Friday, January 30, 2015


Beautiful day….

along the east coast of Central Florida…Melbourne to be exact …this is about a perfect day….Maggie and I are sitting with the rig at Wickham again today…just did my PT exercise and a walk…now starting my b log …I am done with going to PT at this time but continuing on with the exercises…I think I feel at least 75% better than I did a month ago…I see the doctor in 6 weeks and will go from there…...I am  so happy to be getting better…


Above is a pic of Charley girl all snugged up in the rag quilt I made for her they got it yesterday…DD loves it and looks like Charley does also…it is really soft and snuggly…look at that big smile !!!! she is about 6 1/2 months old…

On Monday I had my doc appointment I feel that I am 75% better than a month ago so he said lets keep it up for 6 more weeks and go from there..ok by me…and since I  was close to where I wanted to take my old sewing machine for repair…or at least find out if it could be repaired I stopped in…well the motor was shot… the man said wasn’t worth in the trash it went…my appt. was at 7:30 am and I missed my breakfast …there was a Perkins close so went in for pancakes…looks good and was ok…but not what I remember them to taste like…maybe my taster is getting to old along with the rest of my body.. or they just are not what they use to be…but the taste was not up to par…


Was also close to another store I like Holly Lobby ..had not been there in a while so jumped in there…look Easter out already and it is still Jan….I know when I use to have a store … we had to get out early also but this is just to much…


With the birth of Charley Renee we have a five generation …my dad being 90 and frail and the kids not being able to come to Florida  anytime soon…we really needed to get a 5 gen pic…so when I stopped in VA on my way back to Florida last fall…we took a 4 gen pic …for now until I get a pic enlarged and framed…I sat dad down to hold my lap top and took the pic you see below…he wanted to ware his Cleveland Browns shirt…we all really should have put on our Steeler shirts…lol…everyone in our family and I mean everyone…is a Pittsburgh Steeler fan all but my dad and he has been a Cleveland fan from birth I think…


I can’t get over how beautiful it is today…I think we will go for another walk…maybe look for a geocache there are some here in the park we have not yet found….so guess this will be it for now thanks for looking and come back soon..blessings to all G&M


  1. Charley looks so cute wrapped up in the quilt! She's a beautiful baby. Glad you're doing so well. I guess it takes some determination with the PT, I imagine it's not easy at first, but gets easier as you go along. Well worth the effort and pain, I'm sure, if you keep improving like that. My dad is 92 - he's pretty frail, too. Your dad is still a good-looking man! Hooray for good genes! :)

  2. thanks for your comment first when I went to physical therapy some of the exercises and stretches I could not do too I was told just keep working at it...I am a firm believer in physical therapy now it's really no fun to do and boring but it makes a difference in your life...what happened to me really scared me I thought I was done for never be able to function properly again...I will never give up doing this physical therapy stuff