Wednesday, April 28, 2010




Toady's cache is in a local township park, and we went looking for it the other day, in the rain! I was checking the site and seen there was a new cache and no one had logged it yet.
Oh boy, maybe my first, FTF (first to find). So of we went in the rain, was not raining much when we left but when we got to the park it was coming down pretty good, and as you can see the cache is somewhere across that field and in the woods. At the edge of the woods it was quite swampy and soon we had wet feet and wet fur. I should learn to listen to Mrs Garmin -Geeea (GPS) because most often she is right. I thought because of the over cast sky it would be off. So I went off on my own thinking where it might be, wrong! So I was sloshing looking and finally found it, very nice hide. Hurried and opened looking for what I thought would be an empty log book. Found it and bummer was not FTF. All the while Maggie is wondering around the edge of the wood, getting muck & mud all over her sweet little body. So we high tailed it back to the truck, good thing I have a rug for her to sit on, because we were a mess. But I must say we had fun too.
When we got home poor Maggie had to get a bath, so here is her pic, much to her humiliation, lol,
you can see it in her face! What a sad sack!
I thought I would show you my caching pack. The Coke back pack I take with everything in it, and the Steeler fanny pack I take for short walk around looking cache. In the packs I have
1. Small LED flashlight.
2. Scissors.
3. Multi knife.
4. Tweezers / hemostat
5. Screw driver
6. Rubber gloves
7. First aid kit.
8. Snacks
9. My walking stick.
I am sure as time goes by and I get more experience I will be adding and taking away some items. I have already got some ideas from reading the net, some things that will come in handy.
Like one of those mirrors on a long extractable rod, the kind you can get in auto stores, I want to get one of those. There is a cache in Florida that I am sure is on some bleachers at a ball park , but I can not get down on my knees and look for it. The mirror would work great.
Well that's all for now, stay tuned and see what tomorrow brings.
Happy Caching
PS Almost forgot, I also have a bag of swag, (trade items) I have everything from CD's to small thingy's to leave and trade. One of these post I will show my swag bag. Someday I hope to buy some TB's. Travel Bugs

Sunday, April 25, 2010



GEOCACHE REPAIR KITWEATHER: Temp 60 Rain T Storms most of the day. Some sun shine.
Did not do much this day every time the sun would peek out I would go out and then the rain drops came. So I just lazed around on the Internet.
The first pic is of a cache I found in Winchester VA on my way home from Florida. It was a stop over at my daughters, so I did a little caching. It was across the road from an Industrial Park. Not many mugglers about so it was not too hard to find. But it was early spring and by the time summer gets here the growth will be in full bloom and will not be that easy. I wish my finds were a little more exciting so I could give you a good blog about them, oh well sometime I will have fun things to blog about while caching. Still looking for a caching partner.
A pack of "stuff" always comes along with me when I am caching. One of the things I carry is a geocache repair kit. It is for geocaches that I come across that need maintenance. I found one the other day in a key box and the log was so wet you could not even unroll it. So I took a jewelry baggie and thin strip of paper and started a new log, then emailed the owner about it. My kit as pictured, contains :
That universal fixer upper duct tape. It can temporally fix just about anything, your walking stick, plastic cache containers, wrap sprained ankles. Ya never know!
I always have a couple extra cache containers along also. Just to use temporally until the owner can take care of it.
Last but not least is some good glue, I have super glue and a tacky glue for any repairs that might come along. If you do a repair be sure and let the owner the condition of the cache and what you did. It takes only a couple extra min to do this and makes the game much more fun for everyone. That's it for now stay tuned to see what tomorrow will bring.
Anyone ready this?
Happy Caching

Saturday, April 24, 2010




THE CACHE WEATHER: Temp around 60 mostly cloudy but still nice with a few rain drops.
The first pic is of the hollyhocks I have around my side door. The were planted well over 50 yrs ago. I have lived here for 33 years and most of that time I kept them cut down and they did not bloom. So a couple years ago when I retired and had more time I let them come up and they were just beautiful. I love flowers.
Lunch today I made green Chile chicken enchiladas. Since I am trying to make new eating habits I used FF items in them. And frankly I could not tell the difference. The tasted great. I had one to many for the dish so had to lay one on the top, that's why it looks funny.
The cache of the day is one that I found in Florida, its a tribute to Boy Scouts. Its located in a strip mall in front of a Boy Scout store. If you click on the pic to enlarge it , you will see an electrical out let, well its a fake if you open it up you see purple string pull it and out pops the cache. Sign the log and put it back. The first time I went after this cache my Mrs. Garmin-Geea AKA : GPS, took me out behind the store, and from the hint I knew it was not there. So I went back to google maps and took another look and seen where it was.
Today was suppose to be cool and rainy, but turned out with a little sun shine and not much rain till late afternoon. I went out to my brothers and we worked on the garden for awhile, raking, pulling out last years crop stubs, and getting all the rubble left from last fall. Came home worked out in the yard for awhile then had rain drops so that was the end of that.
Yesterday Judy and Emma commented on my log about being a volunteer in our National Parks.
I think I am going to look into this when I go back to Florida.
Well that's all for now stay tuned and see what tomorrow brings.
Happy Caching

Friday, April 23, 2010



THE CACHE AREA WEATHER: Temp 62 and sunny!
The first pic is of my daughters rose garden on the side of her home. This pic was taken a couple years ago. This past winter with the huge amount of snow they had in VA, the Jacobs Coat rose in the middle of pic under her kitchen window, was totally ruined. The trellis it was growing on collapsed and the weight of the snow done the whole thing in. In the foreground to the left you can see her rose tree. These grow well in VA , but I had one and had to set it inside each winter. On the back beside the blue shed you can see the lovely white climbing rose, this now is 3 times that size. It survived the winter. She said that she will not replace them with those kind of roses she is going with all Knockout Roses. Low maintenance.
The last cache I found in Florida before I left was this one. I guess the owner of the cache put it on his mail box so I guess that made it ok. Was easy to find.
Yesterday was a nice warm sunny day again and I worked in the garage again. Still throwing away and yard sale junk. I have some things that my dd might want to paint on, I told her I would save that stuff for her, but they would have to bring their truck up this summer and get it all. I have junktique , old windows, old door panels, etc stuff like that. Sometimes I don't think I am making much progress, and get discouraged. So much work , maybe I should just go in and pitch it all out for the garbage man ! Also mowed the yard and did a load of laundry
Today Maggie and I took a break and went to a few yard sales, (got nothing) and then went on a geocache run. Found nothing.
It is suppose to rain and be cool the next days, so that will put my work inside.
I have been reading a few blogs of full time RV people and some of them volunteer in National Parks, that is something I would love to do. I am trying to figure out how to do it and still be around for my dad. Any ideas?
Well that's all for now, stay tuned and see what tomorrow brings
Happy Caching

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


SPOOK IE OLD CACHE WEATHER 70 sunny beautiful!
We have had a really nice spring this year. It's about time the last 5 yrs I think have been nasty.
Even cool summers.
The first pic is a beautiful tree in my brothers yard. I think it is some kind of Magnolia not like the pink ones you see, this one has different white flowers on it.
The cache of the day is one I found a couple weeks ago. I have waited all year to get this one, as it has tons of poison ivy and large wood chuck holes, that are covered over in the summer and fall.
We stopped pulled of the road and I walked up and found it in short order. I did not take a pic of the cache because I forgot to carry my camera up with me. So I just took a pic of the cemetery to show you. It is a really old old one that is family owned, and it has not been taken care of at all.
I guess now I am officially old, I got my Medicare card in the mail a couple weeks ago.
Yesterday I had an appointment with a independent insurance man to see about supplement health ins and see about the drug programs. He was very helpful in explaining it all to me, and I found a plan and now I am all set for when I turn 65 in June. That was a relief as the info the government sends you is a little hard to understand.
Worked in the garage today getting rid of stuff and getting stuff ready for flea market time.
Ya know you can purge one, two , three, times and still do it again. Its never ending it seems like
but it has to end sometime, as I am moving. And I can't wait.
Well that's all for now stay tuned and see what tomorrow brings.
Happy Caching

Monday, April 19, 2010


THE CACHE WEATHER : Nice day about 60 and sunny.
We went looking for some chopped down trees to use for walking sticks. Last fall I found some so went there looking again, but none this time. So while we were out we went looking for a couple geocaches. We did not find those, all that I found were ton of Jagger's, and they found me! Good thing I had long pants and shirt on. One I looked for down by the Shenango Lake, I was looking at the wrong co-ords and spent over an hr looking wow, how dumb can you be.
Since I had DNF's today I will show you one I found last week when we were out and about. This one was in a cemetery with more jaggers, but I found it. The GPS took me to GZ and it was by a tree, where I thought it might be. Well I was just about too look the tree over and looked down and there it was lying on the ground. It was a film canister wrapped with camo tape to a stick.
I didnt think that was where it was suppose to be, so I signed the log and put it in a crevice in the tree. I think it was taped to a branch that broke off. I emailed the owner and told him about it, he emailed back and said it was not suppose to be on the ground and thanked me and said he would fix it. There was alot of trash at this cache people throwing away things from the cemetery.
Got the bathroom woodwork all done. Looks pretty good. Think I will now paint the vanity, I tested a spot today and it looks like it will be ok. Sure is a lot to do.
Thats it for now, stay tunned and see what tomorrow brings!
Happy Caching

Sunday, April 18, 2010



THE CACHE WEATHER: Temp 30's rain/snow. ugh
This is a cache we found the other day. It is between Hermitage and West Middlesex. Along this walking trail, this is the outer trail little over 1 mile and there is an inner trail a little under a mile. Lot of mugglers here, people that working in the offices and businesses use this for breaks. If I lived near here I would use it. Maggie geo-dog almost found this one sniffing around. Did not take long to find with the GPS as there is not much here but a few bushes. It was a great day when we were out looking, not cold and ugly like it is this weekend.
I have painted the bathroom wood work this week. I got second coat on about 3/4 of it. This weekend I have not done much. To lazy in weather like this. So not much exciting going on here.
Hope to start the flea market rt. soon, so I guess I better start packing stuff to sell. I wish I could snap my fingers and it would be all gone. lol.
Thats all for now stay tunned and see what tomorow brings.
Happy Caching

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


MAGNET CACHE HOLDER WEATHER Sunny and around 60 today nice!
Today's cache is one I found last weekend while caching with the Papillon Princes. If you click on the first pic and make it larger you can see it hiding in there. This is pretty typical of a guard rial or bridge cache around here. They look easy but sometime they are not. I have two that I have been looking at and can't find. This one was on a dirt road, bet you thought there were not any dirt roads left. lol.
Eric commented on yesterday's post and I want to follow up. I should have said it was the Erie Extension Canal. On its way through Mercer Co. PA the EEC went along the Shenango River as stated. I don't know about the Chenango River that Eric was talking about, that might be a different river. There are still to locks you can see , one is in New Hamburg PA, and the other one is in Sharpsville Pa. both in Mercer Co. The one in Sharpsville is Locke # 10. The city made a nice little park there. Google it and find out about it. There is a geocache hid there and that is how I found it, Also there is a Erie Canal Museum in Greenville PA you can goole that too.
J&E I will be looking for those birds!!
Thanks for visiting my blog.
Thats all for now
Happy Caching

Tuesday, April 13, 2010




WEATHER:Today cold temp 55 cloudy
This is a cache I found on Sunday, it is located on old Rail Road bed trail. This part of the trail is in Jamestown Pa. Jamestown is the start of Pymatuning State Park where the main damn is located. This trail runs along the Shenango River, which was part of the old Erie Canal. The RR was the old toe path of the canal. I have not walked this trail yet but hope to get some hiking on it done this summer. The Canal went from Lake Erie to the Ohio River in Pittsburgh area. Lots of history here in north west PA. if nothing else. I was an easy cache to find with my GPS. I have been looking for birds and wild flowers on some of my outings but not much luck.
Started working on the house, son came in and helped me rip up the carpet in the bathroom, so now I will scrub and start painting. I have a leaking claw foot tub. Not good, but son thinks he
can fix it. We talked and I think plan to sell, right now has been changed to rent. If I rent it out now it will be less work to get ready. So that might me the answer right now, esp. till the housing market picks up
I need to get my fishing licences , I was going to get life time one in June when I turn 65 but if I am not going to be living in PA I will wait on that and get one yr at this time. Can't wait to go fishing. Well that's all for now, stay tuned and see what tomorrow brings.
Don't forget you can click on the pic's to enlarge.
Happy Caching

Sunday, April 11, 2010



SIGNED LOG WEATHER: Beautiful day sunny and just a little cool
So Geo-dog Maggie and I decided to take a ride and do some flea marketing and caching. Since the flea market was on the Ohio side of Pymatuning Lake we did our caching there also. This is one of the caches we found in a small area for fishing and picnicking. The cache was fairly easy to find and we had it in a matter of minutes. When I re-hid it I put it back with a little more camo to conceal it better but its still not hard to find. When the foliage comes back full force this summer it will be well hidden. That's one reason I like to go Caching this time of year. It had a log in it to sign as usual so I thought this would be a good time to show you all how I sign my logs.
I have a zillion small apple stickers left over from my business Red Apple Junction and so I am using them and I sign with a red jelly ink pen. I seems to work even when the logs are wet and believe me many of them are. As you can see someone was at the cache and signe just before I got there today. In the first pic you can see a little of the lake in the back ground.
The flea market was at Andover Ohio out door movie they have it every sat and sun spring thru fall. I did not buy anything as I am trying to down size and get rid of stuff now add more.
It is the one I usually set up at. It is early and not many there, I will wait till May before I start.
I hope to do a lot and yard sales this summer to get rid of my stuff. I will be keep a little more than I planned on since I will be moving to Florida with dad, and not doing my full time RV'ing like I was planning on. Maybe someday. I still want to get a small RV and do some trips with it. That I think will satisfy my wonder lust for awhile anyway. I guess we never know what life is going to bring us. I am glad I like Florida lol.
We did not do much after we got home, working on blogs and reading some then I think I will play a few games on the puter. I have been playing Spades and Scrabble with my dd and sil the last couple of evenings its fun playing with someone you know, she goes to pogo and makes a room for us to play in.
One more thing I often wonder who and how many are reading this blog, so please at any time feel free to leave a comment. I am hoping some are enjoying it.
Guess that's all for now.
Happy Caching

Thursday, April 8, 2010


These pic's are of a typical parking lot cache, it took me 3 months to figure out the sq box around the light post can be lifted up. And I only figured it when I ran across one that was broken and tore up. These are called park & grab caches. I haven't looked for any since I got home but might go out tomorrow, while checking out a few yard sales.
I haven't got much done yet around the house. I finally got a fridge, a cheap new one at Home Depot. Got Dish for TV, as I had cable cut off before I left. This is so much cheaper than the cable I should have done it years ago. Went thru some flea market totes and got rid of a lot that I have been hauling around a couple years, if it hasn't sold by now it' not going to. Now I need to start going thru stuff and get going to the flea market with new items.
Hope to get started working on the house soon
That's all for now
Happy Caching

Thursday, April 1, 2010


THE CACHE WEATHER: Temp 81 and sunny in PA!
Wow did I pick a good time to come back to PA! It has been sunny the last few days, couldn't ask for any better. When I got home I cleaned the fridge and plugged it in and promptly burned up the motor. So what a nice welcome home present that was. I really don't want to buy a new one as I will be moving, and can 't take it to FL with me. So right now I am living out of coolers. Had to clean the kitchen with that happening so I guess that is were the fixing up will start. My son just fixed up his place, and put in a new floor, and it looks great, I think I will do that in my kitchen that way I will only have to do touch up painting and good cleaning for that room. Maybe I will do some before and after pic's, we will see.
This is a cache I found in FL before I left it is the second one that I found in a series of paper cache's. Kinda easy. But still fun.
That's all for now , stay tuned and see what tomorrow brings
Happy Caching