Monday, June 20, 2011


A GEO-PILE.....This is a typical geo - pile, sticks too can be a geo - pile. This was easy to find and I don't think I am giving anything away. We went out on Sun. looking for a few caches, after a dismal week before, I went for some easier ones. Even tho last week was suppose to be easy. This was the first find of the day and I dropped a TB here. THE CACHE.....And this was what the cache looked like. Nice on for leaving stash. Amo box. CACHE IN THERE SOMEWHERE.....This cache was just put out this year, but I sure think I looked of one here last year. Maybe it got archived, and a new one was put out. The GPS was bouncing around a bit but I found it in about 5 min. ANOTHER CACHE.....This is the third one we found, a typical guard rail cache. Magnetic.

YARD SALE FIND.....I have been looking for one of these for awhile now. It is a potpourri melter the were very popular a few years ago. I want it to melt bee's wax.

BEE'S WAX FOR MAKING CANDLES......So a few yard sales later I found this,what luck, they are sheets of bee's wax that is used in making those wrap candles. Bee's wax is not cheap, but these were $ for about 1 lbs. I was a happy yard sale lady!Came right home and plugged in pot and put in some wax and worked great so I added more and now have a pot full of bee's wax to use in my art work. Now I have to go and read up on how to do it. Still working on getting read to have a yard sale to get rid of more house hold items, and do a few flea markets. Son is going to put a new support post in basement next week. Hope to get painting all the trim up stairs soon. I am having problems getting this stuff done. I do not want to do it!

All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.



Wednesday, June 15, 2011


FRANCISCAN WARE PLATE...Got three small plates and one dinner plate. These were made in the USA. In mint condition. Should I sell them or keep them and use them??? Hmmmm what to do?DESERT ROSE PATTERN.....I have always loved this pattern and could never afford it. I cant believe how cheap these were at a yard sale. VINTAGE MILKSHAKE GLASSES.....These I believe are from the 1940's I have been looking for them on the Internet and that is what I found.THREE LARGE ONES.....I remember going to Isley's with my mother, and drinking chocolate milk shakes out of ones just like these. Isley's made the best shakes ever. It was a real treat to do this, and it didn't happen very often. That was back in the day when you went shopping on main street, everything was located there, including the soda shop. Mom would go in there to get chip/chopped ham. The three small ones were used for making suday's in. I want to keep these too!
I am starting to get in the groove for getting things done. Cleaned down stairs today, got a few more things ready to sell. Mowed the yard and got more yard work done. 3 loads of laundry washed and hung out. I feel like I am on a roll now.
All for now thanks for looking and come back soon

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


All those flags around the canon balls. Found a cache here on Sunday. There was a fine mist of rain and very cloudy, so my GPS was all over the map, made it hard to find any.This giant dead tree was in the same cemetery hiding a cache. Again the GPS had me all over the place.

This was the cache the giant was hiding. I like these kind you can leave a TB in them.I remember when you could drive your car thru this underpass. It went across the Shenango River and to the cemetery. There is a railroad track on the top. Still in use. We went thru it to the cache area........

.......and found this.....Maggie trying to figure out witch way to go. Bouncing GPS could not figure it out either. So we did not find this one. Only 2 out 0f 6 were found on Sun. Have been trying to get things done here in the house, having trouble, need something to push me into getting it done. Not much sunshine in the NW PA....I need SUNSHINE!! I did get done with the painting in the bathroom and Son got the small leak fixed. It was a thorn in his side.... couldn't get it to stop, it was really a tiny micro but would be under the floor and over time would become a bigger problem. Just have a few little things to do in there and done with that room. There is so much up in the air with me that I don't really know what to do about the house . I am not even sure I would want to live in Fl all alone. With family so far away. So maybe I will not sell the house. Not sure about renting, people do not take care of something that is not theirs. I had a close friend that rented out apartments and you would not believe how people treated the property.

I guess I will concentrate on getting rid of my stuff. Even this has become overwhelming. I have found getting older, you don't want to deal with alot of things. This being one of those for me.

Maggie is doing great. She is back to her old self, running around , playing with her toys, making me laugh, such a sweet dogie. No more hot spots either, no itching and keeping me awake half the night.

All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.



Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Went to the flea market on memorial day, it was a mess! With all the rain, mud everywhere. I should not have taken Maggie! She was mud up to her belly. Every thing in these boxes was 25 cents. I found $1 worth of things that i could not live with out. lol lOVE THE BLUE PLATES


Here is my roses this year. I cut them way back last Nov. before I left for Fl. This year they seem to have a million buds on them. You can see little Maggie on the porch.


Have not been doing much since I got back. Have mostly been sick with a cold and my back. legs, and feet have been hurting. I think that riding for hrs, even tho I tried to cut down on this, is cause me problems now, I am getting better so I will be getting more done. Son got tub and new vanity in, I have to finish painting etc.

MORE Weather finally got nice, when the heat wave left. But we are having thunder storm right now.

You can check what the art goings on are by checking my other blog Red Apple Junction link is on the side bar.

Well that's it for now , if anything interesting happens I will add to this post.

Thanks for looking and come back soon