Sunday, January 17, 2010


CACHE CONTAINERS I am getting a little bit behind on posting , think I will change time of day, as I get to tired at nite.
Yesterday we went shopping and I found these soup containers at WM on sale for $3, and thought they would make good cache hiding containers, they are heavy plastic type material and have a screw lid.
We also went the super flea market in Melbourne, I am looking for a place to set up to sell. I don't think this one is it, to many $$$ . Then last evening we went to all you can eat seafood buffet that included crab legs. Mmmmm good ate till we were stuffed. Of course I forgot camera most of the time. Oh forgot went to an estate sale right by dads house, seen some neat flamingo plates went back to get my $$ but they were gone when I went back. No gat0rs yet Cam :)!
All for now.
Happy Caching

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