Friday, November 22, 2013


I Went back ….
over to the beach the other day to check on the waves…they were not as high as the last time …but still impressive….gray cloudy sky…
Looking  up and down the beach it was very forlorn…no peeps out and about….
The wind was really whipping around the sand this pic reminded me of the snow in PA when the wind was blowing it all over and causing drifting … was really stinging my legs ..I had shorts on…needless to say I did not stay long…
And on the cause way going to the beach the intercostal water way was wiping up its own mess…they just finished putting down a cement/stone reinforcement barrier along this causeway  a few weeks ago…I wonder how often they have to do this….you cant tell but these waves were very impressive also…
And every blog needs….
a little nourishment this was my game day food last weekend…seen this chicken/spinach flat bread pizza type thing at WM …A Sam's Choice thing’…looked good to me so got one…onion rings a little A&W and was set for some football…dad did not like the flat bread thing …
Not much….
to the rest of the story…been raining here none stop what seems like forever… but only a couple days…I had to go get some comfort food yesterday (cheese cake)… Sad smile found a leak on the over cab area on the RV yesterday…it is not going inside the  that I could see..…seems to be located on the passengers side along the edge…I will post about it later going to try and fix it myself…we got about 5-6 in of rain in two days…Maggie and I sat in the rain  at a different little park yesterday … we use to go there and eat lunch when I had my truck and van…was not sure it was ok for the bigger rig …but it worked out ok…I just did not want to sit in the house all day …so we watched the water fowl and people come and go in the rain ..lot of work peeps come and spend their lunch break here…even in the rain…with not much traveling and or things going on not much to blog about so will end this now thanks for looking and come back soon blessings to all G&M

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