Thursday, January 1, 2015


We did a little….

walking around Wickham Park  yesterday new years eve day we spent the whole day there…I have not been over there but this one time since I got back to Florida in Sept…because of health issues…will be glad when they are all fixed and I am good to go again…below is one of the ponds in the park on the way into the campgrounds…with all the rain we have been having the ponds are over flowing…the first I have seen them this way…we usually park right here in this spot when we come over to the park on a day trip…. not today they still have the light show up and it is hard to find a place to park..


And below in this pic …I was walking down the road into the CG….there is another pond just as you get to it…it also was over flowing…I like to walk Maggie around the loops of the CG …wishing we were park in a site..enjoying life…


When we walked back from the CG…we have to cross this little bridge…we cut across thru the woods…I turned around and seen all these dead pine trees…I think they were burned in 2011 (I think that was the year) the arson fire in Wickham Park and the CG…it was pretty awful…there is quite a few of these trees around the park…


This ant colony was another interesting thing  we saw on our walk…if I had a better camera I think this would be a much more interesting pic…it was pretty cool and very big…look at all the rooms must me an ant hotel….


And this mushroom was really cool…looks like brown and tan stained glass…


Well that is about all we did..between the rain drops it was misty rain all day long ….but it was oh so nice to take the rig and go somewhere…did a little reading also…today I put some pork spare ribs with sauerkraut in the crock pot and will do mashed tata’s later…keeping with tradition I guess…going to my first session with PT on Monday…I have changed a few things in my life style and I do see an improvement… I will do a post about it sometime soon…in a few days to see how it works out…so far so good….I am anxious to start doing some things again,,, I am not made to just be…I need to be busy…I have not even been able to sit and craft or sew…been like this since Sept..but I have high hopes for this new year….there is one area in my life that I have not blogged a lot about….and it is my most stressful situation…causing most all the stress in my life at this time…and I think has been the cause of the health issues flaring up…and that is about living with my father… I don’t know if I should or not post about it..I guess I will have to ponder more about it…well all for now going to watch the rose parade and some football…and eat…thanks for looking and come back soon….blessings to all G&M


  1. I know that living with an elderly parent can be very stressful.

  2. I live with my 90 y.o. mother, so I can emphasize with you on the stress it brings with it ever single day! I also don't write about it because it feels as if I['m looking for people to feel sorry for me or I'm not a caring person, when in reality its a way of letting go of some of the stress.

  3. At this time in your life living under those conditions are certain to be stressful but there will come a day you will wish you had just one more of those days.
    Kathy and I would like to wish you a Safe and Happy New Year.

    It's about time.

  4. I love the photos of the ant colony and mushroom. I've seen lots of HUGE ant houses, but they always have only one entrance, no matter how large the surrounding mound is, so your photo was really different. Beautiful mushroom, too.