Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We made it to Florida late Sunday afternoon, long 2 days of driving. It is cool but sunny and getting warmer every day. Posted a pic of Dad's tomato tents he had to cover them becasue of frost every night. We will take them off today as no more frost is predicted. He had garden fresh tomato's waiting for use he knows how much I love them. Yesterday I made the decisson I havebeen mulling over for some time now and that is to get a Verison air card. So I went yesterday to Verizon store and got one. I took my computer with me so they could install it and show me about it. The nice young man that waited on me was very patient with my slow computer, and was concered that I would be unhappy with it because of the slowness, but I knew it would be somewhat slow and I am happy with it. Not as slow now (about same as my dsl) as it was in the store Anyway Chris the nice young man seen the icons on my desk top and said Oh you are geocacher? He caches also. Cool I met a geocacher all ready!! I have not had a chance to look for any caches yet, as soon as the rest of my family leave for home I will be doing more, and alos as soon as I figure out the lay of the land and don't get lost. There is one in a small park about 1/2 mile form my dad's home. All for now we are all going out to lunch. For those up in snowy PA.
keep warm....I am
Happy Caching

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