Sunday, January 31, 2010



Here is the cache we found today it is with in a couple miles of dad's house, in a little know park.
The park is very small trees a couple benches and some old stones telling of founding fathers of Melbourne. It was pretty easy to find and the hiding place is in the pic with sign. We put in a traveling geocoin from the fifth grade class at Eastside Elementary School in Greenville Pa. They are doing geocaching as a school techno project and tracking it. I hope they are excited that it traveled all the way to FL. I can't wait to see where it goes ! The do such fun things in school these days nothing at all like when Grammy went to school !
The frosted and turned brown leaves of the grape tree is in the other pic. They are just a few houses up from dad's they are suppose to be green! It is really unbelievable how the frost got to the foliage down here, brown palm trees are not pretty. Some of them look so bad that I doubt they will recover.
We went to a couple yard sales yesterday and it got 2 small beds side type stands to paint. Dad says hey we are suppose to be selling yard sale stuff not buying! oh well what can I say. lol
I' m loving it here in the sunshine state. I don't want to go back the cold PA. even in April it will be to cold for me now.
Don't know what tomorrow will bring stay tuned and find out! All for now.
Happy Caching

Wednesday, January 27, 2010



LOOKING FOR FISH WEATHER: Mostly in the high sixty area, sunny and wind. Should be 80 on Fri.
Here are a few things we were looking at in the park yesterday. I wonder where the gator's are?
I would like to see a few. The other sign is for the manatee's this area is usually full of them, the come to the warm water to feed. But after the freezing weather in Fl they went up in the canals for the warm water, the wild life people were glad, as they could then count them, last I heard the had counted over 5,000 ! Pretty neat I thought, and they had pic's in the paper of them in the canals.
The other pic is of a guy (he must be close by) he brings his boat via a lawn mower.
The other day dad said the robins will be here soon, I didn't ask questions just thought it was just some birds. Well on Mon. morning there were hundreds and hundreds of robins around here.
Flying and cheeping away. All day and evening they were here, then yesterday they were all gone, guess this is a stop over on their way north, was very interesting to see, knowing where they were headed. I never in countered a migration like that before.
Don't know what tomorrow will bring stay tuned and find out.
Happy Caching

Sunday, January 24, 2010



WEATHER: 76 today with clouds and sunshine, one small rain shower but sun came right back.
Maggie and I ate breakfast and went for our walk to the park. Guess that will be our morning walk. Lot of people out in the park early, being Sunday was busy place. Talked to a kid from Ohio asking about fishing what kind of bait he was using and what does one catch around this area. He was very helpful, shrimp and small fish are used as bait, he also said I could use lures and plugs because on of the fish called snook is like a bass only much larger. Dad fixed a Sunday dinner oven baked chick, mashed tata's stuffing (stove top) carrots. Tomorrow I will be taking over the cooking duty. Since the Steelers are not playing I was not interested football , so Maggie and I went caching, she needed a "ride in the truck fix anyway" we only found one out of three.
Name of it Logan Sith. It was near two ponds in a small park, where they play baseball. It took me about 15 min to find this one a large amo box filled with goodies. I also was able to drop off Lil
Maracas Travel Bug so she could shake, rattle and roll all over FL. I was glad to be able to find a cache big enough to leave her. The only interesting thing that happened was the whole time were looking a police car sat and watched us. If you click and in large the third pic you can see him sitting back there with his lights on. He left when we did. After that we road around getting to know the area and stopped and got Choco/peanut butter ice cream....I think I am hooked on it. Had another nice day in FL.
Don't know what the day will bring tomorrow stay tuned and find out.
Thanks for stopping by and happy caching

Saturday, January 23, 2010



WEATHER: 70 with slight breeze, mostly sunny few clouds.
Yesterday morning we had bad storms with tornado warnings and one touched down just north of us. Later in morning the sun came out and was beautiful again!
Maggie and I up early, went for our walk to Ballard Park, as you can see Maggie had a great time chasing squirrels, and try as she might could not catch those long legged birds. And she had a ball rolling around in the grass! I went out alone this afternoon just looking around to see if I could get lost. lol I didn't! Stopped at two yard sales got a set of 1950's measuring spoons I paint up to make Christmas ornaments. Had to ask how they advertised down here for the yard sales as I have not seen them in the local papers at all. Lady told me they all advertise them on Craig's List, they don't bother with the papers. So I guess that's what we will do. I also looked for three cache's and found one, called The Trashy Hide. I posted the pic's the white wall is hiding a trash bin. It was a small pill bottle with only a log. Since it is Sat. no mugglers at all. One of the other ones took me to a area with trees and brush just off the highway in town, but I didn't have my new walking stick I made to flush out any critters or gator's so I did not look for that one too hard.
Then I went looking for some shopping stops, plenty of them that's for sure , I stopped a place I had seen while driving with dad on one of his short cut trips to wall mart. Dad always takes short cuts I found out, and just makes me lost. Anyway stopped at a place called The Old Pottery, what a great store it has everything in it. I will be going back there. Went to Dollar Store and got some soap and a word find book and that was it. Had some fun and spent little.
Just took a break from here took Maggie for a walk before it gets dark I love to look at the houses down here they are so different than PA. Thats all for now
Happy Caching

Thursday, January 21, 2010


CHILL 'IN SANDMAN Snowmen up north and sandmen down south, this is a chill'n sandman my DD made on the beach the other day. Kinda cute so I took pic, click on it to in large. No geocaching today, Dad said your front tire looks a little low. Well wouldn't ya know I had a nail in it! So that was the project for the day. Thankfully they were able to repair it and not to much of a cost. So worked on pricing more yard sale stuff and took a couple walks with Maggie. Shorts and Tshirt. I am having a problem wrapping my mind around the fact that it is Jan and the sun is shining and it is in the 70's some times 80's! I think I have all most forgot the snow. lol. Not quite. Did I say that I love being in Florida?
Family: What do you put on your blog?? I read lots of blogs on a regular basis, full time RV'ing I read a lot of those and some geocaching. Most of them talk about where they are ,what they are doing ,how they got to what they are doing, and all most all of them talk about family. So much so that after a time of steady reading you get to feel you know them as friends, and thur email, and blogging communication you do become cyber friends, thru the years I have met some of my cyber friends in person. What I am getting at here is that sometimes family members don't want to be on your blog, some don't some say ok, but this time I have one close family member that is having some health issues , triple by pass surg , and I would like to ask my cyber friends to say a prayer or two for him, I did not ask if it was ok, I am just doing it! So thanks to all for your prayers.
That's about all for today.
Happy Caching

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


GEOCACH BALARD PARK Me n Maggie up at 7am , oats for breakfast, I am back on oats, grandpa had to go to doc this morning so mags and I went on our walk to Ballard Park near his home. About 1/2 mi. We went looking for the geocache hid there. Took Mrs. Garmin-Geea (GPS) but really didn't need her after looking at the google map. Found it in short order signed the log no room for any of my TB's. See the no trespassing sign in the geocache pic, It is the only sign on that strip behind the tree line, I think cachers might of went a little to far past the tree looking, it's the only sign in the area. It looks out of place being all alone out there. Like a magnet to the cache.
The bridge you see in the first pic is a bridge that crosses the Indian River, to a strip of land called beach side, because on the other side of land strip is the Atlantic ocean. I am looking at the bridge from Ballard Park, and on the bridge are a few caches. You can walk across as well as drive, I will not be looking for the caches on the bridge itself, only on the area leading up to the bridge, where they have boat launches and fishing areas. I do not like high places! Grandpa worked on some yard stuff, and I continue to price items for his yard sale. After dinner Maggie and I went for Choc-peanut butter ice cream. Grandpa got TV in my room turned on today, good idea since all he watches is sports! Tonite blogging and playing a new game I found on the internet Bejeweled, lot of mindless fun. All for now>
Happy Caching

Monday, January 18, 2010



Weather: 80 sunshine windy and beautiful
Went for one cache DNF ....will continue looking for that I got the lay of the land down pat. DD and SIL and Grammy went to the beach yesterday morning. It wasn't a dog allowed beach so Maggie had to stay at home. I plan on finding a beach so she can go with me sometimes.
We were looking for sea shells for my DD. The waves don't look it , but they were about 5-6 ft. beautiful, I really love the beach. Starting this week I am going to go walking on the beach early in the morning, Dad only lives 2 mile from the ocean. We didn't do much the kids got packed up as they were leaving Monday morning. Got a pizza and watched the football game. Dad picked the tangerines off his tree for the kids to take home. He had grapefruit, orange and tangerine trees, and a few yrs ago one of those big hurricanes went thru and got them all but one tangerine tree, and its not in the greatest shape forgot to take pic, he has a neet picker to get them off the tree.
Thats all for now
Happy Caching

Sunday, January 17, 2010


CACHE CONTAINERS I am getting a little bit behind on posting , think I will change time of day, as I get to tired at nite.
Yesterday we went shopping and I found these soup containers at WM on sale for $3, and thought they would make good cache hiding containers, they are heavy plastic type material and have a screw lid.
We also went the super flea market in Melbourne, I am looking for a place to set up to sell. I don't think this one is it, to many $$$ . Then last evening we went to all you can eat seafood buffet that included crab legs. Mmmmm good ate till we were stuffed. Of course I forgot camera most of the time. Oh forgot went to an estate sale right by dads house, seen some neat flamingo plates went back to get my $$ but they were gone when I went back. No gat0rs yet Cam :)!
All for now.
Happy Caching

Thursday, January 14, 2010



Didn't get to go caching again today, but tonite while posting I have planned out some very close caches I might try tomorow. It is acros a major highway or I would just take a long walk and get one of them. G-s0n and GF left today, DD took them to Orlando, to vist Universal Studios before the get plan at 7:30 pm. At arond 8 pm she will pick up her DH at same airport and then head back here. Today Dad and I went to a few stores and then WM. Came home he worked on his garden some and I scrubed the chairs for the front porch and hosed it down. Fixed left overs for
supper and now on the net. Pic's for family to check out. Don't know what the day will be tomorow stay tuned and find out.
Sunshine and 66 today.
Happy Caching

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We made it to Florida late Sunday afternoon, long 2 days of driving. It is cool but sunny and getting warmer every day. Posted a pic of Dad's tomato tents he had to cover them becasue of frost every night. We will take them off today as no more frost is predicted. He had garden fresh tomato's waiting for use he knows how much I love them. Yesterday I made the decisson I havebeen mulling over for some time now and that is to get a Verison air card. So I went yesterday to Verizon store and got one. I took my computer with me so they could install it and show me about it. The nice young man that waited on me was very patient with my slow computer, and was concered that I would be unhappy with it because of the slowness, but I knew it would be somewhat slow and I am happy with it. Not as slow now (about same as my dsl) as it was in the store Anyway Chris the nice young man seen the icons on my desk top and said Oh you are geocacher? He caches also. Cool I met a geocacher all ready!! I have not had a chance to look for any caches yet, as soon as the rest of my family leave for home I will be doing more, and alos as soon as I figure out the lay of the land and don't get lost. There is one in a small park about 1/2 mile form my dad's home. All for now we are all going out to lunch. For those up in snowy PA.
keep warm....I am
Happy Caching

Saturday, January 9, 2010

No pic's today, we made it good time today stopped at Columbia SC had great travel weather sunshine and cloudless sky, but a little chilly still not like in PA when I left. Got free wifi here so I can post tonite but not sure when next will be as my dad doesn't have Internet. When I called him he said it rained all day and the high in Melbourne was only 35 brrrrrrrrrrr. Got to run now more later.
Happy Caching

Friday, January 8, 2010


Second post, forgot this, you see the state map on my side bar to the right, I found this on the net but lost the link to it and can not find it even with google search, (dont know what to call it) any whoo anyone that has a link to this type of map could you please post a link for me. thanks.

CACHING : Got to do some caching today even tho it was very cold with the wind blowing. Also woke up to an inch of snow! (no pic's) lol. First pic is a typical parking lot cache at the Pet Store, easy C&D not many mugglers out and about today. Second one I went looking for the Camping World store and could not find it....but did find the next cache you can eat and read all about it at Shoneys.
The third one (no pic's ) another parking lot C&D at Costco I tried this one yesterday afternoon with no luck, this store is a very busy one, so got it this AM when going to Dunkin Donuts to get coffee.
TRAVEL: On our way in the morning to Florida!! Weather should be good. Will take two days. I don't know when I will be posting hope the motel will have wifi, not sure as we have to go with who ever takes the puppy doggies. Just keep checking back.
Happy Caching

Thursday, January 7, 2010



MORE HANCOCK CACHE Wow what a difference a mountain makes, from home to the Allegheny mountain tunnel on the PA turnpike, the road was a mess, so bad I could not get a pic to show you. Snowy cloudy a mess, then went thru the tunnel and on the other side there were peaks of blue sky you can see in first pic and dry road, from there the rest of the way to dd home. So with good weather we stopped in Breezewood, for a break. Then on down the road to Hancock MD to our first out of state cache. This was a fairly easy cache you can see the pic's above I took a TB and left a TB. Nice cache lots of goodies. The red M&M is the travel bug. The only exciting thing about this cache was that a policeman sat in his car about 50 feet away and watched me the whole time. But didn't bother me. Took about 6 hrs to get to DD home about 45 min longer than usual.
It is very cold here but not snowing!!!! Our plan is to leave here on Sat. morning for Fl I will try and do a few caches today look for updates tomorrow. By the way sitting here in living room typing this with sunshine streaming thru the window...haven't seen that in long time...makes us happy!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


RODDY BUSH This is the last snow pic I will post this winter...unless it is snowing in Florida!! This is a pic of a giant rhododendron bush in my yard, in the spring it is one huge pink ball. I will post a pic of it then. I will be leaving in the morning first stop VA at my DD home. I hope I can do a few caches along the way so I can add some more states to my map, I don't mind the cold to cache in but snow makes it hard to find them. If I can't get them now I will try on my way back in March. So stay tuned for the travel'in fun.
Happy Caching

Monday, January 4, 2010




AND MORE SNOW Well I am still sitting here at home snowed in for the most part and beginning to think I live in Alaska. I am not a full time RV'er yet but I am living by some of the "rules" that they live they say plans made in jello! My last plan was to leave on Sunday ....did not happen....I think it has been snowing day and nite since just after Christmas. Sometimes it is big wet flakes, sometimes a fine mist of snow , and sometimes its like a blizzard! It will be a day by day thing. I can get around town a bit, but don't want to chance going thru the mountains. The truck is all packed and we have just last min things to put in and take care of in the house.No geocaching going on here either, I hope to do some caching on the way to my DD in VA (our first stop) I have them all mapped out on my caching papers, I have 3 travel bugs to drop and one geocoin to drop on the way. And I would like to get caches in every state I pass thru.
Over the snowy weekend I made a Face Book page so I will post a link here as soon as I figure it out. Sure wish I could get more geocachers to check out my blog. Don't forget to visit my other blog
Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Caching

Saturday, January 2, 2010


TO MUCH SNOW! Well as you can see by the pic of snowmen..that we are not leaving yet. Bummer :( like a blizzard around here today and again tomorrow...just seen on news that it will be worse tomorrow. So here we sit ...all ready to go, our last min check list made , gassed up when will it be?
What I have seen it is suppose to snow way into next weekend, but at least the winter storm warning will end Sun at 6 pm. My first stop will be in Va at my DD house, I go down the PA turnpike and it goes thru the Allegheny mountains and that is the problem after leaving the lake effect snow here at home. No caching being done either at 13 deg. today. Not much to do but wait it out. I am not good at waiting. lol
all for now
Happy Caching