Tuesday, February 15, 2011


HERB GARDEN....I forgot to take a before pic so I got one after I put down the landscape cloth and had just started to put the mulch down. Basil is on the left and on right thyme and rosemary.
I am looking for a few other things to put in now that the frost is over. I really want some chives and cant find any. They have onion chives here but no regular chives.
MULCH DONE..........Needing more herbs here. I want to hang some hooks on that old orange tree stump...and put more bird houses on them . Just to decorate not for use.

FOUND A CACHE...............Went caching with some new caching buddies I met a few weeks ago. We went to a large local park and cached all day and had a picnic . Maggie went along this time...and was a good girl....they are going to bring their little dog next time.

FOUND ANOTHER CACHE.......Here is her DH holding up a very unique girly cache! I guess the girl that hid it is 16 ...she had it all decked out with jewels.....was very cool.. lol

AND ANOTHER..........this was another unique cache we found that day.

GRAMMYNMAGGIE WITH NEW CACHE BUDDIE WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FL.......A great day about 72 and sunshine all day.
I am back at this blog site....it just was not working out only doing the one blog. So this will be the what we are doing blog and caching....the other will be art/vintage blog. The last few days dad and I have been doing some yard work / landscaping. Pulling up weeds, putting down landscape cloth and the pine bark nuggets. We put down 48 bags! Now that part is done I would like to do some planting. I will post pic soon of our work.
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