Thursday, July 26, 2012


A memorial post for my brother Albert I Reinhart Jr. We unexpectedly lost a wonder man and member of our family. Rest In Peace baby brother. I miss you so very much !

I will be back to blogging soon : ... )

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


This past weekend our town had a small festival, Heritage Days. It was held at our local park Riverside Park. This was a vintage trolley that took you on a tour of the festivities and the park. I think they rented it from some other town.
This was also making the rounds of the park not sure if you could ride it or just look at it. It was a cool looking thing.

Also there was a few of these around. They blocked off main street and held a car show there. It was too hot for me, and I did not walk around to see any cars.

Seen these guys making apple butter there, they also were selling it. I didn't buy any. The only thing I got was a bbq chicken breast, and took it home to eat. Was just toooooo hot.
Had some re-inactors there also , these guys were shooting and the women were watching. Noisy sounded like canon fire.
This was their camp, I must say this town tries to do a few things, but just cant seem to get it together. The had some artist there, but they were so far apart and not grouped together so you could see them with out walking all over the park. And it was just too hot for that, My neighbor was there spinning but I never could find her, and there was not that many vendors there. Well at least they try which is more than they use to do.
Got one bedroom done and working on the next. But last two days been to hot for exerting much energy, so not doing much.I have no A/C!
Check out my other blog to see what crafty things I have going on, I can sit with fan on me and do this stuff. Even Maggie is hot and doesn't want to play with her toys. I think next week we will take a camping trip for a couple days to one of the local state park campgrounds. We have 2 with in 10 miles of home. Son got my two seats out of the van, and i showed him how and where I wanted the bed plat form made. Might not get the done before next week but can at least use the memory  foam on the floor for a bed. Then in Aug my daughter is doing the Corn Fest show in Shippinsburgh PA and I want to go, camp out and see the show. So I want to have a test camp before then. Son also got my mail slot in the door, and he brought is lawn mower in and I mowed the lawn. The first time since I have been home, no rain here so not much growing,
Today will be a sit in front of fan and do some crafting. I have weather bug on my phone and it has been hotter here than in Melbourne. Go figure.
Well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Wow could not believe my luck today at yard sales! Since I got my van I now have been looking and watching in ernest for any camping needs. And today was the day!. I got this Coleman powerchill cooler on my first stop. You can use it on 12 volt cigarette lighter while driving then plug in to electric when getting to camp ground. I have priced these at about 130 to 150,00 I paid 35.00 for it. The reviews are all excellent and think I got a great deal. It is just like new. lady told me they only used it 3 times and then no longer went camping. Any way I am a happy camper lol.

Look how clean and new it is. Even the box is new looking and undamaged.

And I have been looking for a camp chair that will fold  pretty flat and be sturdy at the same time. Low and behold on my second stop today I found this great like new folding canvas camp chair. Canvas is in great shape not torn or rotted. Just what I have been looking for. Then on my next stop I found a memory form matrice queen size. I know the people and it is nice and clean. (or I would not have bought it) I did not take a pic yet but will when I get ready to install my bed in The Savana. Things are looking up for the rv/camping travels.

And this is not a sight you see every day in town. At least not on my street, at wal mart and such places around here you do, in fact they have a horse barn at wall mart for parking horse and buggy. This was at 7am guess he is going to beat the rush at wal mart, I only live a mile away. He must be taking a short cut.
Working on house: got the blue bedroom done! Scrubbed, cleaned new curtains and painted woodwork. Looks good and makes me feel good that I got it done. Started on the small bedroom. I will post some pic's soon. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Here are a few pic's of my grandson's wedding. My family does not want their pic's on my blog so I will just show you the beautiful reception pic's. The colors were apple blossom colors , pink and green. It was so neat how they made even the lighting pink and green. This is the bride and groom table. Please right click to open these to large and see how beautiful the detail is on all the pic's  

This is what each table looked like. Do right click and and see detail.

This is my place setting. The favors my daughter made. They are tissue paper apple blossoms with a small box as the base filled with flower seeds. They also made and printed out the tag. Thank you for joining our special day Dustin & Jackie on one side and the other a John Lennon saying "Love is a flower; you've got let it grow"." Plant the seeds and flowers will grow." The little green apple you picked up at the entrance and it had your name and table # on it. The apple was wax candle.

This was the center piece for each table. I was given the one at our table. They were in tall crystal vase so that you could see each other across the table.When the dancing started, lights were dimmed and on the dance floor, they had lighting that had Dustin and Jackie with a few flourishes the fallowed them around the dance floor. Was so cool. I had a great time, ended up waring a dress that belonged to my daughter. Saved a bunch of money. lol
I have started working on the house again. So guess I will be showing you progress on that. Still hoping to get a camping trip in soon. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon!
blessings G&M

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Grammy the birthday girl fishing.

Son fishing.

 We LOL at this fish son caught. It was just a little bigger than the minnow he was using for bait.
Maggie fishing :)
This was a little bigger lol, and was the biggest catch of the day. All fish were put back in the lake. I did not even get a bite let alone a fish. I picked him up at 8 am we fished several different places. Had a small lunch I packed. I got home at 4 pm. It was a long but fun day. We fished at I live only about 10 miles away. go to the site and check it out. I think I will be camping there this summer soon as I get The Savana fixed up. I have not been able to post much because of those pesky life happenings. Some good and some not so good. :(    But I have been taking pic's and have some future post lined up. One great happening was my Grandson's wedding. So I will be posting about that also.
Today is the 4th no special plans but I did have an outing and will post about it also. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.