Thursday, December 15, 2011


This one is for you Judy! I will toast you at Christmas dinner with my salad lol. So nice having winter tomato's fresh off the vine. Mmmmmm good!This one's for you also Judy, if you happen to read this post. What is it? He (or she) looks like a he to me, comes to the front yard often. This was taken one day last week, Maggie was sitting on the bed looking out the window and took off in a fit, when he happened by. In PA birds in the front yard, were robins and house sparrows. She was always yapping at them to get out of "her" yard, but this guy really set her off. He sat down and stayed for awhile, just agitate her I guess lol. Any way I think he is pretty cool and I'm not sure what he is. Went to the post office about 5 times in the last two day's and there is always a line out door. I should have got the stamps when I sent out son's package on Monday. Here is a link to my daughters etsy shop check it out, I will put a link on my side bar.
Well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

WHAT'S NEW (not much)

Since landing in Florida in Sept. not much has been going on. Still going to physical therapy for my feet, that finally are getting better. Hope soon to be doing walking exercise again. A week or so ago Maggie and I took a road trip. Looking for camp grounds for future fun. Found this county park about 40 min away. County park so you don't have to pay to have a look around.Some residents at the park. One ugly bird, or a couple lolThis is one of the water sites in the park. The park is along the inter coastal waterway in Brevard Co. Tents or RV's can camp next to the water. Reservations or first come. Weekend are busy and need res. Couple of tenter's next to RV's. This is real nice park. Not to big don't know how many sites there are. I talked to this man for awhile, he is fishing off the dock. He and his wife come here often. If I remember right they are from northern FL. Had a very nice talk. He did not make his reservations soon enough for the week end and did not get a water front spot. Here is a geocache next to our motel on the way down. Typical fence post cache. I have not been caching much yet, do to feet, only park & grabs that I can drive right up to. This is the cache.
Well feet are getting better, I go to doc on Monday to get casted for orthodox I have the general run of the mill in my shoe now and they do help. Daughter and son in law coming for Christmas will be glad to see family, miss my northern family. Will be doing some road trips and caching soon, so I will be posting more. I have been posting on my other blog because I have been doing craft / art work, cause I can sit and do it. Doing some swaps and making Christmas presents. I had this post all made up yesterday and hit the wrong button and deleted everything. So here it is again, but forgot half what I said in the first one. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I had to turn my water off before I left. I was leaving in Sept. so I started the process in July. Because the shut of was cemented the bottom of my drive way and I knew this would be a problem. To make a very long story short the water Co. dropped the ball and the pic you see below was the day before I was to leave. They finally got it done, but my drive way is not finished. They just put gravel in it and will cement it again when I get there next summer. They said they would come up and do it some time this fall or next spring, I said, no you will wait till I get back. After all that went on, I do not trust them to do the job right. I was on my way to the beach the other day and saw this on the river while crossing the causeway. A barge with a class C motor home on it. It was just sitting there pretty close to the causeway. When I came back there was a tug boat trying to move it back to where ever it belongs. I think it got loose and driffed there. I wonder why the Class C was on it in the first place?This was a cache I found on the way down here. Was a real anchor very big. Was a key magnet so was easy, but me, I made it hard. lol. But I did finally find it.
I am still dealing with my feet. I go to the doctor tomorrow will see what he has to say. They are better but I cant do normal things like my walking exercise or even go shopping. Have not been doing much went to the beach a couple times. We had that bad storm last weekend and are suppose to have another one today and tomorrow, but it is not as bad as they thought. Here its just cloudy gray and misting rain. Been working on some art swaps I joined you can check that out on my other blog Dad had some blossoms on his tomato's but I think that wind got them last weekend. Did not break any plants so they should be ok. I want to have a yard sale as soon as I can walk and be on my feet for any length of time. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon

Thursday, October 6, 2011


There is a cache in there but not where you might think. Found this one on Sunday while caching with my Maggie. Not a hard find, but lots of mugglers around, as it is in a golf course.This is another magnet key holder cache we found, Maggie girl sniffing it out. She has to inspect every cache we get. lolI left this little Travel Bug in the above cache. He rolled all the way down from PA with us. Stopped to visit a cache on the way, but ended up here. Cute little thing. And just fit in this container. I have been taking it easy on my feet since I got here. The shot I got in the one heel, did not start to feel better until Tues. I went back to doc on Wed. and he gave me shot in each heel this time. Said I had Achilles tendinitis in the other one. What I thought was a heel spur turned out to be something else but don't ask what. I don't know. Any way they both feel better today. I am still going easy on walking for a few more days. Scrubbed some lawn chairs and things like that this last week. Dad planted tomato's couple weeks ago they are doing great. Fresh home grown end of Dec. Maybe for Christmas!! I might plant a couple things, now that I am in a better mood. Health issues make bad moods. Got my art studio done enough I can work in there. Will go to a few yard sales tomorrow not sure what else. You can check out my other blog to see what other fun things are going on. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon
PS... went to the beach will post on that next.

Monday, September 26, 2011


GOT THIS......

HERE........WELCOME CENTER We are now in Florida. Left late on Thurs. day morning about 8:30 hit rain as soon as we got on I-95. We were almost at the GA-FL border. So when we got to the stopped to wait out the rain.

Got our free cup of OJ and walked Maggie around and were on our way again. No sooner on 95 and it was raining. I did that all morning, sometimes I had to pull off could not see. So much for stopping along the way to take a look at Florida. Finally I go on US 1 so I could pull of anywhere and not wait till I came to an exit. So it took me all day to get to Melbourne.

I have had a few health issues so that's the delay in posting. I got another cold and was not feeling the best. Also my feet have been bothering me alot this summer and came to a head this last week while traveling. I had to find a Doctor and lucky I got in on Friday. Got a shot in the heel and it is now getting much better. Went to a festival down in old town yesterday with Pearl, I will post about that on my other blog. Today I scrubbed the cealing in the FL room so I can get my art/craft set up. Foot did not like the ladder so now I will rest it the rest of the day. It was so bad I could hardly walk. I have some caches we found along the way and will post about those this week. Thats all for now thanks for looking and come back soon

blessing Donna

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


A cache hiding in there.

See this was hiding there.

In a wall mart parking lot. We left a little later today 8:30 am. Maggie kept me awake alot last nite. She growled or barked at every little noise. Had breakfast on the way and stopped a little while later. The we stopped at WM for lunch, I found that it sure is cheaper that fast food. Both days spent $7 and had enough for lunch and supper. Was raining and lot of fog when we left this morning. Then in the afternoon well into GA we hit storms and rain, so hard had to pull over. So about 3:30 we stopped and called it a day. It stopped storming so we went out and found a few geocaches, and had our supper and now waiting for saviour to come on. We only have about 4 1/2 to 5 hrs to left to Melborune. I want to take it slow and maybe see a few things on the way. Might even check the maps and get of the interstate for awhile. Thats all for now thanks for looking and come back soon

Blessings Donna n maggie to

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


A cache I found last week. I kept looking in all the wrong places, I should go with what my eyes see first!

This was hid in that geo wood pile.
Sunday ended the show and my daughter did well. Did not do much after that ended at 5 pm.

Monday daughter and I went to a grand opening of the new Hobby Lobby in Winchester. WOW!What great deals they had. Everything I bought was 50% off. I spent more than I should have and not as much as I wanted too. I will take pic's and show the goodies next week on my other blog. Monday evening the took me to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings, late for my birthday. Nice place to eat and play.

Tues. today we left Winchester about 7am drove for about 2hrs and stopped for breakfast. Then went on a ways and stopped again. Spent about an hr. looking around and found a geocache. Then back on the road. Stopped again for lunch. Went in a WM and got enough for lunch and supper cheaper than fast food and better for you. Went on and finally stopped about 4:30 for the night. Ate the rest of our food, found a geocache , went to $ store and now in for the night.

Had rain all morning, of and on rain in afternoon. Just a little while ago the sun came out.
All for now thanks for looking and come back soon

Blessings Donna

Sunday, September 18, 2011


WINCHESTER APPLE HARVEST: Back in the day when we did this show it would have been wall to wall people. I did did this show for about 18 years. It was a drizzle of rain day, and did pick up a little in the afternoon. My daughter did set up this year. Let you know how it was later.These tye dye have been around for ever, I thought that they would be done with here in the 2000's but they are still hanging in there. Double booth no less.Winchester is the home of White House apple sauce and other apple products. The had booths at each end of the show, with these antique vehicles. This one is horse drawn.And this one is an antique flat bed truck. I think these old things are great.
We left about 9 am Friday morning. Went what I call the back way, (not the PA turnpike) mostly on secondary roads. Took I-79 south until we hit the National Historic Highway in PA. US 40.
Nice drive with lots of history to see along the way, but slow driving. So it took almost 7 hrs what would have taken 5. Stopped a couple times and found one geocache along the way.
Sat. did not feel so great, this cold is a bummer, but went over to the crafts show and sat with my daughter. Not to exciting, rainy and cloudy day. Crowed was way down.
Sunday waiting for a while before I go sit with my daughter again. SIL is going to go watch the Steeler game later and I will go help her then. Think before I go, will go over to books a million and look around.
All for now thanks for looking and come back soon
Blessings Donna

Friday, September 9, 2011


I had a great day at the yard sales today. Got 57 of these great post cards, all for only 8.00. The graphics are wonderful on them. I am really not sure how to use them yet with my altered art projects. 003

I will be leaving and heading south next Friday. I can’t wait….it has been a long summer and not a great one at that. We will be stopping in VA to visit my daughter and family and then after a few days heading on down to FL.004

I was planning on staying at camp grounds instead of motels but I have so much to take with me the truck will be full of altered art stuff, can you believe that! I have gone back and unpacked thinking of what I could leave here and I don’t want to leave any of it!005

I am again taking my time traveling and taking 3 days to get there. Hope to take a few back roads and not all interstates. I found out a week ago that I need a new furnace and now have to turn the gas off for the winter, and that means turning off the water also. Now that is a whole other post…they have been trying to find the water turn off at the street for 2 days now. Coming mon or tues with a back hoe. And there goes the end of my drive way. I am glad that the water co. has to replace it. I will post some pic’s next week. Not much geocaching going on either. Well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon

Blessings G&M

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This is some of the loot I got in the last couple weeks. A package of bird greeting cards, some vintage wooden checkers, vintage embroidered dresser scarf, and an old bottleClose up of the cards, I thought they were all the same, but when I opened them up later I found they were all different birds. Nice! I plan on using all this in my altered art.Found all this in one plastic zip lock bag for 50 cents. Just a note , I usually do not pay over $1 for any thing I get to use in the altered art.Vintage Avon bottle, sweet angel. Got all these for $ 1 some had corks in them. That's it for now, thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings Donna

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Found a cache in the parking lot at this location. There is one further down in the sanctuary that I found when I first started. This is a new one just out not long ago. This place is really run down no one taking care of it. I never see anyone here. I see several Blue Herons flying over my house thu out the summer. I live between to large lakes. Man made lakes. The cache. I have been off line for a couple weeks due to the fact that I used up my 5,000 Verizon G-bites. Took me awhile but think I figured it out. I have been uploading more pic's than I used to. I have been doing altered art swaps on my other blog .
Any way now I have to play catch up. I had a yard sale today with the rest of the neighbors and did pretty good. I have found several cache in the last couple weeks that I will post about. Still want to take a road trip to Lake Erie before the end of the month. Well that's it for now thanks for looking and come back soon



Friday, July 22, 2011


Went here ......To get this....foot long hot dog. Now I really don't eat very many hot dogs, this is the first this year but I do like Eddie's foot longs. Looks like you cant see the dog, because it has the "works" on it. Eddie's is in the small north west PA town of Conneaut Lake, where my first business was located. A country gift shop. That's how I know about Eddie's and Hank's. Then down the road we went here.........Hank's
To get this...... chocolate frozen far as I am concerned the king of ice cream! Was so hot yesterday that it was melting running down my hand as I walked to the truck. Didn't take long to eat, you had to lick fast .... lol This is the first one I have had in a couple years.Then we went here .........And found this.....a cache. The cache located along a not much used road above I-79. The tree is on a big hill with interstane at the bottom. Cache was not down there. Was 97 here yesterday, I could not stay home with out A/C so we hoped in the truck and went on a road trip. Went to Conneaut Lake Pa. had some lunch, and found one cache. Conneaut Lake is the largest natural lake in PA. There is the small town, the lake and an amusement park. You can read about it here . Found the cache a few miles up the road, I looked for a couple more but DNF and did not look to long or hard because of the heat. Stopped by my son's to wish my grandson a happy birthday, he thinks he is old at the ripe age of 19 lol. I guess because it is his last year as a teenager. For some reason gas is cheaper in Meadville than it is in Greenville, like at least 20 cents sometimes more, and with the discount from a local grocery store you can get a good deal. So every time I got to son's house I get a fill up. While doing all this gas stuff, and going to son's we got in a huge traffic jam, they were paving road. We waited in traffic for 30 min. Then we headed back to Conneaut Lake to look for a virtual geocache. Found it and will post about it tomorrow. Have to email the owner with my answers then I can log it and post. Then we came home to a boiling hot house. Miserable all night, hard to sleep, sat on porch but that made Maggie nervous in the dark, but she would not stay in the house with out me, so I gave in. I have a fan in the bathroom facing out so that it will pull cool air in the bedroom window but there was no cool air to pull in. To be 94 today cant see that 4 degrees is going to make a big difference so , it will be same today. Enough of my moaning about the heat (might as well be in Florida) so I will sign off. Thanks for looking and come back soon

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Here are a few cigar boxes that I found at yard sales this summer. I think there are a couple more lol. I really need to get making something with them. Cheapest was 10 cents up to 50 centsI think I am queen of 50 cent items. Got this vintage crochet dress pot holder. I got a few more in red, enough to finish up decorating the kitchen in Florida. Beautiful embroidered dressers scarfs. Got them for 50 cents also. The are in excellent condition.Pretty posy'sMore Just check the temp 81 at 9:00 am, an hr ago it was 71. Today it suppose to get up to 97 that is pretty hot for NW Pa. It is so hot even Maggie doesn't want to do anything. To hot to do any geocaching but I am going to go out of town to see grandson on his BD today , so i might do one or two. Will see how it goes. At least I got A/C in the truck. When the heat breaks I am going to get something done on this house! I will wipe down the wood work in one of the bedrooms that I did get empty, then paint the woodwork, I will get this done ! Son will come back in soon and the few minor things done in the bathroom and that's that. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon and stay cool
Donna n Maggie

Sunday, July 17, 2011


This was the location of my # 300 found in 2 years. I started geocaching in July of 2010. This is an old iron bridge in Greenville that has been closed down for replacement. Who knows if that will ever happen. I have crossed this bridge many many times in my 66 years.The cache on the bridge, a magnet key holder. Looking over the bridge down into the river. Shallow now as we haven't had rain in a while, but I have seen this river flood the down town area. Another cache I found this morning. The hint was something about a bush. Yeah ...pick one. It took me awhile to find this one.The cache, for some reason I did not understand it was large, and was looking for something smaller. If I would have paid attention to the discrp, it would not have taken me so long. This cache is in a nice local park. This one in the same park, along one of the walking trails. The cache was not very far in along the trail, so I didn't get to see much of it or where it went or ended. Maggie was in the truck and I didn't want to leave her very long, even tho it was in the cool of the morning. Sometime before I got back to Fl I will take a walk along here. There are a few more caches in this park to find.This was the cache, easy find with a geopile of sticks.WEATHER in Greenville hot in 90's today.
I guess you could call this a mini 1/2 day trip of about 25 miles or so. I think when we live in one place all our lives, we don't think of the things we can see and do right in our own back yard. Like this park with its couple of walking trails. I think there is a small lake for fishing somewhere back in the wooded area. I can't take Maggie back in the woods, first off she hates the woods, and does not want to walk in them, she pulls against here leash when I try take her so I just stopped trying. And also I don't want flea's and ticks, even tho we use Frontline Plus.
I am going to be taking more mini day trips, even tho it makes me feel guilty not working on the house. But I am not going to do anything with it this year so I guess I got more time to do it. At least that's what I tell myself. Still no fridge , still living out of ice chest, not fun, would be ok if I were camping or something fun like that. Well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon
grammy n maggie :)