Sunday, September 30, 2012


Friday and Sat. we  went here for our breakfast picnic. This is a really nice park here in Melbourne. 300 + acres. Also has a campgrounds.

 We parked here under this live oak tree. I was sitting reading Maggie was lying on the bed when a acorn dropped on the roof right above Maggie. lol she jumped straight up and went crazy trying to find out where the acorn went, she was sure it was in the van somewhere.
There is a ton of stuff to do in this park. Here is one of the many, many trails you can hike on. There is also many events that are held in the park.

This was Maggie's first trip here and she could not keep her nose of the ground. To many new smells and dogie smells, tons of dogs are walked here and they do have a dog park. Right now I will not be taking her there, as she does not like large dogs. And it is an off leash dog park. They make me nervous also since we have been attacked 3 times by large dogs.
Went to yard sales and found nothing, waste of gas. Spent all Sat. afternoon cooking, so I don't have to cook all week. Put in freezer, my version of fast food. Cheaper and healthier. I have been reading a RV forum for some time. So felt it was time to join in on it. They are having a get together in Florida the end of Jan. Well since chatting with these very nice ladies I decided to join in on the fun. So reserved a spot for a couple days. The GTG will be at Hillsborough River State Park here in FL. It is just north of Tampa. Almost straight across the state from me. To tell you the truth, living here is pretty lonely, not knowing anyone, so its about time I get out and about. There are several Florida peeps going. And a lot of snowbirds will be there. I am pretty excited about it, wish it was not 4 months away. I have been getting MzSavana ready and will show you what I have got done so far next post.
As soon as it cools down here I am going to take a couple over night camping trips to get the kinks worked and to know what I will need to take with me.
Well that's it for now thanks for looking and come back soon

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A DAY.....

Sad day today. So had to go banking then desided to take a side trip to the beach. Had lunch and took a walk.

Had fun watching this little guy digging for some kind of goodies each time the waves receded. Then run as fast as his little legs would go to get away from the waves as they came back in.

Breakfast picnic at Ballard Park.

Maggie wondering around, on leash. Not doing much last couple days. My brothers estate auction was yesterday, made me sad.
Trying to take a pic of that little bird guy ...made me think again that I want a new camara. I think I want a Canon Rebel T3...but do I need to take a photo class to learn how to use it.???  Because this is one subject I know nothing about. What to do?? There is a group on line that I joined this week. In preperation for traveling. Besides I need some friends here in FL.
A real friendly group. The are having a GTG in Jan just north of Tampa. Hillsborough River State Park. This sounds like so much fun. But I think I might need a test camping trip to make sure of what I am doing and what I will need to take. I need to make reservations soon if I am going to do this. Not much else going thats it for today...thanks for looking and come back soon.

Monday, September 24, 2012


While at the beach the other day I decided to stop at this Winn Dixie grocery store. it...has 5 or 6 salad bars, hot meat, salad , olives, etc etc. A nice large and clean store. Don't know why I never stopped here before. And its only about 2-3 miles from the house.

This is my frog garden....It has some succulent plants that the neighbor lady gave me. It is in front of the Florida room. Frog on stand I got on sale at some store. The frog on the ground is one of those that hold sponges or SOS pads. Found that under dad's sink.

It is in the back yard facing north east and doesn't get hardly any sun. Large frog in back is one I made years ago, out of wood. I clean him and spray him about every 6 months with clear acrylic spray to keep him nice.

This frog I just got at a yard sale for 25 cents he is one of those hid a key frogs. His top was not on straight when I took this pic, so it looks like he has a crooked grin.....Not that easy finding frogs. As you can see I need a lot more! Dad doesn't want any landscaping done, flowers, plants etc, so this is the next best thing. Keeping them in pots. I find a house very boring with out some color & texture.

Here is a pic of the yard chairs I scrubbed the other day. Sitting in front of the frog grarden. Still to hot to do anything here. We go for our walks just at day break even before the sun is up ...the coolest part of the day...even the it is in the high 70's. And muggy.  Went to a couple yard sales yesterday, found some shells, old cookie cutters, and an old typewriter stand. Young girl didnt know what it was
Thats it for now thanks for looking and come back soon

Friday, September 21, 2012


Yesterday on our breakfast picnic , we saw this interesting van. It said severe weather on the side, with Chanel 13 news. Well I looked out over the water where the camera was pointing seen no bad weather.......

So I just had to find out what was going on , what they were looking for.....I walked around the van and found this nice young man! John ! Ask what he was looking for, he said nothing, that they did early news looking at the sun rise. I talked to him for a bit, then wished him a good day and went back to my business. That encounter made for a very nice start to my day. HI JOHN...if you checked out my blog. :) 

Late I had to some other banking business (Maggie had to stay at home) so I zipped by the beach.

It did not look like high waves but the noise was high! Tide looked high and I did not see any shells. I just wish it was not so hot. I would spend more time at the beach and outside.

This is a geocache I found awhile back here in Melbourne. It is called a bison tube and you unscrew it, pull out the log and sign it. Easy find. I can't remember the last time I went caching way before summer. I am still working on the craft room. I want to do some camping but still to hot. I cant run my van day and night with the A/C running so I will have to wait for cooler weather. There is not much going on here right now, if something exciting should come up I will up date this post.
thanks for looking and come back soon

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


We continue on with our picnic breakfast here in Florida. This is at our local park. Ballard Park. This was our view this morning. If you click on the pic you can see the larger view, and behind the house on the left (yellow in color) dad's house is right behind it. Dad use to have that view before they built about 6 houses along that strip of land.

Though I would throw this pic of Maggie Girl in today. While I was home in PA I was looking on my old desk top puter trying to figure out how to get the pic's I  have on there on to my new laptop. LOL look at those ears she was only 8 weeks on in this pic, I had just got back from meeting my dd to pick her up. They got her for me and had to keep her a couple weeks before we could get together. What a sweetie she was (and is). She had finally grew into her ears. !!! Don't mind the pic as I took it while looking on the old puter. I had her on the bed... had to keep pillows around her she was bouncing all over the place. Look at that paw up begging ....what a sweet little girl.
I am working on getting things organized. Also yesterday I scrubbed all the out side lawn chairs, they had mold and mildew all over yuck...what a mess. Used that Clorox spray and wow new chairs. Trying to get my art/craft room fixed up. That will take several days,,,maybe weeks. Maggie and I took a day trip to Vero Beach the other day.No pic's this time, did go to a couple stores and had lunch in parking lot. I don't have my mojo back yet, but will sometime soon I am sure. Will take time is all.
Tried to see the shuttle Endeavor fly by this morning, but was to cloudy I heard the big jet carrying it but could not see it. So will watch it on the news at noon.
Maggie grew in to her ears! And turned out to be a beautiful show dog that she was born to be.
But her pink nose kept her out of the ring! She still has some pink above her nose that turns blood red when she gets excited.
I need to post more often or start writing things down because I have forgot alot that I have been doing (lol guess it must have been exciting) Oh well I will try and do better.
All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.

Monday, September 10, 2012


Well we made it to Florida. Left on wed morning after having breakfast with my sister. She made it for us. Then we got to VA about 3 pm to visit with my daughter. Went to dinner with daughter, grandson and his wife. Dad got a room at the red roof inn, and Maggie and I a good sleep in the van. Morning son in law took a half day off to see us off (he had to work late on wed) so him, daughter, dad and me went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Then before we left, had to check on getting a pair of shoes. No luck. Then a stop at WM to get a battery operated fan. It was really hot in the van last nite. This pic is of Maggie last week before we left. She had some real bad hot spots that she would not leave alone so I went to pet smart and got one of these E collars. She hated it but got use to it. Looks like she is giving me the harry eye lol.

All packed and ready to go including Maggie Girl.
We traveled to Richburgh SC. on Thursday, 7 hrs. Lots of miles. Dad stayed at a very nice Motel 6 and Maggie & me stayed in the parking lot. Sleeping in the van again. Good thing I bought that fan because the further south we go the hotter it gets. The fan worked out very well, but I can see I will need to get rechargeable batteries and a charger. I takes 8 D batteries, and only will last 24 hrs. For now it will be a must have, camping in these southern states.


My basil plant this year. I wanted to use some of it before we left ......

So I made this. Basil Mayo, mmmmmm good on a BLT or just a tomato sammy. Friday morning we left early about 6:30 am. Drove all day and made it to Melbourne about 5 pm. Let me tell you that was a lot of miles in two days. I will never do that again. My left leg and foot was numb all nite and the next day. In GA on Friday afternoon we ran into a swarm of love bugs, lasted way in to FL. You should have seen poor MzSavana. I had to give her a bath on sat. I have read on some RV blogs that they will take the paint right off when the get mashed into your vehicle. Dad is pulling weeds and getting ready to plant his tomato garden already, He sure made a transformation after getting home. For the good.
Got the van all unpacked and ready to set up my craft/art room. It will be in the Florida room again. I wish I had room inside the house for it, but to to be. It is very hot and muggy here, and rainy. Storms going thur all the time, one right now. Went to the post office a little while ago and the love bugs are in Florida big time :(
Well all for now thanks for looking and come back soonThanks to all the kind words expressed with the lose of my brother in July. I just don't have the words to say anything, it is still so hard for me.