Monday, November 12, 2012


110212162220At the home park yesterday we had a great sighting ! A manatee mom and baby! Finally something exciting to blog about.
110212165158It took me forever to get these pic’s. You can not see them both in either of these pic’s but they are there. They were eating the leaves off this tree that was hanging down in the water.This is the second time I have seen these two, the first time they were playing around out further and I could not get any pic’s as they were only showing their backs. I watched them for about 30 min then they wondered off. It really worries me now that I know they are there and the boats that don’t follow the rules. Your are only suppose to have your boat motor on idle when in this part of the intercostal water way. And believe me not everyone follows those rules.
013And then at the beach the other day I saw this little fellow. Not so little as hermit crabs go. He had a beautiful large beach house. lol. He was pretty big…as was his house. It was hard to get him out of it for a pic.
Had a bad day today but getting over it…I wonder sometimes how much I should give on this blog…the bad with the good???
thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings G&M


  1. How cool about the manatees. It's been a long long long time since I've seen even one.

    I've found the blogging community quite supportive when I'm having trying times. :)

  2. I have pretty much 'hung out there' with illness and weight loss, surgery, what have you. People are very understanding and helpful, always have a positive word to say, it is really gratifying for us 'singles' out there that need a sounding board. Take Care, Bless You and yours.
    How cool to see Manatee!!!!

  3. Thanks girls, I just now am finding out how supportive the bloging world is...I joined RVwomen
    and its a great place to be at this time of my life.
    even if some family thinks I am nuts, going to get mugged or worse...guess its a generation thing,..I dont think like that...anyway thanks for your kind and caring words,,

  4. How wonderful to see the manatees. Hang in there; life will get better.