Friday, July 22, 2011


Went here ......To get this....foot long hot dog. Now I really don't eat very many hot dogs, this is the first this year but I do like Eddie's foot longs. Looks like you cant see the dog, because it has the "works" on it. Eddie's is in the small north west PA town of Conneaut Lake, where my first business was located. A country gift shop. That's how I know about Eddie's and Hank's. Then down the road we went here.........Hank's
To get this...... chocolate frozen far as I am concerned the king of ice cream! Was so hot yesterday that it was melting running down my hand as I walked to the truck. Didn't take long to eat, you had to lick fast .... lol This is the first one I have had in a couple years.Then we went here .........And found this.....a cache. The cache located along a not much used road above I-79. The tree is on a big hill with interstane at the bottom. Cache was not down there. Was 97 here yesterday, I could not stay home with out A/C so we hoped in the truck and went on a road trip. Went to Conneaut Lake Pa. had some lunch, and found one cache. Conneaut Lake is the largest natural lake in PA. There is the small town, the lake and an amusement park. You can read about it here . Found the cache a few miles up the road, I looked for a couple more but DNF and did not look to long or hard because of the heat. Stopped by my son's to wish my grandson a happy birthday, he thinks he is old at the ripe age of 19 lol. I guess because it is his last year as a teenager. For some reason gas is cheaper in Meadville than it is in Greenville, like at least 20 cents sometimes more, and with the discount from a local grocery store you can get a good deal. So every time I got to son's house I get a fill up. While doing all this gas stuff, and going to son's we got in a huge traffic jam, they were paving road. We waited in traffic for 30 min. Then we headed back to Conneaut Lake to look for a virtual geocache. Found it and will post about it tomorrow. Have to email the owner with my answers then I can log it and post. Then we came home to a boiling hot house. Miserable all night, hard to sleep, sat on porch but that made Maggie nervous in the dark, but she would not stay in the house with out me, so I gave in. I have a fan in the bathroom facing out so that it will pull cool air in the bedroom window but there was no cool air to pull in. To be 94 today cant see that 4 degrees is going to make a big difference so , it will be same today. Enough of my moaning about the heat (might as well be in Florida) so I will sign off. Thanks for looking and come back soon

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Here are a few cigar boxes that I found at yard sales this summer. I think there are a couple more lol. I really need to get making something with them. Cheapest was 10 cents up to 50 centsI think I am queen of 50 cent items. Got this vintage crochet dress pot holder. I got a few more in red, enough to finish up decorating the kitchen in Florida. Beautiful embroidered dressers scarfs. Got them for 50 cents also. The are in excellent condition.Pretty posy'sMore Just check the temp 81 at 9:00 am, an hr ago it was 71. Today it suppose to get up to 97 that is pretty hot for NW Pa. It is so hot even Maggie doesn't want to do anything. To hot to do any geocaching but I am going to go out of town to see grandson on his BD today , so i might do one or two. Will see how it goes. At least I got A/C in the truck. When the heat breaks I am going to get something done on this house! I will wipe down the wood work in one of the bedrooms that I did get empty, then paint the woodwork, I will get this done ! Son will come back in soon and the few minor things done in the bathroom and that's that. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon and stay cool
Donna n Maggie

Sunday, July 17, 2011


This was the location of my # 300 found in 2 years. I started geocaching in July of 2010. This is an old iron bridge in Greenville that has been closed down for replacement. Who knows if that will ever happen. I have crossed this bridge many many times in my 66 years.The cache on the bridge, a magnet key holder. Looking over the bridge down into the river. Shallow now as we haven't had rain in a while, but I have seen this river flood the down town area. Another cache I found this morning. The hint was something about a bush. Yeah ...pick one. It took me awhile to find this one.The cache, for some reason I did not understand it was large, and was looking for something smaller. If I would have paid attention to the discrp, it would not have taken me so long. This cache is in a nice local park. This one in the same park, along one of the walking trails. The cache was not very far in along the trail, so I didn't get to see much of it or where it went or ended. Maggie was in the truck and I didn't want to leave her very long, even tho it was in the cool of the morning. Sometime before I got back to Fl I will take a walk along here. There are a few more caches in this park to find.This was the cache, easy find with a geopile of sticks.WEATHER in Greenville hot in 90's today.
I guess you could call this a mini 1/2 day trip of about 25 miles or so. I think when we live in one place all our lives, we don't think of the things we can see and do right in our own back yard. Like this park with its couple of walking trails. I think there is a small lake for fishing somewhere back in the wooded area. I can't take Maggie back in the woods, first off she hates the woods, and does not want to walk in them, she pulls against here leash when I try take her so I just stopped trying. And also I don't want flea's and ticks, even tho we use Frontline Plus.
I am going to be taking more mini day trips, even tho it makes me feel guilty not working on the house. But I am not going to do anything with it this year so I guess I got more time to do it. At least that's what I tell myself. Still no fridge , still living out of ice chest, not fun, would be ok if I were camping or something fun like that. Well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon
grammy n maggie :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


On Sunday I set up at a local flea market trying to get rid of more stuff. I unloaded one more tote full. It was a little slow too hot I think. And look who come along and set up beside me! And of course I had to give them some of my hard earned money!

More of what I had to sell.Flea market must be doing good they put up this large building last year. Cost more to set up in it.More peeps set up.

I will be glad when this is all over with, the older I get the less I like doing it and it's hard on the old body. Been hot here and I haven't done alot on the house. But I guess not hurry at this time. I want to take a few road trips this summer. One for sure at the end of July or first of Aug. Will be meeting up with my DD and SIl at a craft show she is doing. Will stay at a camp ground. I would also like to go maybe to Lake Erie since I only live an hr away. Have not been caching much lately either.

All for now thanks for looking and come back soon



Friday, July 8, 2011


Found some more goodies that I needed. Well not the Pyrex, I just like it. I guess you could say I now collect it. Before I use to buy it and resell in my store. I all ready have a dish like the green one but for 50 cents I could not pass it up. The bowl was only 75 cents and I need some bowls here in PA023Then I found this stack of plastic storage drawers. This is the third set I have found at yard sales in excellent condition, For only $1.00! This one had some scribbling on the top. So I took  a piece of self stick card stock and covered it up after I tried scrubbing it off. See that cute little sweetie pie in the back ground, hanging on the porch. Waiting for some innocent puppy to come on her turf!020Then I got this cute candle stand for 10 cents. I really didn’t want the stand only the acrylic type crystals on it. I need those for my altered art, and couldn’t beat the price. Got two cigar boxes for 25 cents each. 025

I still keep on going to yard sale, not a lot of them and with gas prices I just mostly do the ones  in town. I only buy for my altered art and a few things like the Pyrex. Still working on the house, and getting more stuff for the yard sale. I think I will pack the truck and set up at the flea market this Sunday. Well not much else, maybe I will get some geocaching done this week end, I have been so lazy! Sitting here watching the Atlantis launch, wish I was in Fl to watch it.

Blessing all  Donna