Saturday, November 30, 2013


Got to Wickham Park …..
campground around noon…wanted to get there earlier but didn’t work out…visited with Miss Mermaid…and took a hike thru the woods…Florida woods not like northern woods…MM class C down this loop road you can see just the very front top on the other side of the white car ..way down there…It was a little cool with a breeze... sun was peaking in and out so was not to bad...Kind of nice for hiking ...
These pics were taken this morning after rain most to the night started  after 1 am…I did not sleep well so was in the know when it started.…no awing, chairs folded up, rain on table cloth…rain drops and nuts falling on roof…
Still raining this morning…this is the view out our window…hope it will clear up later…looks like it might looking at radar on weather bug…
Maggie waiting out the rain so she can go visit Harley Dog…yesterday there was some baring of teeth, snarling and attack mode going on…when some treats were given out and one was found lying about...they both wanted is ok with Maggie sharing..but treats is another thing…anyway no harm done…except to the mama’s…they were up set Smile Maggie really likes to go see Harley and MM but then when she gets there she likes to ignore Harley...much to his displeasure because he is only 3 years old and still in puppy mode and wants to play...
And the rest of the story….
We are done with breakfast and now waiting for no more rain drops to fall…Will go down the loop and see what MM is up to..I looked at the Geocaching map last night and seen there are a couple of caches close by…think I will try and find them …introduce MM to Geocaching if she is up to it…well as I type this it is getting brighter out (no sun yet) and the only falling water is from the live oak tree limbs that are hanging over us…so will go now and try and have some fun times at Wickham! Have a wonderful day and thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all G&M

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Happy Thanksgiving ….

from sunny Florida!!..Well some sun and clouds….My day will be cooking turkey, dressing, mashed tata’s, sweet tata’s, fresh cranberries, brussel sprouts, crescent pin wheels, and some pie…and I think I will finish up the wine I opened up at Silver Springs…if it is still good that is… it will be just me and dad …with lots of left overs!!! …some of this cooking was done yesterday…so I will have time for the Macy’s parade and my football games…007Maggie waiting for turkey!

Missing my…..

family this time of year…they are spread all over…mostly up north…this is a pic of me (on left) and my sister (on right) at my grandsons wedding …2011 …they had a booth set up and  take your pics…then you  leave a set of pics for them and take a set with you…really cool idea…no one in my family wants their pic on my blog …but my sis doesn’t mind so here we are … also missing my brother big time…Sad smileSad smileSad smile

009Donna and Nancy

A cloudy sun rise at the home park…pretty Florida pink…there are so much beauty in Florida..I had no idea…until I moved here…and the rivers are something else…I seen a pic on a blog the other day of the river in Rainbow  Springs…the water was so clear that the kayaks that were parked at the launch looked like the were floating on air…the Women RV girls are having a GTG there in March I hope to go…maybe I can get a pic like that to show you…



To family and friends….

Happy Thanksgiving !!!

Love from Grammy N Maggie


Monday, November 25, 2013


Out the front door….

at the Little Park…AKA Jimmy Moore Park…this little park holds base ball field , tennis courts, kiddy park with picnic, and this pond with fountain…it is kitty corner from WM and in a busy business area…this taken out the front door the other day in all that rain…and cant forget the bathrooms…one thing I like about all these wonderful parks tucked away all over the place…in business area, residential areas, along the water ways and causeways…and all very well maintained by Parks & Rec…truly amazing compared to where I come from PA…I just found 2 more not more than a mile form dads the other day…a lot of these parks I find while Geocaching…another plus for this great hobby! A lot of people come here for their lunch hr..most just sit in the car and eat…


I replaced this….

Air stick…


With this…

MiFi 4G both Verizon…So far I am happy with this speedy little device…but after reading on blogs and forum…I hope it performs well on the road…if I am reading right you can buy some kind of booster for it..???


And at the Camp Driveway…

We seem to spend a lot of time here…so far so good with the neighbors…Maggie and I have been sleeping in the rig…dad just keeps the house way to warm..Maggie is up panting and wanting water most of the night…and she keeps me awake running up and down the bed trying to find a cool spot…in the rig I can open the windows there is always a nice breeze blowing thru….dad put in all new windows in his house with no screens…no opening windows…Sad smile


And also who says you cant see wild life in Camp Driveway in the middle of the city!! This little guy parked himself under the steps yesterday..


Maggie was beside herself trying to get up close to him/her…here is a close up don’t know what kind he is…


The rest of the story…

Will be some what busy this week…dad is expecting some company to stop buy..don’t know when…I probably wont be here…as I am going to Wickham Park campground on Friday, Sat. leave on Sun….MM is over there and will see what she is up to…all for now thanks for looking and come back soon

blessings to all G&M

Saturday, November 23, 2013


This system ….
sat on top of us for 2 days…the little mam shows where I am….radar via my cell phone…love that weather bug…
This is what you saw for 2 full days and night…we got over 6in of rain…here we are sitting at a little park where Maggie and I use to come for lunch…first time we have been here in the rig…
And this is the trouble …..
that this this system caused …I think this was a problem at some point in time  before because of the two screws….I had not drove the rig for a day and when I went to the home park this rainy day I got out and walked around to open the door and seen what looked like someone had thrown coffee all over the door and fender…after looking around and up I seen “coffee” dripping from this area…and it was hanging down somewhat ….this does not look pretty and I am totally upset…standing in the rain  looking at this mess…ugh..Sad smileSad smileSad smile
I got back in the driver seat and continue to look out at the pouring rain and how it was coming down over the cab over…upon further looking and wondering…I see what looked like a gaping hole on the edge of the over hang and it looking like raging river of water was rushing into it…as seen in pic below…but when I checked it out later when the rain stopped .. it was just a thin crack in the caulk…
Sitting there watching it in the looked like to me that the water entered that crack and ran down the inside edge and soaked the wood underneath that strip that runs across the over cab…soaked so bad that it was full of water pushed the one screw out and pushed down the strip and let the discolored water run out…I think that there is no damage inside the rig…all contained in that area…
I took the rig to a local RV repair shop…they got up on the roof also and said right above the damaged area was a small crack in the caulking....could possibly be running down there…but the amount of water was small if any…What I would like to know…from your RV’ers out there …if you think my calculations might be right..and any ideas on repair idea is clean out caulking and redo..the repair man replace the screws for me and said that when he screwed them in that they “caught “ so there is undamaged wood to work with…so please comment and tell me what you think and would do….thanks for your help…blessings to all G&M..

Friday, November 22, 2013


I Went back ….
over to the beach the other day to check on the waves…they were not as high as the last time …but still impressive….gray cloudy sky…
Looking  up and down the beach it was very forlorn…no peeps out and about….
The wind was really whipping around the sand this pic reminded me of the snow in PA when the wind was blowing it all over and causing drifting … was really stinging my legs ..I had shorts on…needless to say I did not stay long…
And on the cause way going to the beach the intercostal water way was wiping up its own mess…they just finished putting down a cement/stone reinforcement barrier along this causeway  a few weeks ago…I wonder how often they have to do this….you cant tell but these waves were very impressive also…
And every blog needs….
a little nourishment this was my game day food last weekend…seen this chicken/spinach flat bread pizza type thing at WM …A Sam's Choice thing’…looked good to me so got one…onion rings a little A&W and was set for some football…dad did not like the flat bread thing …
Not much….
to the rest of the story…been raining here none stop what seems like forever… but only a couple days…I had to go get some comfort food yesterday (cheese cake)… Sad smile found a leak on the over cab area on the RV yesterday…it is not going inside the  that I could see..…seems to be located on the passengers side along the edge…I will post about it later going to try and fix it myself…we got about 5-6 in of rain in two days…Maggie and I sat in the rain  at a different little park yesterday … we use to go there and eat lunch when I had my truck and van…was not sure it was ok for the bigger rig …but it worked out ok…I just did not want to sit in the house all day …so we watched the water fowl and people come and go in the rain ..lot of work peeps come and spend their lunch break here…even in the rain…with not much traveling and or things going on not much to blog about so will end this now thanks for looking and come back soon blessings to all G&M

Sunday, November 17, 2013


My site at ….

mini GTG with Linda (linann) ..we did just an over night …I got a site and she just pulled her van in beside my rig…Most of the sites are very large and you can have two vehicles so we just shared a site…another nice thing about this campground is they don’t  mind if you come in to visit your camping friends….I can even take my rig there for a day visiting you just have to leave by 10pm…no problem for me I leave before dark..


Out to eat…

Sat night..Dustin’s BBQ..I have been wanting to go here for long time….


We both ended up getting the same thing Baby Back Ribs…cole slaw, corn & garlic bread…everything was really good and I think the best cole slaw I have ever eaten…I will go back…many times me thinks…or they have take out…..Winking smile Then we went back to my rig (couldn’t sit outside slight misty rain) had some wine and chatted up a storm…while Maggie played with her toys…007

Here is a site on the other side of where we were…nice shade tree (live oak) …you can see how big this site is….011

Our entertainment…

Sun. morning while we were sitting in the shade in front of my rig…these peeps that had the old Winnebago on the left (cream color) a new rig and we watch for a long while as they exchanged rigs.. …they had to pull the old one out of the spot you see new rig in…as it would not start…they used their truck and a chain…then they backed the new one in…I think they full time in it…they have been here for a long time…a young couple with a little boy..


And the rest of the story..

This mini GTG was just a good time get away for those that needed a get awaySmile When I pulled in on Sat morning… I happened to see a rig that look familiar two sites down  …then I see this little wild brown dog and knew it was MM’s (MissMermaid) dog Harley the Bark Ranger….( he is called that because she camp host at St. Parks and he is her helper)..a full time friend that winters here…met her at this campground last year about this time…I knew she was coming just not sure when…so now I can do GTG’s with her…I have been in a funk since Silver Springs…and just getting to a campground even for one night sure lifted my sprits..sooo now even better sprits …knowing that there is someone here in town that I know and can spend some time with…doing what I love the most…Camping!!!  Linda left about noon she had to drive about an hr to get home…I left about 1pm…I was thinking about staying another day to visit but wanted to watch my football games Steelers they won…but  I figured I would save that money for a stay  next week..All for now thanks for looking and come back soon

blessings to all G&M

Monday, November 11, 2013


We started here….

on Friday morning…wanted to check out the high waves again..but they seem to be not has high today…almost tho…I watched the waves for awhile to see how far on the beach they were coming up…I wanted to sit down and get a pic of them coming on shore straight at me …well I thought I was far enough up on the beach…NOT…soon as I sat down one wave come roaring up and got me…all most got my phone that was in my pocket…Maggie who was beside me  jumped straight up in the air and took off like a jet plane…this was just to funny…. but glad no one was around to take a pic of me…lol…nice thing about having your home on wheels with you ..can change out of wet clothes even shoes…and continue on with you day at the beach…or where ever your home takes you…


Later on we left …..

the beach and went over to Wickham Park…I had noticed the other day that they were setting up for some kind of festival…When we got there this is what we found…Native Rhythms Festival…


We saw this teepee…not sure what it was used for…no one was around it…


This booth had a verity of items..a lot of pottery…I could not tell if the booth owner made it or bought it some where…it looked handmade…but probably not by this person..just too much variety for one person to do it all… when I had my store there was a Native American store in the village …and she use to buy wholesale from Native Americas in the west…everything made by them…


There were a lot of booths with flutes and flute music and related items..…but the neatest ones I seen were these cute little oval shaped clay flutes …handmade…I think that 80% of the booths were flute related…sort of like the craft shows of today…mostly jewelry…


A couple of walking stick booths….again not sure if made by the booth owner…


This man was selling some very interesting baskets that he made…he had a nice set up..he had very nice baskets…so often at craft shows now days you see so much made in China…back in the day..when I first started doing shows…everything had to be made by the crafter/artist doing the  showing and selling…and at most you had to jury into the show…some where along the line in the mid 90’s I would say…things changed and a lot of made in China over took the shows…now days most of what you see is just that made in China…it got to the point most of the large good shows went down hill because of it…the real crafters and artist refused to compete with the China stuff… and stayed away from the shows…cause you couldn’t compete.. they sold it just so cheap..and some of the stuff I seen here…looks like the same thing is going on with this type of show …I use to be a store owner and know wholesale stuff when I see it…and being a craft/artist  I know the real thing…


And then….

was time for lunch…always wanted to try one of these..Indian Taco…mmm mmm good…taco fix’ins on fry bread …this fry bread was ok…but nothing like the fry bread I had when I visited NM when my first grandchild was born…my SIL was a teacher on the Navaho Reservation for several years…and when my grandson was born…I was on a jet plane out there to see him…so I did get to eat some authentic Navaho food….some day I hope to RV out west…some day Smile…anyway it was good and I ate it all…..!!!! was lunch and dinner… 


The rest of the story…

The rest of the afternoon we were serenaded by flute music ..different vendors were playing …they were only about 150 yard away…we stayed there for a couple hrs …then stopped for awhile at the home park…and then back to dads …it was just getting dark…about 6pm…hate that it gets dark so early…well that’s all for now thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all G&M

Saturday, November 9, 2013


Maggie and I took ….

a day trip to Wickham Park the other day…we had to park across the road from where we usually park…I was think about changing my parking spot anyway because I would have a view of a pond out my front door….


The reason we had to move is because of what you see in the pic below..they are putting up the lights for the drive thru at Christmas time…this is quite a nice light up show…


So this is the  view we now see sitting out side our door…the road you see in the back ground is the road to the campgrounds…we took a walk over there …stepped on some kind of ant hill did not know it until they started to bite got my shoes and socks off…and ended up with not too many bites….


And this is the view when we look to the right as we sit  and enjoy the park…you can also fish in this pond…haven't tried it yet..


And we also took…

a walk looking for this Geocache..found it easy enough …


but…getting the log out so we could sign it was another story…it is some kind of puzzle cache…so after a few min. of trying to get it out …I had one of those “aha” moments and figured out the puzzle…


More of the story…

When we took a walk around the  campground this day…there were a lot of empty sites…but it was the middle of the week so that might be why…since there were so many empty I took some pics of my favorite ones for when I do some more camping there…lot of space to maneuver your RV in at most any way you want…I like by front door away from the road…and you can do that with many of the sites ….well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon..blessings to all G&M