Saturday, November 17, 2012

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Saturday, November 17, 2012


Woke up to rain this am...not wanting that until after Monday when I will be getting a leak on MySweetDream's roof caulked....I thought I might have caused it ..but I braved it dads big ladder out and climbed up and took a look.
(I'm afraid of high places) after looking it over I seen old cracks in the old caulking so that's what it was...not my contact with a limb. It was just a slight drag on the edge of the roof..not enough to do any thing to it. If I could get on the roof I would do this myself and save the $$$. Not cheap getting this done! I just hope this RV is not to big...this has been praying on my mind....I will not be towing anything wondering how I will be getting around to do the tourist thing when traveling and camping...this I think is too big to take in some small quaint towns that I like to check out.

Did a load of laundry so just waiting around for dad to call...he broke his collar bone sometime in the last couple days..he dose not know how...and it developed a huge hematoma on it over night. So after much persuasion he went to the ER and they kept him to keep and eye on it. He is thinking when rolling over in bed he did the break.

I was going to check out an RV show over at the Melbourne mall today but woke up to rain. Just now the sun is peaking out a little maybe not a total loss today. Wouldn't mind a few yard sales. Have not been going like I did before 1. I want to save money and 2 you can's yard sale in a 29 ft RV. lol Just a few odd pic's today that have been hanging around on my puter. The one above was out my window one day at the park...had my own private bench under a shade tree. The pic below...sweet butter fly ears. For those that don't know Papillon in french is butterfly...

So taking my cue from Judy....The End...
thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings G&M

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