite a history of getting in hot water so to speak …so we will see what goes on here….All for now thanks for looking and come back soon…
blessings G&M

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