Friday, January 30, 2015


Beautiful day….

along the east coast of Central Florida…Melbourne to be exact …this is about a perfect day….Maggie and I are sitting with the rig at Wickham again today…just did my PT exercise and a walk…now starting my b log …I am done with going to PT at this time but continuing on with the exercises…I think I feel at least 75% better than I did a month ago…I see the doctor in 6 weeks and will go from there…...I am  so happy to be getting better…


Above is a pic of Charley girl all snugged up in the rag quilt I made for her they got it yesterday…DD loves it and looks like Charley does also…it is really soft and snuggly…look at that big smile !!!! she is about 6 1/2 months old…

On Monday I had my doc appointment I feel that I am 75% better than a month ago so he said lets keep it up for 6 more weeks and go from there..ok by me…and since I  was close to where I wanted to take my old sewing machine for repair…or at least find out if it could be repaired I stopped in…well the motor was shot… the man said wasn’t worth in the trash it went…my appt. was at 7:30 am and I missed my breakfast …there was a Perkins close so went in for pancakes…looks good and was ok…but not what I remember them to taste like…maybe my taster is getting to old along with the rest of my body.. or they just are not what they use to be…but the taste was not up to par…


Was also close to another store I like Holly Lobby ..had not been there in a while so jumped in there…look Easter out already and it is still Jan….I know when I use to have a store … we had to get out early also but this is just to much…


With the birth of Charley Renee we have a five generation …my dad being 90 and frail and the kids not being able to come to Florida  anytime soon…we really needed to get a 5 gen pic…so when I stopped in VA on my way back to Florida last fall…we took a 4 gen pic …for now until I get a pic enlarged and framed…I sat dad down to hold my lap top and took the pic you see below…he wanted to ware his Cleveland Browns shirt…we all really should have put on our Steeler shirts…lol…everyone in our family and I mean everyone…is a Pittsburgh Steeler fan all but my dad and he has been a Cleveland fan from birth I think…


I can’t get over how beautiful it is today…I think we will go for another walk…maybe look for a geocache there are some here in the park we have not yet found….so guess this will be it for now thanks for looking and come back soon..blessings to all G&M

Sunday, January 25, 2015


Guess I will start…

with Sat…. Got up early as usual took Maggie for her first out of the day…went to get milk for my breakfast oat meal…whoa milk…no oats…no eggs…guess I will go get a sausage muffin at McD’s cost a buck…and an oat their oats…any excuse to eat out…


This really was not a very productive day… yesterday was my last PT day…and I go to the Doc at 7:30 am on Monday..the progress I am making so far… I think I will ask not to have injections in spine at this time….

20141122_130102_resizedNow how cute it this guy

Seen this guy at a at an art show I went to down town a couple weeks ago…sweet huh..

late on Sat,.I discovered I forgot to  close the window behind the sofa in the rig…wet with rain…so striped of the quilts and decided I might as well wash them…buy then it was about noon and the sun was shining and the wind was blowing…watch the door does not get ripped out of your hand when you open it…gezzz..had that happen to me with a van and ruined the door and had to replace it…after lunch did not do much of anything…guess I will continue this tomorrow …might have more going on…


Nothing going on again…sun is shinning but cool..nice…Got an email from forum friend Carol …say another forum friend might be passing thru here…but I was late getting email cause CG service that Carol was at went down and she didn’t know it…but I went ahead and sent out an email to Gloria anyway…see if she is still around…Tomorrow is doc appointment…hope no shots in spine…well go for now thanks for looking and come back soon….blessings to all G&M

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Well I guess….

I need to do an update…weather has been good compared to the rest of the country…sometimes cool and wet but mostly very nice…I will only complain when it gets to hot!!


Neighborhood marauders they roam all over looking for  their dinner….

My health has greatly improved…the PT and new life style changes have been a God send…I can now sit for awhile, walk some, but can not do all work things I need to or want to do..that might not happen at all….it is so great to feel healthy again…I think that had a lot to do with my attitude and depression I had…because that is even better…so I am a happy camper again…mostly…I need to be camping for that to be …


A Grammy n Maggie selfie at Christmas

Twice this week we have brought the RV and come to Wickham Park for a day trip…not doing much yet just loafing around…walking around and did a visit with MM & Harley dog…she is camped at the CG for the winter…I am signed up for a trip at the end of Feb…cant wait…more about that later….


Patio  at camp driveway

Made this little patio area for me and Maggie at camp drive way…it is behind the rig just enough room for my chair and Maggie's bed ..hung up a fake flower pot and we are good to relax and read or what ever…mostly shady and that is ok with me…have a hook there for Maggie's leash…and her outdoor bed is there also…I need my own space..this helps…now that my health is better I am spending more and more time in my rig…


Got Charley girl’s quilt done…that is how much better I am feeling Smile…it is all made with flannel that is why it looks all wrinkly is so soft and cuddly…Charley and her Nana (my daughter) will have a great time playing on this…


It’s called a rag quilt…and is so easy to make..I think sometime I will tell how I did it on my art/craft b log ..


The back of the quit

I have been thinking a lot about my life and how I have been feeling in limbo…not belonging anywhere..not having a true home..I was thinking way before I moved to Florida (to keep my eyes on dad)…that I wanted to fulltime in an RV and travel until I got tired of it or could not do it…but with all the things that I have experienced these past few years…emotional and physical… I have come to the conclusion that that might not happen…also been thinking that my rig is a little to big for me…but another conclusion….it is ok for now..why…because I need “my” space and it fits that need ok for now…this aging thing is another thing that has been getting to me…I will be 70 in a few months …my mind doesn’t feel that old..but my body tells me different…hard to accept that I can’t do all the things that I did before…some parts of my body are broken ….I have to face that…and pray that I can work around them…I know I can but it is still hard …guess I will go on that note…thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all G&M

PS…if you all have any advice for me…we love to read comments…

Thursday, January 15, 2015


We made it…..

to Wickham CG for an over night’er…and what an emotional relief…the minute I hooked up and took Maggie for a walk to visit MM & Harley dog…I could feel the tense stress leave my body…I just now as I type this…had a thought …it must be the stress that is making the muscles around my spine,legs and back tense up…causing part of the reason for this problem…hmmmm…I have to think about that….



I really will have to work on stress relief…did not do much at the CG…just walked and emptied tanks…did cut some strips to make a couple pot holders…DD request a couple making them to match the quilted dish drain pad I made for her…




Maggie loves her toys…if she doesn’t at least once a day play with them…the she is sick and not feeling well…she got a new floppy bunny and a ball…but she still goes back to a smaller old ball….




You cant see it in that top pic but there is a ball along with the bunny she some how gets that ball up in her chin area and then hits it with ball…

And the rest of the story….

As I am typing I am filling the tanks to flush them out…I don’t have one of those fancy flusher things so I empty and fill with clean water a couple of time to flush them out..I put dish pan full of soapy water in the fresh tank for the last rinse…I have to leave here at noon so I am trying to figure out what I want to do this afternoon…I am not going back to the drive way until almost dark time…I will let you know what I did next time…blessings to all G&M

PS…today I think I feel I difference the PT is making….SmileSmileSmile

Thursday, January 8, 2015



that have been hanging around on my thought I might as well post them…since I have nothing else…I  was waiting at the deli counter at WM when I spied these little houses…so took a pic…for what reason…not really sure. except that I love the contrast between normal and what is found in Florida...

20141219_122001_resizedYOUR NORMAL GINGERBREAD HOUSE

I have started my physical therapy on my spine….and I have changed some of the things that I found out were irritating my spine..


For one last year when I was told to elevate my legs because of vein problems…I did just that…but the positioning I was using  was all wrong…I would sit on my desk chair and put my feet up on the bed…


When I would sit in the rig…I would sit at the dinette and put my feet on the opposite bench and elevate that way…when I was doing these things it would hurt and I could not sit that way very long I would put my legs down and then when my back  and hip would start to hurt in that position I would go back to the feet up…I would go back and forth all the time I am sitting down…all these months I have been aggravating the situation…along with all the hard physical work I have been doing…on the house and such things…moving ..yard sales …etc

20141224_185238_resizedMaggie girl looking for her Christmas toys I had them hid there

I since have stopped doing all these things…no lifting or hard physical stuff for me…only elevating legs while lying down on the bed with pillows …



And along with the PT I am feeling a lot better…I can sit for a little bit of time like a couple min..could not do that before…so I am very hopeful for this 2015…here I have been running my mouth about GTG in Florida and I  cant even go anywhere because of PT on Mon, Wed. and Fri….but I will be hot on the trail when all this is over and I am better….It was cold here last night…but sun is shinning now but only a high of 58 today…might do some cooking to day to stay warm…well I guess that is it for now ..thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all…G&M ..PS…we love reading comments…thanks

Thursday, January 1, 2015


We did a little….

walking around Wickham Park  yesterday new years eve day we spent the whole day there…I have not been over there but this one time since I got back to Florida in Sept…because of health issues…will be glad when they are all fixed and I am good to go again…below is one of the ponds in the park on the way into the campgrounds…with all the rain we have been having the ponds are over flowing…the first I have seen them this way…we usually park right here in this spot when we come over to the park on a day trip…. not today they still have the light show up and it is hard to find a place to park..


And below in this pic …I was walking down the road into the CG….there is another pond just as you get to it…it also was over flowing…I like to walk Maggie around the loops of the CG …wishing we were park in a site..enjoying life…


When we walked back from the CG…we have to cross this little bridge…we cut across thru the woods…I turned around and seen all these dead pine trees…I think they were burned in 2011 (I think that was the year) the arson fire in Wickham Park and the CG…it was pretty awful…there is quite a few of these trees around the park…


This ant colony was another interesting thing  we saw on our walk…if I had a better camera I think this would be a much more interesting pic…it was pretty cool and very big…look at all the rooms must me an ant hotel….


And this mushroom was really cool…looks like brown and tan stained glass…


Well that is about all we did..between the rain drops it was misty rain all day long ….but it was oh so nice to take the rig and go somewhere…did a little reading also…today I put some pork spare ribs with sauerkraut in the crock pot and will do mashed tata’s later…keeping with tradition I guess…going to my first session with PT on Monday…I have changed a few things in my life style and I do see an improvement… I will do a post about it sometime soon…in a few days to see how it works out…so far so good….I am anxious to start doing some things again,,, I am not made to just be…I need to be busy…I have not even been able to sit and craft or sew…been like this since Sept..but I have high hopes for this new year….there is one area in my life that I have not blogged a lot about….and it is my most stressful situation…causing most all the stress in my life at this time…and I think has been the cause of the health issues flaring up…and that is about living with my father… I don’t know if I should or not post about it..I guess I will have to ponder more about it…well all for now going to watch the rose parade and some football…and eat…thanks for looking and come back soon….blessings to all G&M