Saturday, November 23, 2013


This system ….
sat on top of us for 2 days…the little mam shows where I am….radar via my cell phone…love that weather bug…
This is what you saw for 2 full days and night…we got over 6in of rain…here we are sitting at a little park where Maggie and I use to come for lunch…first time we have been here in the rig…
And this is the trouble …..
that this this system caused …I think this was a problem at some point in time  before because of the two screws….I had not drove the rig for a day and when I went to the home park this rainy day I got out and walked around to open the door and seen what looked like someone had thrown coffee all over the door and fender…after looking around and up I seen “coffee” dripping from this area…and it was hanging down somewhat ….this does not look pretty and I am totally upset…standing in the rain  looking at this mess…ugh..Sad smileSad smileSad smile
I got back in the driver seat and continue to look out at the pouring rain and how it was coming down over the cab over…upon further looking and wondering…I see what looked like a gaping hole on the edge of the over hang and it looking like raging river of water was rushing into it…as seen in pic below…but when I checked it out later when the rain stopped .. it was just a thin crack in the caulk…
Sitting there watching it in the looked like to me that the water entered that crack and ran down the inside edge and soaked the wood underneath that strip that runs across the over cab…soaked so bad that it was full of water pushed the one screw out and pushed down the strip and let the discolored water run out…I think that there is no damage inside the rig…all contained in that area…
I took the rig to a local RV repair shop…they got up on the roof also and said right above the damaged area was a small crack in the caulking....could possibly be running down there…but the amount of water was small if any…What I would like to know…from your RV’ers out there …if you think my calculations might be right..and any ideas on repair idea is clean out caulking and redo..the repair man replace the screws for me and said that when he screwed them in that they “caught “ so there is undamaged wood to work with…so please comment and tell me what you think and would do….thanks for your help…blessings to all G&M..


  1. From what I can tell from the pictures is that piece of trim was added to support the sagging outer skin. If the repairman said the screw dug into wood you should be good. If it happens again replace the screws with a larger diameter screws and even have some added to better support the trim. Road vibration is every RV's enemy whether it's a trailer or a motorhome you need to tighten the screws periodically. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Ugh! No help here. I've never had that happen.