Monday, April 7, 2014


Went to a large…

plaza not to far from dad’s…parked here at the end of the parking lot in a nice shady area near Panera Bread so I could use their free WiFi and get a cinnamon crusted bagel…I could get addicted to those things…got my puter all set up and stepped  out to run over and get the bagel shut the door and new the moment the door went shut…the keys were on the table…..this is not the first time I have done this…. LOCKED OUT!!!


I knew what I had to do…(as I have done it before)…so looked around to see who might have the object I was in need of…spied this place (in pix below) was my first choice…very nice man manning the phone…said didn’t think they had one…then thought about it and said wait I will look in the janitor closet…bingo had one in my hot little hand in just a few minutes after the door slamming shut!!!


So went over to the rig and set the ladder up where it was needed…my side window was unlocked so all I had to do was open it ..lean in and get the grabber tucked at one end of the sofa and grab the extra set off keys hanging beside the door…I bought this grabber just for these occasions…before the grabber I had to slide my self in the window onto the sofa and get the if that wasn’t a pretty site…lol…I know , I know a key hidden out side is what is needed here but I don’t know where to hide on and afraid I might loose it while bouncing down the highway…any ideas out there send me an email…would not want to announce to the whole WWW where my key might be hidden…well that’s the end of that tale…


After that ….

excitement and got my on line work done…check for any geocaches that might be handy…well low and behold the map looked like I was setting on top of  one…and sure enough about 50 feet away there was one hiding in some bushes…now it took me a few min. to find the right bushes as there were many around and my GPS was jumping around hither and yon…but narrowed it down to these pretty green ones…


and not long after find the bushes I found the cute little marsupial hiding with the cache attached…you never know what a cache might be hanging around with….opened the bison tube singed the log and that was it…


And the rest of the story….

l am back at Panera bread again..for the same reason…but not locked door this time…I have run out of GB’s with Verizon again…I have been thinking about this and I believe when email my photos taken with my phone then I have to down load from email to puter is when I use up a huge amount of my data…so I will have to be more watchful of this in the future..I have yet to get my bagel but will before I leave here Winking smile…next stop think I will be going over to Wickham to walk and spend the afternoon…dad has his friend Ron at the house fixing a leak in kitchen drain…I will post about that later….not a  pretty sight…so this is it for now thanks for looking and come back soon

blessings to all G&M


Thursday, April 3, 2014

MARCH 29 2014

On Sat…..
this showed up in the afternoon on the TV screen…a very nasty storm system was coming thru central Florida…tornado watches and warnings all over the place..including Melbourne…I know this is old but had to wait for some free wifi…out of GB’s with Verizon again…grrrrr at Panera Bread hope it works
In the middle of the storm I opened the front door and tried to take a pix of the wind,rain, and lighting…but it did not show up…maybe if I had a better camera might have got a better pix…anyway thought it was a cool pix of the rig..looking like it might be parked in a camp site….oh..I forgot it drive way….
Sun.  morning….
I borrowed dads car …had a few errands to run including getting some flea med for Maggie…it was to hot for her to stay in the car so she stayed at dads…While I was out with the car I decided to look for a couple geocaches close by.. I cant cache much in the RV because of parking…in the pix below is one on the cause way…there are more but on out farther on the bridge… but you wont find me out there…I am lucky I can get across by vehicle…let alone walk...
I found the little bison tube pretty quick…
A pix of the log inside the tube…signed it and put it all back for the next cacher….all together I found 3 of the 3 I looked for…the other two were park & grab …on guard rails…I like it that they do hide some like this for old Grammy's like me that cant hike and climb things….I can hike flat trails..and find those but not some of the ones that are hard to get at….
Two cuties…Maggie and Joey…Joey is my daughters dog..he has a little Papillon in him…he is a rescue and is the biggest mama’s baby there ever was….
I will leave you with this…while I go find something else to blog about…thanks for looking and come back soon…
blessings to all…G&M

Thursday, March 27, 2014


It is a gray cloudy….
with rain in the forecast day…so I thought I might brighten up the day with some flowers…Here is Maggie on the front porch in PA hiding behind the roses…the porch is one thing I will miss when the house sells….thinking positive the house will sell….not sure what these will look like this year ….I really cut them back before I left…
And my beautiful vintage Holly Hocks… these were hiding when I moved here and they were dormant for over 30 years while I was in work mode…then when I retired I let them grow and I love how they turned out…but since I have been in Florida they are back in the dormant stage….I wonder if HH grow in Florida? These grow on both sides of my basement door …the main door I use…
hh door fence
And these are roses that my daughter had growing over her kitchen window…what a beautiful site while doing dishes at her home…but they are no longer…one winter the ice and snow broke them down…sad…
my pic 002
She woke up!!
And the rest of the story….
I guess this is a pretty lame blog..but I have free WiFi at Wickham CG so thought I needed to up load something….not traveling or camping there really is not much to blog about…I did stay last night here at the CG to do the tank thing but that is really not blogging material…the CG is only about 1/2 full…it was mostly empty when I drove thru on Tues. because of the music festival they had here last weekend…I expect it will not be that full again until the snowbirds come back ….I got the results of the ultrasound of my legs…I have bad veins in both legs…probably will need surg. at some point but Medicare says not now..have to do other things first….ware stockings, elevate legs, more exercise  etc, etc…first…so will do that…glad I know that I don’t have blood clot or something really bad like that… and all my blood work was very good that made me happy..I will keep on trying to eat better to keep it that way…guess I will hang around here until check out time then go look for a couple geocaches…they are still taking down the buildings and stuff from the festival…so the caching might not happen… will leave it here for now thanks for looking and come back soon…
blessings to all G&M

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


When my electric step….

stopped working last year…I got this step stool thingy at Home Depot …the label said it would hold 300 lbs. well I am over wt. but no where 300…and after about a month or so it broke…the slot where you pick it up on the top cracked one day when I stepped down on it from the rig naturally it would be week there a slot in the middle of the step…give me a break…


then a few weeks later this back “brace thing” snapped…I was still able to use it but had to remember and be very carful…I spent many months looking for a new step…that did not cost an arm and a leg…I wanted at least a 2 stepper…


Then last week….

at a yard sale ( where else)…I found this very old step it did not look like this when I got it….I had a pic but it is lost somewhere in my puter…anyway it is from way back…I remember having one just like it when I was doing some remodeling work with a friend in the 80’s…this one was used evidently for the same thing as it had dry wall putty and a ton of paint on it …some was even all globed up on it…now this stool is very strong and sturdy…the construction looks the same but believe me it is much much stronger…not made with cheap plastic….


Any way I scrubbed it up a couple times even sanded it trying to get the globy paint down a little…it was mostly yellow so I just got a new spray can of yellow paint and used the whole thing on it….then painted the top step white with my acrylic craft paint (acrylic paint is really tough)…then painted on the sunflower…looked at for a few days…then thought of all the sun sets and sunrises I hope to see while traveling (when ever that happens)…so got out the orange and did the second step…then just did some doodling on the rest of it…who knows it still might get more doodles….any way I like it and I smile every time I open the door and step out of the rig…Smile


And just inside the…

lives this old whisk broom…I have a couple of these things…I like to keep this one on the bottom step beside the fire extinguisher …I use it to sweep the tons of sand that gets tracked in and to sweep of the little yellow step…it comes in handy ..when it is raining and wet …I will sweep of the bottom of my shoes with it before entering the rig….


And here is ….

another thing I need to do something with…its Maggie's box…all filled with “her stuff” except the bottle of sunscreen…she even has her rain slicker in there and a little Steeler coat she ware’s when it gets cold…what to do with it all…I want to get the basked off the floor and out of there…but want handy access to here leash and poopie bags and such…any ideas…what do you all do with puppy stuff to keep it handy??


And speaking of Maggie here she is sound a sleep in “her seat”…looks like she is going to fall off….think she would move over a bit…lol well that’s all for now thanks for looking and come back soon


blessings to all …G&M

Sunday, March 23, 2014


My strawberry short cake …
I ate at the festival last weekend…there is cake under all that….was good…but there is no strawberry like the ones up north in PA…homegrown…sorry Florida…..
This is a trail …
we took from the parking lot at the festival…I was thinking it would take me to the camp ground and I was right…
We also then took a walk around part of the main park…they were setting up for the Run Away Country music festival they were having this weekend…they put up this chain link fence around the main stage area…today I road by Wickham Park main gate and the whole place as far in as I could see was jam packed with RV’s all boondocking….the campground and park  was closed to the public,…only ticket holders could camp there or enter the park..….first come first serve…hence the boondocking ..this is one of two events they close the park to the public each year.…
Today Sat (22nd)….
I used dads car today and did a little exploring…I want to find some other day camp parks that Maggie and I can spend time at…I was looking at Google maps and seen some south on US-1 …while on the way I ran into this…..
but when we got out and checked it out..found it was more of a mini craft show…seen these cute Fairy Gardens…I have been wanting to make these for a couple years…
Click the pix to check out the details….
I talked to a couple of vendors and they said it was well attended each weekend and they did pretty good..only $20 a day or $30 for the weekend…this is something I might try and make some extra $$$ this next winter…they said lot of snow birds come every weekend…at this point in time I cant afford to set up at a reg. craft show…so this might be the answer for me…I did find some other parks along the intercostal water way that I plan on checking out…I will post pix and tell about them when I do….hopefully next week…as usual I am really tired of camp driveway ….looks like all my RV friends are on the road…happy for them but makes me sad Sad smile…as it stands now I will be heading to PA…the middle of May or first of June depending on weather…I cant wait…on the medical front I have appointment on Monday morning to find results of test….I will leave it here for now…thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all G&M

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Monday:  got lab work done finally…after office messed up with the billing codes….ins was not going to pay anything…then did 4 loads of laundry and did a little trimming on the bushes on side of back yard…did not get that finished…so another days work sometime this week…it is getting to hot for me here most days…this afternoon will work on re-arranging the rig and getting rid of some stuff…Storm warnings going on all day…right now mid afternoon we have tornado watch…
Sunday: got up and out the door early…Took Maggie and went over to the Strawberry Fest….here in starts at 8 AM an since I was taking the RV I needed to go early and get parking where no one could park me in that seems to happen if you don’t pay attention…I went mostly to see the craft show…I talked to a couple crafters and they were not too happy…business was not good and they are not happy with the people running the show…one of the crafters even said that they treat the craft people as 3rd class citizens …I have noticed every year there is a big turn over…I seen a lot of empty spaces…they told me that some vendors left after only one day it was so bad…
Sat… after going to a few yard sales…I  tried to get the lawn mower stared…tried for several hrs.…enlisting dads help…finally figured we were not going to get it started…so we loaded into the trunk of dads car and he took it to get fixed,..never again will I go thru that …it really bothered my arm and shoulder that was finally getting better and ended up with sharp pains going thru the middle of my back …all from pulling the string and lifting it into trunk…told dad he will have to either buy a new mower or hire someone to mow… I am pushing 70 here and can not do the things I use to….I think I pretty much look the same as I did 10 years ago…so people think I can still do all that hard physical work… (and sometimes I have to remind my self I cant either)… when in the real world that’s over for me…that pretty much shot the day…but I did find time to give Maggie girl a bath…So that was the weekend ….will leave it here and be back later..thanks for looking and come back soon….blessings to all G&M

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


When Sarah and I were…
camped at Wickham CG…we took a side trip to a local antique mall close to dads and the CG…here is Sarah looking over a few treasures…
Here is a very nice patio set that I liked a lot…if I new what and where my life was going to be…this is something I would like to have…not for the patio so much but for a kitchen or dinette area…I don’t think it is old …
Loved the sign in this booth….having owned an antique/vintage store for 15 years…this is a good name for that type of store…sometimes I think that self employed people are always in a Poverty-Barn store lol…
Now I am an altered art craft person…but maybe this might be a  little off the wall even for me ..unless I had it in my work area …frame is an old paint pan with remnants of old painting jobs…
I did make a purchase …not antique or vintage…but something I have been looking for quite a while….one of those material or canvas back packs…this one was so perfect!!! It had a Florida motif and was reversible…and for only $8 I think it was a bargain…
And the rest of the story….
The name of the mall is Wildwood…it opened just a little over a year ago…I was in it last winter just a few weeks after it opened and now being there …wow what a difference …they had only a handful of vendors and now there is a waiting list…I talked to a lady at the flea market a few weeks ago and she said that she was number 40 on a waiting list…this place is on the main rt for me going to Wal Mart and other shopping in my area…so I see it all the time and notice that it is a very busy place…it is a nice store with quality merchandise …if I had the merchandise that I had up north…I would have got a booth when  it first opened up…but I have found that the merchandise vintage is not easy to find in Florida…and I have sold all mine off…oh well… so this is it for now thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings to all G&M