Sunday, July 27, 2014


The first day….

We arrived at the same time at the Shenango Campground….even tho I had only about 7 miles to go and she had hundreds of miles…after checking in we both went to the dump station and did our duty…then headed to our sites…the sites are close to the ranger station and pretty busy area…but then again it looks like the whole campground is filled and busy…lots of water toys here it will be busy on the lake today for sure….100_7587Arriving at same time…

Below is a pic of my site #5…I am not going to put a lot out as it is only going to be for 2 night stay…..


My site…..

Liz at the table reaching down to quiet Thistle the dogs were barking at another dog passing by…that seems to be their pass time …Check out my colorful tropical table cloth…


Taco’s for dinner…we both had the same idea for dinner…Liz said she was thawing out meat for tacos…I said… I have taco meat already cooked…so we went with mine….also had refried beans…pic was taken after I already had one taco…almost for got a food pic..…then we had chocolate cake with chocolate icing we dubbed it Liz’s birthday yet another birthday celebration!! Check out my new tropical table cloth! Score yard sale!


Close up of food and tropical table cloth

And this is where we spent the rest of the evening lounging around with the dogs and few mosquitoes…with I pads and internet phone browsing…any yakking it up…Weather couldn’t be better!



We might take a little side trip to Pymatuning St. Park …will have to wait and see…So far it has been  a nice break and GTG…thanks for looking and come back soon

blessings to all B&M

Monday, July 21, 2014


Got this…

furnace filter at WM the other day….had to get a pack of 4 only needed one…the filter on my rig A/C was shot..It was very dark almost black I tried using the sweeper hose to pull out any dirt …but it still looked black in places…I am not close to an RV store so had to figure out something until I can get to one...


so I got out an old pair of scissors and cut the card board off the green filter…I found out when trying to wash (found out you cant do that,) the old filter one needs to use gloves while handling this fiber…after I cut the card board..I used the cover as a template for the new filter…when I washed the old one it more or less fell apart…even tho I did it by hand…this worked out great I hope it does the job…except that it is green…at this point that does not bother me…


And here is the finished project…green looks ok…I did see that my cover is broke in one guess that will be on the list to get also…I did not get this project done to soon ..I went out at 5pm to watch the news and it was hot…and also tomorrow it is suppose to be 90!


Maggie pic …..

of the day…here she is looking over her domain …..watching out for those pesky squirrels…and now she has a pesky baby bunny to watch out for …ahh a dogs life….


And the rest of the story….

Well I have not been posting or on line that much lately ..because of Verizon…to let you know how it is …take this months data usage from my Jet Pack…it started new on July 13th and 5 days later Verizon told me that I had already used 1/2 of my data…I called them on several occasions with no help what so ever…they are worthless…I have not done anything different that would cause this usage… I am afraid to get on line…because I pay bills on line and do my banking also…and I need the data for that when the time comes…I really don’t know what to do…except go with a different server…any suggestions out there..??? Work on the house is coming along…I am now patching some cracks and small nail holes in the hall and also working on that large hole in the upper hall son started to patch it up last summer…also been working on some sewing …making some string quilt blocks…I am going to post on my other blog about that soon …so go check that out…have two sewing stations set up in the dinning room one for me and one for my sister…I am going to take a break and go camping on Fri. and Sat…RV friend Liz is passing thru here on her way to to see her sister on MA…we will camp at the Shenango Damn campground…it will be a much needed fun time…So I will leave you with this post and hope it doesn’t eat up to much data…thanks for looking and come back soon

blessings to all ….G&M

Saturday, July 12, 2014


The kitchen that is…
Just a few minor things to do but I am calling it done…finished painting the woodwork and cabinets on Sun. Last year son put down the laminate floor…This is looking toward the back door…that end of the room use to be the back porch…about 25 years ago the wall was taken out and it was made to be part of the kitchen…so you could then eat in the kitchen….lol see my stove…. a two burner hot plate…it also travels with me for camping use…
This is the other end…basement door and outside... to the right hall leading to front door…that door needs replace but I am not the one to do it…I lived with it for over 35 years so its here to stay …for me anyway…the toaster oven is the counter part to the hot plate…where I do my “baking”…I baked a pie in there last year….it makes good cookies also…
When I got the kitchen finished I allowed my self some fun time…so made a couple of string quilt blocks…you can check it out more on my other …
And the Maggie pic of the day…she got her bath on Monday ..I had to take this sad sack pic of my baby girl…the ones I had taken before but lost them last year when the computer processor died…look at the sweet sad face…she hates getting a bath..she is a good girl about it..but hides when it comes time for it….I have to try and trick her but some how she knows when it is time…and tries to hide from me....
And the rest of the story…
I am so upset with Verizon…I could scream…I used up all my GB’s at the half month …and I didn’t do anything different than I always do..I called them …they had no answers for me…worthless…Well since I made this post…my GGD was born ..on 7-11 2014…WT. 7lbs 11oz….20 3/4 long…everyone is doing great…
photo (4)
Charley Renee
I will have more and better pic later…I am at my sisters using here unlimited data …so am able to get this post in…I will have more later thanks for looking and come back soon…
blessings to all G&M

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


And a rose….

that survived the bad PA winter…this is a peach color rose…I have had this bush for about 15 years..and I has been cut back a bunch a times…it must have liked the winter cause it has never had so many blooms on it as this year…


Before and after…

The kitchen before pic…I started on the hardest part the windows and upper cabinets…had to use the ladder for this part ..I am not too fond of using the ladder at my age…but I was carful and it worked out ok…


And the after…when I painted it green and gold it was in the time when country decorating was big..and it did look good for that period…but for selling it was due for a change…white and yellow is a much better seller and it was time for  a change….I did put the green curtains back up…if I were going to stay and live here the walls would be painted red…a red and white kitchen is so retro cool..I painted the kitchen in the house I rented for my store red…it was big hit…people would walk in the door and ask..where is the red kitchen we have heard about…it was a big big draw….it was great for all the retro vintage items I sold..a lot of “red kitchen stuff”..


My neighbor wanted to know if I knew what this was…did not…so thought I would post it around the net and see if I could find out….it is very similar to the bottom of an old wooden ironing board…but it is not…


This is the only thing that is on it…anyone out there know what this is..???


The rest of the story…

I have run out of data with my Verizon plan so I am not sure when this will be posted…I have been doing post on Live Writer and storing them so I will post when I run into some free Wi-Fi…I have slowly painting on the kitchen as you see in pix above…I cant paint for long periods of time because of my legs…I will be glad when I get the veins fixed this fall….I would normally have this painted 2 coats in 2 days…I have been on this a week already …only 2/3 done…also been gathering things that are left for another yard sale..I am going to have at least 2 then I will be done…the left overs will be sold to a dealer , donated or pitched…I really would like to get away in the RV for a day or two…Liz might me stopping here on her way to MA at the end of July…so that will be fun..and I think I will look for some local day trips to take maybe every two weeks or so…that is all a can afford …due to the price of gas..makes me sick the way they manipulate  us…but I will not go there….basically I still have a lot to do but no way near what it was…so thanks for looking and come back soon..blessings to all G&M

Monday, June 30, 2014

THIS AND THAT ….6-29-2014

And a mix up…

of some pix that I have not posted…at least I don’t remember doing it…since a posted about the quilt I was making for new GGD thought I should show you the finished quilt…so soft and cuddly made with flannel …


This weekend …on Friday went to a few yard sales with my sister…found some material and a glass jug to use for my ice tea…

100_7287Bad Boy Bird still fighting with himself

On the geocache front thought I would show you how I sign a letter box cache…you are suppose to us a stamp…My logo is an apple and I cant find my stamp so I ink up my thumb color a stem and leaf and sign….Apple was my logo at the store I had Red Apple Junction.100_7257Letter box cache.

I have posted this pic before…but with nothing going on around here but work on the house …and besides I needed a Maggie pic of the here she is a couple years ago in her new buggy that I had just bought for her…she loved it the min. she laid eyes on it…she dances a jig every time you say lets go for a ride in your buggy…2012-05-06_08-33-50_266Maggie and her buggy

The rest of the story….

So far I have did next to nothing all weekend…Sat. I did a couple loads of laundry and hung them out…cleaned up the mess I have been making painting…played around organizing my quilt material stash that I have not taken to FL yet was not sure what I was going to do with when I was here last year…now I know…RV friend Liz said she might be going by here on her way to MA and might stop at the end of July..I want to have a lot of this done so I can spend some time at the camp ground with her…it is going to get into the 90’s here this coming week …so I better put my mornings to good use because I will be sitting in the rig with A/C on…well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all G&M

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Well what more can you say…

about rain…except the word flooding…again  early last  evening it started again..this is the second time in 6 days with rain in-between almost every day ….street flooded covering grass on the other side of the street…


A river running down my sidewalk I was standing on the porch taking this…


A lot of this water is run off from the street that is above us…we live on a slight hill more like just a slow rise..but enough to cause a lot of problems when it rains this hard or for prolong time….I live in a hundred year old house…on an old sand stone foundation…that is what they used back in the day…so I have a wet basement…very wet when this happens…I put dry lock on the walls in the last two years and that helped a lot…but still gets wet…when the ground is flooded out side and looks like a lake… I have fans and a dehumidifier running all day every day.neighbors posted about the problem on their face book page…so it is just not me….these old houses were all built about the same time…

2014-06-18_19-29-25_5Flowing like a river my sidewalk..

Maggie pic of the day…

Or should I say night….this was her the other night after we got into bed…it was just to cute I had to grab my phone and take it…it was a little dark not the best pic ….some how she got herself all balled up in the quilt ready for bed…she just laid there looking at me..”ok I am ready lights out please” she closed her eyes just as I took the pic…to cute….


The rest of the story….

I have been slowly painting the wood work and cabinets…I paint awhile then go and elevate my legs…I am sure some of the positions I get into on and off the ladder are not good for them…cant wait until this is all done…so I can have some fun this summer…(rv-ing)….along with other stuff….I was so happy getting the rig fixed and easy fix at that…no $100 per hr. with 1 hr. min…he said it would only take 30 min and that was it..he charged $35 for diagnoses & labor..and $20 for parts…if you are ever in Northwest PA and have a problem you have to check this place out…Wagner's in Greenville…they have been here as long as I can remember….even have their own machine shop….this after my $200 oil change….you bet while in FL I will be looking for someone else…even if I have to travel..spend the night…who cares…it will be a fun spending time at a campground…if I am going to spend money like that I might as well try and find a fun time doing it…Well as I sit here typing this…the sun came out!!! sure hope it stays around a while…but the forecast is for rain every day..I guess this moisture is a continuation of the wet snowy winter…it can stop anytime now….I will start my painting now before I run out of steam…thanks for looking and come back soon

blessings to all G&M

Monday, June 23, 2014


Was here at …..

7:30 this morning…the repair shop,,,

2014-06-23_07-29-21_439Mz..Sweet Dream waiting her turn along with the big girls

I told him the best I could what the problem was and were the noise was coming from…so he took it on a test drive then into the bay to have a look…and soon he was back and told me that the clamps and gaskets on the sway bar were bad..the gasket on the drivers side was totally gone and that is whats making the noise…he said it was an easy fix but had to wait on parts..should be here by noon…what a relief…no big problems…


Yesterday was …..

my birthday…I didn’t do any work except mow the yard..did that only because it was nice and I couldn’t risk the chance of rain today…seams like it has been raining everyday….  so this is the last year before I become one of the elderly I keep hearing about (69) this birthday 70 is that magic number ??? lol don’t ask me I am not there yet.…will get back at the painting in the kitchen today even tho I don’t feel like it…I was looking around the house and garage and it looks like I still have a lot to get rid of…I need to have another yard sale or two…what I really want to do is be retired…travel around,camp out,GTG with my friends, explore, work on my quilting, sit under the awing or a nice shade tree  in my chair and read…and maybe have a happy hour or two.. well I will get busy so thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all…G&M