Thursday, November 22, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Went to the park yesterday the first I have had MySweetDream out. My temp tags ran out and nothing from the state of Florida. So I called LaMesa and the send me another temp. Seen this guy floating around...looked like floating but the noise it was making it wasn't. There was a read led banner running underneath the GoodYear...but could not read what it said.

 And then this 4 of them today..this guy I could have reached down and touched him...but you don't want to do that...they are protected and you can get in big trouble...his eyes were looking right at he was munching on the grass along the was high tide and they can reach the grass at that time.
I tried to get a pic so you can see just how big these guys are.. was a little hard with my cheapo camera. The 4 I seen today were new...usually I see the mom and her baby ...some other people there said they seen them earlier...maybe the big boys chased them away. Right click on the pic and then open and see them up close like it did.

And look at this sweet thing with the big ears. She was about 6 weeks old. At my dd house.
Making Thanksgiving diner...Was not going to cook this year..but dads friends gave him a small 10 lbs. turkey.. so did sweets, yesterday, cranberries this am...just finished the dressing and turkey is in ...that's it until we eat then I will make mashed tata's....I always enjoyed watching the Macy's parade ....but really could do with out all the singing and dancing....please just get on with the good kids are in different places...dd has a craft show this weekend in Ocean City they took their TT and spent the week ...getting drift wood and sea shells...she sculpts then and paints old time father Christmas faces on them...son and family is at home in PA as is my sister...that's about it for family,..I really do not like being so far away :(  I hear a band playing on tv maybe its time for the parade....And that's about all I will be doing today. Sunny and in low 70's today so that's has been very gray and cloudy for awhile. And cool.
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

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Saturday, November 17, 2012


Woke up to rain this am...not wanting that until after Monday when I will be getting a leak on MySweetDream's roof caulked....I thought I might have caused it ..but I braved it dads big ladder out and climbed up and took a look.
(I'm afraid of high places) after looking it over I seen old cracks in the old caulking so that's what it was...not my contact with a limb. It was just a slight drag on the edge of the roof..not enough to do any thing to it. If I could get on the roof I would do this myself and save the $$$. Not cheap getting this done! I just hope this RV is not to big...this has been praying on my mind....I will not be towing anything wondering how I will be getting around to do the tourist thing when traveling and camping...this I think is too big to take in some small quaint towns that I like to check out.

Did a load of laundry so just waiting around for dad to call...he broke his collar bone sometime in the last couple days..he dose not know how...and it developed a huge hematoma on it over night. So after much persuasion he went to the ER and they kept him to keep and eye on it. He is thinking when rolling over in bed he did the break.

I was going to check out an RV show over at the Melbourne mall today but woke up to rain. Just now the sun is peaking out a little maybe not a total loss today. Wouldn't mind a few yard sales. Have not been going like I did before 1. I want to save money and 2 you can's yard sale in a 29 ft RV. lol Just a few odd pic's today that have been hanging around on my puter. The one above was out my window one day at the park...had my own private bench under a shade tree. The pic below...sweet butter fly ears. For those that don't know Papillon in french is butterfly...

So taking my cue from Judy....The End...
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blessings G&M

Monday, November 12, 2012


110212162220At the home park yesterday we had a great sighting ! A manatee mom and baby! Finally something exciting to blog about.
110212165158It took me forever to get these pic’s. You can not see them both in either of these pic’s but they are there. They were eating the leaves off this tree that was hanging down in the water.This is the second time I have seen these two, the first time they were playing around out further and I could not get any pic’s as they were only showing their backs. I watched them for about 30 min then they wondered off. It really worries me now that I know they are there and the boats that don’t follow the rules. Your are only suppose to have your boat motor on idle when in this part of the intercostal water way. And believe me not everyone follows those rules.
013And then at the beach the other day I saw this little fellow. Not so little as hermit crabs go. He had a beautiful large beach house. lol. He was pretty big…as was his house. It was hard to get him out of it for a pic.
Had a bad day today but getting over it…I wonder sometimes how much I should give on this blog…the bad with the good???
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blessings G&M

Thursday, November 8, 2012


003This is the over cab area with the TV, entertainment  and storage. 002The original TV was replaced with this flat  screen. It does not fit perfect in the hole, and is bolted down as you can see with the pic below. Pic’s not the best but you can see. 001This over cab area is where I was telling you all about all the squeaky stuff is going on. I think most of it might be from taking out the old TV. I was glad to hear the most class C rv’s are noisy. I can put up with the noise, as long as I know everything is ok. I did put some rubber padding from dollar store under few things like stove and oven , that was making noise. But I don’t really think I can do anything about this area. Please feel free to comment and leave input and ideas.

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blessings G&M

Sunday, November 4, 2012


005Todays post is a few more things at the beach. Look at that beautiful calm blue sea. It was low tide when this was taken. I love going to the beach but it makes me tired lol.
004Here is MySweetDream  (name of rig) parked at the dog beach. I was afraid to try the tight parking log at first , but now I am ok with it. As time goes by I get a little more brave in driving and also with working on the different systems in the rig. Can ;now use the genny and know about the house battery.003This was the view out my dining window that day. Looking across hwy. A1A into WM and McD’s parking lot. Not the best view but at least it has palm trees!  002The up pulls a sheriff car. At first I thought I might be in trouble for parking here but then along came another one and they sat there for over an hr. talking. It must have been their lunch break or something. 007Took a walk down this beach access the other day.008And ran into this. Some Sandy hurricane damage.
Yesterday we spent the whole day and our home park. Man there were a ton of people there, we got there just in time to get a nice place to park next to the water. I will post about that day next time. I am still a little nervous about the workings of the rig and what to do. I named her MySweetDream, cause that is what she is my dream of many years. I guess I will be on the look out for a small compressor that is used for airing up the rig tires. I seen on line that this is what most rv peeps do. One of many many things that I still need to learn about. Talked to my son about the hse battery and electric  things, and he was a big help. Thanks son Smile!
This morning we went out for breakfast at McD’s first time in a long time. Then went to WM and the $ store, and then to The Old Time Pottery. I seen a ton of thing that I would like to get for use in the rig but I am going to wait for awhile yet. Staying at the house the rest of the day and watch the Steelers win later on!!!!!
All for now thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings G&M

Friday, November 2, 2012



Look at those dunes how they are shaved off. The use to come out about 5 feet more and taper down to the sandy beach. Sandy did this.
2012-11-01_10-19-49_54So this is my beach combing for sea shells. Used one of those scoops that people use for getting the sand fleas, to use as fishing bait. Got mine at a yard sale for $2.00 . Cheapest I have seen them was $25.00 at WM. I got about 50 lbs. of shells to day for my DD. She makes the coolest thing with them. I will ask her if its ok to post some pic’s on my blog so you all can see. 2012-11-01_12-43-21_987Now this is the way to go to the beach! I had a chair with me today trying to make a little shade for Maggie but she would not stay put. Talked to a man with a metal detector , ask if he found anything said not yet today, he just got here, but yesterday he found an emerald  ring with diamonds and a platinum ring and a few gold chains. Now that is what I should be beach combing for! After 2 days at the beach I am tired out.
Well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


2012-10-31_12-02-59_128Wow even though the hurricane was around 200 miles away from us out to sea, the beach erosion was really bad. I would hate to see if it was closer or made land fall here. 2012-10-31_12-24-44_683The dunes that you see at the far left of the pic, is what's left of them. The were clear out to the end of the steps, and the steps are about 5 feet under sand. They were much longer then they are now.
2012-10-31_12-00-47_636Sandy brought in sand and took away sand. The rock formations were not here before, you could not see them. I am amazed at what I am seeing at the beach.2012-10-31_11-58-58_295And shells, it is shell heaven here right now, all up and down the beach is looks like this. In some places it is 4 in. deep in shells. I went out for a walk and got some for my dd to paint here Santa's on. I think I will come back tomorrow with my scooper and get some to make a few crafty things. I was going to try the generator again today but was having to much fun on the beach so just at my lunch cold and went on with beachy things. Talked to a man that was cracking open large clams. He uses them for fishing bait. Salts them down in fridge over nite and that keeps them hard so they don’t fall of hook. Learn something new everyday. I will be coming back here on Thurs. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings G&M