Friday, July 8, 2011


Found some more goodies that I needed. Well not the Pyrex, I just like it. I guess you could say I now collect it. Before I use to buy it and resell in my store. I all ready have a dish like the green one but for 50 cents I could not pass it up. The bowl was only 75 cents and I need some bowls here in PA023Then I found this stack of plastic storage drawers. This is the third set I have found at yard sales in excellent condition, For only $1.00! This one had some scribbling on the top. So I took  a piece of self stick card stock and covered it up after I tried scrubbing it off. See that cute little sweetie pie in the back ground, hanging on the porch. Waiting for some innocent puppy to come on her turf!020Then I got this cute candle stand for 10 cents. I really didn’t want the stand only the acrylic type crystals on it. I need those for my altered art, and couldn’t beat the price. Got two cigar boxes for 25 cents each. 025

I still keep on going to yard sale, not a lot of them and with gas prices I just mostly do the ones  in town. I only buy for my altered art and a few things like the Pyrex. Still working on the house, and getting more stuff for the yard sale. I think I will pack the truck and set up at the flea market this Sunday. Well not much else, maybe I will get some geocaching done this week end, I have been so lazy! Sitting here watching the Atlantis launch, wish I was in Fl to watch it.

Blessing all  Donna

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