Monday, January 4, 2010




AND MORE SNOW Well I am still sitting here at home snowed in for the most part and beginning to think I live in Alaska. I am not a full time RV'er yet but I am living by some of the "rules" that they live they say plans made in jello! My last plan was to leave on Sunday ....did not happen....I think it has been snowing day and nite since just after Christmas. Sometimes it is big wet flakes, sometimes a fine mist of snow , and sometimes its like a blizzard! It will be a day by day thing. I can get around town a bit, but don't want to chance going thru the mountains. The truck is all packed and we have just last min things to put in and take care of in the house.No geocaching going on here either, I hope to do some caching on the way to my DD in VA (our first stop) I have them all mapped out on my caching papers, I have 3 travel bugs to drop and one geocoin to drop on the way. And I would like to get caches in every state I pass thru.
Over the snowy weekend I made a Face Book page so I will post a link here as soon as I figure it out. Sure wish I could get more geocachers to check out my blog. Don't forget to visit my other blog
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Happy Caching


  1. We don't have the snow you that have right now. It has been snowing all day and there is probably 2 inches out there. School was on a 2 hour delay this morning. It's cold enough for it to be Alaska here in West Virginia! lol

    I can't believe your town pictures of the snow that is still on the road. I guess I just really don't know what the roads look like when it does snow a lot because I don't go anywhere. I stay home!

    It just isn't geocaching weather! I'm not sure where you are going but if you are going to be travelling through 64 on the Turnpike toll road in West Virginia be sure to watch for any weather advisories! BEWARE of the TURNPIKE!!!! People were stranded on the Turnpike for around 14 - 20 hours from the last snow advisory we had just before Christmas! Google it! Plus if you are looking for the weather in West Virginia go to and look at the weather man Chris Bailey's weather blog. He is the best! He puts up all of the maps and tells you what is going on. He warned people to stay home and they went out anyway and got stuck on the Turnpike!

    Stay warm!

  2. thanks for the heads up...I will be going down the PA turnpike , I-70 then 522 in to VA
    thanks again