Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Here are a few pic's of my grandson's wedding. My family does not want their pic's on my blog so I will just show you the beautiful reception pic's. The colors were apple blossom colors , pink and green. It was so neat how they made even the lighting pink and green. This is the bride and groom table. Please right click to open these to large and see how beautiful the detail is on all the pic's  

This is what each table looked like. Do right click and and see detail.

This is my place setting. The favors my daughter made. They are tissue paper apple blossoms with a small box as the base filled with flower seeds. They also made and printed out the tag. Thank you for joining our special day Dustin & Jackie on one side and the other a John Lennon saying "Love is a flower; you've got let it grow"." Plant the seeds and flowers will grow." The little green apple you picked up at the entrance and it had your name and table # on it. The apple was wax candle.

This was the center piece for each table. I was given the one at our table. They were in tall crystal vase so that you could see each other across the table.When the dancing started, lights were dimmed and on the dance floor, they had lighting that had Dustin and Jackie with a few flourishes the fallowed them around the dance floor. Was so cool. I had a great time, ended up waring a dress that belonged to my daughter. Saved a bunch of money. lol
I have started working on the house again. So guess I will be showing you progress on that. Still hoping to get a camping trip in soon. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon!
blessings G&M

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