Tuesday, January 19, 2010


GEOCACH BALARD PARK Me n Maggie up at 7am , oats for breakfast, I am back on oats, grandpa had to go to doc this morning so mags and I went on our walk to Ballard Park near his home. About 1/2 mi. We went looking for the geocache hid there. Took Mrs. Garmin-Geea (GPS) but really didn't need her after looking at the google map. Found it in short order signed the log no room for any of my TB's. See the no trespassing sign in the geocache pic, It is the only sign on that strip behind the tree line, I think cachers might of went a little to far past the tree looking, it's the only sign in the area. It looks out of place being all alone out there. Like a magnet to the cache.
The bridge you see in the first pic is a bridge that crosses the Indian River, to a strip of land called beach side, because on the other side of land strip is the Atlantic ocean. I am looking at the bridge from Ballard Park, and on the bridge are a few caches. You can walk across as well as drive, I will not be looking for the caches on the bridge itself, only on the area leading up to the bridge, where they have boat launches and fishing areas. I do not like high places! Grandpa worked on some yard stuff, and I continue to price items for his yard sale. After dinner Maggie and I went for Choc-peanut butter ice cream. Grandpa got TV in my room turned on today, good idea since all he watches is sports! Tonite blogging and playing a new game I found on the internet Bejeweled, lot of mindless fun. All for now>
Happy Caching


  1. That's good that you & Maggie have found a park with caches too! - Doggy walking and caching is a greeat combination.
    I like that bridge - I'm a bit of a fan of bridges.


  2. Thanks annie for stopping by my blog. Yes it is a great park we walk there everyday, today the park maint. peeps were going around picking up dead fish, it seems like the cold freezing weather killed some of the fish in the river. I will be on the look out for bridges to show you