Sunday, April 24, 2011


Here is Mike up a tree after the cache! Poor man we had him every where on this last trip to get the rest of the geo-0p0ly series. We had only 4 more to get (we had looked for them already once) this one was in a pine tree. Pretty far up too. You can bet if I had to do this by myself, I would not have finished the series.There were 30 properties we had to get I think this was the last one. Mr HW digging around in the brush. He found it in there!

Mr. HW in more brush!

And even more brush, it's like looking for waldo remember him?

Look there's more bushes lol.

Mrs HW with the cute find of the day.

To compensate we let Mr HW do his off roading thing in the geo-mobile with out any complaints from us!

Poor Mrs HW broke a nail on this cache, and it was a hard cache to find. I think this might have been our third trip to this cache site. We got a hint and still could not find it . So Cindy and I stood around awhile talking about and calculating things and bingo we got it. She was so frustrated she broke a nail opening it.

We really had a good time caching this geo-oply series. We found the last four we needed and found ten others hid in the area.

Maggie and I found a few caches this past week using my new Droid X . Cindy showed me an app for caching with the phone and I'm loving it. Before I had to write everything down and now all I have to do is turn on my Droid! Took a trip to the beach and seen another dog on the beach so I took Maggie for a short walk. She does not like the ocean, but loves all the new and interesting new smells. Working on packing up a few things. This summer while I am gone my dads friend is going to install an air conditioner in the Florida room for me. So I am putting my art stuff in totes until I get back.

Well that's in for now. Thanks for looking and come back soon


Donna and Maggie says boof boof

Monday, April 11, 2011


Two girls draped over the geo-mobile! You remember the bathing beauties in the 40-50's ? lol Geo-Beauties. lol lol
Cindy found it! And didn't have to climb a tree to get it!
Mike & Cindy checking a log. Mike in the bush again! While Cindy signs the log.

Could it be in there?? I hope not!
Or maybe in there.
Cindy had to climb a tree to get this one! Not me that's for sure! The past two Sat. we went to the " Compound " looking for the 30 Geo-opoly caches that are hid there. I think I told you about the "Compound on the last post. Well we have found 26 out of 30.

The 4 we have not found are ones we have looked for but have been DNF so far. But we will go back to find them so we can have the whole series. This has been a fun and challenging series.

There are others hid there also so we will look for those after this.

It is sooooo much more fun when you have friends to cache with! I will miss them when I head north in a few weeks. I hope they don't find all the caches around here while I'm gone!

It is getting hot here in Melbourne. In the 90 last few days, and wall to wall sun. Cant do much out side in this weather.

Maggie has another hot spot. She got one soon as the last one got better. I sure wish I could figure out what is causing them. I feel so bad for her, she doesn't know what to do. She knows she should not bite at them , so she runs around like a banshee, skiting around like a scarred rabbit. Its sad to see. She does a lot hiding under the bed. My poor baby :( Anyone have any ideas about these hot spots please leave a comment.

When I head north I have been thinking about staying in a camp ground and not a motel. I will have an almost empty truck and we can camp in it. It will be the middle of may and warm enough I think. I am only driving 8 or so hrs a day this time, taking my time. Its not good for my old body cramped up in the cab of the small Toyota. We'll see, but I think that's what will be going down .

All for now thanks for looking stop back soon