Sunday, July 5, 2015


After we left….

We turned right on US 19 and headed to Erie PA…US 19 also known as Peach St. in Erie is one of the main streets there…lots of shopping and eating along this RT…also it will lead you right to the Mill Creek Mall…if you want to do meg shopping….


We were not interested in any shopping what we wanted to find were a few Geocaches…this one below is at Best Buy..named BB…could stand for the store or Big tree or Big bush as the hind specified …you figure it out…you can see the back end of the VW bug Geek squad car….


And here is a pic of Maggie patiently waiting while I look for the illusive cache sometimes I have a difficult time seeing things in trees and bushes…because of the cataracts…she waits a lot…but is ready to go when I say we are going geocaching …runs to the door waiting to get her leash on …what a sweetie…


Before we found the BB cache …we stopped at WM looking for one there…pic below is that was what they call a PG…park & grab…easy find…not much looking…


Below is the BB cache…you would think it would be easy to see bright blue in color…but this took me awhile…looked for a couple others but could not find any more ….but we will go back there for a day trip as there are a ton to look for….a nice day trip and besides they have my fav. fast food…Chick-fil-a ..not one close to Greenville….


That’s it thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all G&M

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


This campground is where the RV Techs spend their summers…near Erie PA…you have it all… country living at the foot of the Allegany Mountains and close to the city…at the end of this loop I where they are located…a few seasonal sites in the woods…


As I walked around the cg …I could see there were certain areas that were for seasonal sites…below is one that I liked…I took a few pics of ones that were landscaped nice…


I think this is my over all favorite ..located at the end of a row..with trees and wooded area beside it…a private little oasis …perfect I could see me here for the season….


This was another seasonal …it was very striking with the woods for a back drop but not as private…so striking because of how well manicured it was…very well taken care of….I did get to talk to the man who lived here..he said him and his wife full timed for 10 years until he got tired of “pulling” as he put it…They still spend winters in FL but drive there…


And I did see one park model…I could see me living in one of these also….when the time comes….with a small rig to travel in…I could spend winters in Florida or other warmer states with a screen room for extra room…then I summer at a place like this…from what I have seen and heard it is very very reasonable rate and the will keep your spot over the 6mo. winter for only $160…


And the rest of the story…

Well I am going to wrap this post up today 7/1/15…I usually start a few and then work on them and post….I have to return to Erie today  my roof is still leaking..I was so bummed neighbor came over and took a look..he was pushing on the caulk with his thumb around the sky light cover and when he did water squished he put some duck tape in that area and some between that and the edge of the roof ..and it has rained since then (raining as I type this Sad smile… I kept on watching it in side and thought maybe it helped but then last night I was not so sure…I think I am beginning to see is dark and dreary …part of the camp ground at Shenango is closed… and one of the loops is under water…this is where Liz and I camped out the last two years as she was passing thru on her way to New England….I think you can read about it at this link

Well I better get moving need to be there at 1pm …thanks for looking and come back soon blessings to all G&M

Monday, June 29, 2015


No not for Maggie & me…

The new puppy Rusty is a new addition to George & Christine ….he is 11 weeks old here and a big ball of bouncing puppy….he is sooo cute…I think she told me he is an English Spaniel…they got him from a breeder in NY state not far from Erie PA…you all from the GTG at Hardee Lakes will remember them as the camp host and mobile RV tech….


At 11 weeks he is as tall as Maggie but much heavier…and he was totally in love with Maggie and she was not much interested in him …he was bouncing around like a big fluffy ball and she was not having any of it…she did come close to check him out when Christine held him at bay so he could not pounce on her…all he wanted to do was play….I reminded Maggie that she was just like him at that age…remembering how she was with her pal Joey and he didn’t want anything to do with…


In the pic below is their site at Sparrow Pond campground …it is a seasonal site they full time in a 5th wheel and the  deck they got last year when another seasonal person left and gave it to them… they spend about 6 mo. here and then in Florida the rest of the year…I will post about the seasonal part of this park at a later time…


Me being a life long gardener …I took notice of this unique way of planting tomatoes and peppers…keep out the critters with some kind of fencing…not sure what they are using….I guess it would also help keep the straw in place is it broke down…


And the rest of the story….

Not much to tell except the very cool weather I say that because it is not quite cold but close…and of course the rain…speaking of that I don’t think we got the leak…totally bummed out …going to call this morning to see when we can meet again …I keep looking at the roof from my upstairs in the house..trying to figure it out …wish I could get up there and look it over good….anyway the only other thing I can think of is the cap covering the sky light in the shower…I will be glad when the sun shines and it gets warmer I should have more fun things to b log about…that it for now thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all G&M

Thursday, June 25, 2015



Sparrow Pond campground….

near Erie PA..very nice cg..but a bit pricey I am going to have a talk at the office before I leave…prices on web site was not the same price I was charged…I was ok with the lower price… thought about it and if they changed prices they need to update web site…office in pic below…nice big store in side including souvenirs …with food and other things you might need will having fun camping ….


This pic below is our site on the pond….nice gravel pad with grass and trees on each side…they are close but still nice…it is very relaxing to site behind rig by the pond…there was shade all day…the people on the left have not been here the whole time I was so it was very private ….


and the pond came with our own Loch Ness Monster…but at closer look it is a giant blow up rattle snake…I though it was out of place in the water…but friend Carol told me that while swimming in Florida one time they ran across one in the water…gezzz now one more thing I have to look out for in the water…lol


While walking one of the loops I ran across this beautiful is much better than my camera pick up…where I was standing …not to bad for me…was not at all close to an edge I could plummet over..I am sure this is spectacular in the fall…I know what PA looks like that time of year and you can not beat the scenery any where…especially coming thru the Allegany Mountains…


There are no marked trails to hike here..but the cg is surrounded by mountains…we are in the foot hills of the Allegany’s…I did run across this block off road …looked like a great hiking road…but after hearing there has been 2 bear sightings very close to the cg…one was right at the edge end of one of the loops…I figured it would be better to have a hiking partner..other than Maggie…


And the rest of the story…..

This is a very nice cg and I do have more to show & tell…RV tech George & Christine stopped on they way back to their rig…and George fixed the leak…and put the handle to raise and lower my antenna back on …it fell of yesterday…it is suppose to rain all day today …but looks like most of it will go south and miss us…but it is taking my sunshine with it…but I sure enjoyed it yesterday….I will just hang around here and walk more ..there is still one more loop to walk…check out a resident chair saw artist…well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon….blessings to all G&M..PS…my mood is much improved!!!

Monday, June 22, 2015

on turning 70…milestone birthday…

Well I guess it is official I am now a senior citizen …the date says I am… my body says yes most of the time …but as they say my mind says no way…I am only in my 30’s…I am retired but my retirement is not what I wanted it to be…what I thought and hoped for…I wanted to travel and see this great big USA….Some would and have said..what is wrong with you why do you leave Florida even for the summer…it is paradise (and I agree it is but not in the summer) …anyway one thing that is bumming me out is the way I am starting to feel about my self and what is happening…and why is it happening…for instance I wanted to travel that is what I have been striving for…now in this last year things started to change…did these changes come about because of the fact that I was ill all winter I thought I was going to have to sell my rig and give up everything…(has been a long 10 mo)…or is it because at this certain age of 70 you start to this…I have been reading blogs for a long time…some of the solo rv women (and couples also) blogs lately are looking toward not so much travel but finding a home base and taking shorter trips…stuff like that..or staying in one place longer…I am feeling that same thing…but I never got to travel and see the USA…is my time cut short cause of age…but then I know of RV friends that are in their 70’s and still traveling some are full time in their RV’s…traveling all over …it never bothered me to drive my rig…but now this past year…I hate all the fast moving traffic..hated going thru the mountains this year..stuff like that…what is happening???..would I feel different and better if I were out and about with my friends and fellow travelers…??? I know when I was at Hardee Lakes with all my RV gal pals I was totally happy and content (except back was still giving me fits) even when going to my local campground to spend one night just to empty my tanks…I am happy and at ease I have left the turmoil and hassle behind …I have come to PA…thinking that it has to be a better summer …is it when we age we cant and don’t handle problems gets harder …??? I am not handling gray gloomy rainy PA well at all so far…

And now I feel bad about my complaints …there are so much other tragedy happening just turn on the news..…people out there that I know so  much worse off …facing some really bad stuff…makes me feel like I have no problems at all and I should not be complaining and keep my mouth shut… but aren't we all still caught up in our own world and what that is all about…our spot on the plant…

It seems like that I still have a leak on my roof…I think I have pin pointed and still waiting for answer from my RV Tech guys….said he would get back to me yesterday …then it was suppose to be this afternoon…same story and my real estate man…took him a week to get back and talk to me…boy I am just full of complaints today…I need to get past this… and keep on keeping on…for the better…as I near the end of this …I keep think that I should not post it….will it help me?? help anyone else coming of age ..? I don’t know but I think I will post it anyway…if any of you reading this have any answers or been thru this please leave a comment…thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all G&M

Update…today is my Birthday and I am taking my sister out to lunch to celebrate….I am heading to the Erie Pa area to Sparrow Pond cg to see the RV Tech and a couple days of R&R ….sun shine for me to day…makes it a happy birthday….

Saturday, June 20, 2015


Well the yard is not suppose to look like this but some in this town do….there is literally no sun shine here in north west PA…just gloomy and rainy…every time I see a peep of sun I am out the door even if it is just to stand there…this pic was taken by a river that over flowed its banks…


Some art yard work below…I love all the off the wall yard art..I use to have some my self..but the pic of most of it is on my dead computer…so I can’t show you…I love and collect old bottles..some time maybe something like this will be in my yard…or maybe on a patio with some of the mini old bottle that I have….geez I already have an idea on how to do it…


Hollyhocks …these are from my side door…they were here when I bought the house about 37 years ago…I am betting they are antique heirloom flowers…my house is 125 years old…pretty sure they have been here at least 75 years…most of the years I worked they laid dormant ..I worked 2 jobs most of the time and did not have the time to take care of such things…but when I retired 5 years ago I let them grow and wow I loved them ….they are beautiful…

hh desk top

Now this is a great recycle idea…I wonder how many tires each of us would to put in our yards to take care of all the used tires in the US…more than we could accommodate ..but a few would help…you could paint them to match your house…


And the white peaches are coming in me they are the best…found this one at a WM …I use to have 3 different dwarf peach trees…and my fav was the white…compared to  this one it is a mini…mine were giant…and so juicy you had to eat them leaning over the sink…I use to share them with fellow merchants they loved them also…where sad when eventually tree died of old age….new green pairing knife that came with a chef’s set my DD got me for Christmas/birthday ….I  have wanted a good chefs knife for years….


Not much new …I have a leak that still needs fixed…if I could climb a ladder I would put a patch on it until I could get it to the RV tech…working on some craft stuff to sell …and that is about it….it is very depressing here in NW PA with all the gloomy gray rain…every day every few days you might get a moment of sun and that is it…so with that I am done with this post…thanks for looking and come back soon ….blessings to all G&M

Sunday, June 14, 2015

bad weather

I now remember why….

I do not want to live in Northwest PA…way to many gray rainy gloomy nasty days…sun shine only a couple days late in the day since I have been here…and before that in Winchester VA..that week was the same..with no sun that I can remember….


Another way I know I am back in PA …it is horse & buggy country..this is a buggy barn that our local Wal-Mart built for the Amish that  live in the area….this was Sat. morning that I took the pic…


Here is another view…I am posting these pix because I want to see how the up load to blogger …some of my friends have had problems the last couple days…I do all my blogging by using the Microsoft program called Live Writer…it is sooooo very easy just type and insert pix and push publish..I have not bells and whistles on my b log template so I think that also makes me have less problems… so there are few pix to day…My sister and I went to some yard sales on Friday morning between rain drops..the sales were great no duds…I got a bag of material, a new bag of batting and about 15 vintage metal cookie cutters…will share them with my DD she paints on them…at one of the sales was a hair dresser that was retired and she had a ton of wigs she was giving away I got one but when I put it on ugh…is all I can say ..I will take it with me and put it on my vintage mannequin Norma E. oh I also got two vintage folding wood chairs and a small round pedestal table to paint to sell… $1 each…got the water turned on but have a problem with the toilet ….it does not want to fill up because it has a minute drip that rubber thing that fits over the drain in to the bowl does not fit right any least I think that is the problem …I have to fill jugs to flush and keep the water turned of in the basement only turn it on when I need it…reason being the boro now installs new meters that are digital … it records each and every drop…I can see it adding up a number every second because of this leak…I have text my son …hope he can come and help me fix it soon….no more for today ..thanks for looking and come back soon …. blessings to all G&M