Monday, November 25, 2013


Out the front door….

at the Little Park…AKA Jimmy Moore Park…this little park holds base ball field , tennis courts, kiddy park with picnic, and this pond with fountain…it is kitty corner from WM and in a busy business area…this taken out the front door the other day in all that rain…and cant forget the bathrooms…one thing I like about all these wonderful parks tucked away all over the place…in business area, residential areas, along the water ways and causeways…and all very well maintained by Parks & Rec…truly amazing compared to where I come from PA…I just found 2 more not more than a mile form dads the other day…a lot of these parks I find while Geocaching…another plus for this great hobby! A lot of people come here for their lunch hr..most just sit in the car and eat…


I replaced this….

Air stick…


With this…

MiFi 4G both Verizon…So far I am happy with this speedy little device…but after reading on blogs and forum…I hope it performs well on the road…if I am reading right you can buy some kind of booster for it..???


And at the Camp Driveway…

We seem to spend a lot of time here…so far so good with the neighbors…Maggie and I have been sleeping in the rig…dad just keeps the house way to warm..Maggie is up panting and wanting water most of the night…and she keeps me awake running up and down the bed trying to find a cool spot…in the rig I can open the windows there is always a nice breeze blowing thru….dad put in all new windows in his house with no screens…no opening windows…Sad smile


And also who says you cant see wild life in Camp Driveway in the middle of the city!! This little guy parked himself under the steps yesterday..


Maggie was beside herself trying to get up close to him/her…here is a close up don’t know what kind he is…


The rest of the story…

Will be some what busy this week…dad is expecting some company to stop buy..don’t know when…I probably wont be here…as I am going to Wickham Park campground on Friday, Sat. leave on Sun….MM is over there and will see what she is up to…all for now thanks for looking and come back soon

blessings to all G&M

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