Wednesday, April 28, 2010




Toady's cache is in a local township park, and we went looking for it the other day, in the rain! I was checking the site and seen there was a new cache and no one had logged it yet.
Oh boy, maybe my first, FTF (first to find). So of we went in the rain, was not raining much when we left but when we got to the park it was coming down pretty good, and as you can see the cache is somewhere across that field and in the woods. At the edge of the woods it was quite swampy and soon we had wet feet and wet fur. I should learn to listen to Mrs Garmin -Geeea (GPS) because most often she is right. I thought because of the over cast sky it would be off. So I went off on my own thinking where it might be, wrong! So I was sloshing looking and finally found it, very nice hide. Hurried and opened looking for what I thought would be an empty log book. Found it and bummer was not FTF. All the while Maggie is wondering around the edge of the wood, getting muck & mud all over her sweet little body. So we high tailed it back to the truck, good thing I have a rug for her to sit on, because we were a mess. But I must say we had fun too.
When we got home poor Maggie had to get a bath, so here is her pic, much to her humiliation, lol,
you can see it in her face! What a sad sack!
I thought I would show you my caching pack. The Coke back pack I take with everything in it, and the Steeler fanny pack I take for short walk around looking cache. In the packs I have
1. Small LED flashlight.
2. Scissors.
3. Multi knife.
4. Tweezers / hemostat
5. Screw driver
6. Rubber gloves
7. First aid kit.
8. Snacks
9. My walking stick.
I am sure as time goes by and I get more experience I will be adding and taking away some items. I have already got some ideas from reading the net, some things that will come in handy.
Like one of those mirrors on a long extractable rod, the kind you can get in auto stores, I want to get one of those. There is a cache in Florida that I am sure is on some bleachers at a ball park , but I can not get down on my knees and look for it. The mirror would work great.
Well that's all for now, stay tuned and see what tomorrow brings.
Happy Caching
PS Almost forgot, I also have a bag of swag, (trade items) I have everything from CD's to small thingy's to leave and trade. One of these post I will show my swag bag. Someday I hope to buy some TB's. Travel Bugs


  1. I look for birds, you look for caches. I developed a couple of "virtual caches" for Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge in Texas. They had to be virtual since geo-caches are illegal to place on NWRs. If you ever go there, ask about them at the Visitor's Center. I can't remember the web site they are registered on...I'd have to look that up somehow.

    BTW, Blogger pictures still wasn't working for me this morning, but this afternoon it is fixed (I hope).

  2. Your blog title is Papillon Princes, so you have some little boy Papillon Princes, too?
    Or maybe they are no longer with us?
    I should have started at the beginning of your blog to find out about the boy Princes.
    I love Papillons, and would love to have one, but it would outlive me.
    So Maggie is your only Papillon Princess, now?
    She looks like a really sweet doggie.
    Happy Geocaching, Penny, TX

  3. Well hi there! I've been reading from time to time, but I'm so behind on my comments.

    Poor maggie does look so sorry for herself. Ruger & Neve offer their doggy sympathy (Well, Neve mostly, as Ruger quite likes baths!)

    Best Wishes

  4. Thanks for stopping by, guys, and I did forget one of the S's in princess, fixed that! I think you are turning me into a birder, as I now look for and listen for birds when I am out and about.
    Annie, tell your fur kids Maggie says thanks for thier sympathy, lol