Wednesday, March 24, 2010



WEATHER: Another wonderful day in FL , 75 blue sky and a slight breeze.

Boy will I miss this weather!

This was a neat cache that took me couple times to find it. I thought it was in the bushes but turns out it was on the blue parking bar. As u can see there is a tube attached to a piece of rebar

I think you can figure it out from there.

Yesterday I cleaned the kitchen, bathroom , scrubbed floor etc etc. Took Maggie on a couple of walks and went to WM. This morning dad check a tire that looked low and it was so took it to tire place and have appt. at 1pm . Could not repair tire, and its less than a year old, so took spare and put that on, untill I can get a new one.
March 25
WEATHER Still nice but temps change as I go north.
Drove for 12 hrs today and I was very tired to say the least. Just leaving GA and entering SC there was a big traffic back up. I waited 20 min, seen lot of semi's going along burm and some RV's too, looked and saw a exit so I followed them figured they knew where they were going.
We traveled along side I-95 for about 20 mi and still the back up, finally I lost the semi's along the SC country side but had my maps and GPS so I didn't get lost. Got back on the interstate and was smooth going from there. Started at 6:30am stopped at 6:00pm.
March 26
Got on the road about 7:00am stopped for breakfast and a geocache about 9am. Found that one ate and went on. Stopped for another geocache a couple hrs later and there was a cop sitting at GZ so that was a DNF. Had a few other DNF. Got to my daughters about 3:30.

All for now stay tuned and see what tomorrow will bring
Happy Caching

Monday, March 22, 2010



THE CACHE WEATHER: 77 today nice great day!

This was an easy cache Maggie and I found. The hit in the cache log was 12. Didn't take long to find after we got there luckily they were not busy.

Spent most of the morning packing and organizing the back of the truck. Its not going to be as bad as I thought. I like to keep the back some what open when traveling so I can see out, so that was going to be a problem or so I thought, but its working out ok. I have every thing in but what will be last min stuff.
4 PM Maggie and I went caching this afternoon, trying to get in a few more before we leave on Thru. Got 2 out of 2 nice easy ones. I will be posting about them in a later post. Came home went for a walk, fixed supper, now playing here. The next door neighbor is moving an brought me a couple wind chimes she couldn't take to her new condo. Well guess that's all for now, stay tuned and see what tomorro brings

Happy Caching

Sunday, March 21, 2010


THE CACHE WEATHER: 70-80's sunny with a storm Sun. afternoon.
The Blue cache is a well known "sneaky cache" hard to find, well I had to go find it. lol
Went and looked and looked and touched everything, finally decided I needed to look at it
in a different way, thinking that I found it in about 30 seconds! This is really fun hobby wish
I could find a caching partner.
This weekend I worked on getting the truck packed, looks like I'm taking back a bunch more stuff than I came with. Those 2 tables I painted take up a lot of room and I picked up 2 folding wood TV tables to paint when I get back to :PA. This morning we went to the flea market and got some Florida oranges. Dad had a shelf we got at Home Depot last week then decided he didn't want it so we took that back. Then Maggie and I went caching and found 3 out of 4 caches. Just got back in time before a big storm went thru. Won't be doing much more now but playing on the puter.
Last week I put pic's of vintage jewelry on my other blog
and got a few peeps wanting to buy, so I sent emails but got no answers. Bummer. I want to make an esty store this year and start selling some of my vintage there. I guess by what I see and read its a getting to be a popular selling market.
I wonder how Maggie will act when we get back to cold PA. and a double story house. She seems to like it here just fine. Thats all for now. Stay tunded and see what tomorrow birngs.
Happy Caching

Thursday, March 18, 2010




WEATHER: In the 70's and sunny wonderful, I sure will miss this when I go back to PA next week!

This weeks cache had something to do with firemen and was pretty easy to find. The problem I have with these FL caches , is I wonder what kind of critters are hiding in under those palms.

I do have my walking stick and poke it around before moving to far, or sticking my hands in some place I can't see. I took nothing and left nothing in this cache.

UPDATE: We went to a flea marked on Sun. near Cocoa. It is a much better flea than the one here in Melbourne, and I think I will be setting up there in the fall when I come back.

We went out to dinner last evening with friends Ron & Kris. Went to a place called Harbor City Diner wow what a place, soooo much food, had to bring some home. I have been there 2 X and I now think its my fav place to eat.

I will be leaving here next Thurs. boooo hooo, I have soooooo very much to do when I get back I don't really know where to start. I need someone to organize me, any ideas??? What needs to be done is getting house ready to sell and clean out all my stuff and get rid of it. Very big job for one person to do, my Son will be helping some. I'm tired just thinking about it. I really like living here in Florida but do miss my family.
This afternoon I cleaned out the back of the truck and started to pack it up to go. Now I am packing clothes etc etc.
Went looking for a cooler this afternoon couldn't find one, when I got home was telling dad about it and he says he has one. LOL low and behold it was just what I wanted, he said before you buy something ask because I probable have it.
We had left overs from the diner for supper tonite, and still have enough left for a lunch tomorrow. Maggie and I both have gained a few lbs since we have been here. We will be starting some better eating habits soon. I have no food in PA so it should be easy to start eating better.
Don't know what tomorrow will bring. So stay tuned and find out!
Happy Caching

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


WEATHER: Today is grrrrreat! temp 80 with a few clouds as we have a storm coming Thur and Friday.
This cache I found the other day, first one of this kind that I have come across. By the color of the cache you can figure out where it was hid. If you click on the pic you can enlarge it and look hard you can see it. Took no time to find it by the clues on the web site
Went with dad to do a few errands, that took most of the morning so we ate at Bugger King. Came home took Maggie for a walk to the park, didn't see much interesting this time . But the other day I seen a dolphin that was neat. Today I did see a guy with a kayak and was talking to him about kayaking. I ask if I could lift it to see how heavy they are , he told me to go to Bevard Zoo to take one out and see if I liked it, he said it's in a contained area and safe for newbies . That is one more thing to do when I come back. Can't wait!! Life is good in Florida.
Thats all for now stay tuned to see what tomorrow will bring
Happy Caching

Monday, March 8, 2010





This was a busy weekend, Sat we had another yard sale and this time I put stuff
that I brought down out to sell. It was pretty good I came with about 7 totes and
ended up with only 3. Makes me happy! Dad did good also. On Sun. I went with a new
Florida friend to a craft show in Cocoa Village. It was a very good show but did have to much
jewelry as many shows have now. It was this shopping area with the streets blocked off
And everyone set up along the streets. There is a pic of one of the shops posted.
On Sun. it did not look like it was well attended, But that’s par for the course on most spring shows. One of the pic’s is of a drift wood carving The head of a fish. Click on it to see it larger.
We also stopped at a large flea market in Cocoa, I checked around and this looks like a good place and when I come back hope to sell at it. I am going back to look around this coming weekend.
Thats all for now stay tuned and see what tomorrow brings
happy caching

Wednesday, March 3, 2010




WEATHER: Cool today with sun and wind. Nice day again! Temp 59

This is a cache I found the other day, I have been to the spot about 5 times finally I ask for a hint and then found it. It is neat one, a rubber spider with a mini micro bison type tube in the bottom of the spider, you can see how small it is next to the nickle, several times I stopped by but could not look for it as mugglers were parked close, maybe they were looking for cache also. Any way I'm glad i found it.

Didn't do much today dad is getting some of his stuff cleaned out for the yard sale, and I unpacked the totes I brought full of vintage to sell , to organize it for
the yard sale on sat. I had to get my vintage jewelry out and put in the display boxes . Hope I sell alot. Maggie and I went for a couple walkes and the wind about blew her away! Good think I have here on a leash lol. I guess you could call this a lazy day.
Thats all for now stay tuned to see what tomorrow will birng

Tuesday, March 2, 2010




CHECK SIZE WITH NICKLE WEATHER : Rain early this AM then sun for awhile now gray with wind.
Went caching yesterday with Maggie, she needed her truck fix so away we went
This is one we found neat idea it is what they call a bison tube attached to a piece of wood
used as a plug that is inserted in the 8X8 post, under the yellow reflector. You can see it in the pic
I took I like these kind of cache's you have to look around a little and eliminate things one by one.
T his was at the end of a dead end road. Only took a few min to find.
My DD in VA is deep into the Relay for Life. She is doing fund raisers there and she has a web page for one of the fund raisers. My mother died of breast ca when she was 4o yrs old , in 1969. She is doing this for her, she has a pic of mom on the page a very old pic of her sitting on the bank of a creek with feet in the water, check it out and donate if you would like to help out breast ca research. And thanks in advance. I think next yr I will get involved. Here is the link, I will put it on my side bar if I can figure out how. I think mag & I will take a walk to the park soon. Fixing fried rice for supper, dad doesn't care for it so he is fixing liver&onions for him. Yuk!! That's all for now stay tuned see what tomorrow brings!
happy caching
here is link