Monday, September 26, 2011


GOT THIS......

HERE........WELCOME CENTER We are now in Florida. Left late on Thurs. day morning about 8:30 hit rain as soon as we got on I-95. We were almost at the GA-FL border. So when we got to the stopped to wait out the rain.

Got our free cup of OJ and walked Maggie around and were on our way again. No sooner on 95 and it was raining. I did that all morning, sometimes I had to pull off could not see. So much for stopping along the way to take a look at Florida. Finally I go on US 1 so I could pull of anywhere and not wait till I came to an exit. So it took me all day to get to Melbourne.

I have had a few health issues so that's the delay in posting. I got another cold and was not feeling the best. Also my feet have been bothering me alot this summer and came to a head this last week while traveling. I had to find a Doctor and lucky I got in on Friday. Got a shot in the heel and it is now getting much better. Went to a festival down in old town yesterday with Pearl, I will post about that on my other blog. Today I scrubbed the cealing in the FL room so I can get my art/craft set up. Foot did not like the ladder so now I will rest it the rest of the day. It was so bad I could hardly walk. I have some caches we found along the way and will post about those this week. Thats all for now thanks for looking and come back soon

blessing Donna

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  1. I suppose your Dad will be planting tomoatoes again so I can be jealous in the middle of winter. :)

    Hope you foot improves.