Thursday, January 21, 2010


CHILL 'IN SANDMAN Snowmen up north and sandmen down south, this is a chill'n sandman my DD made on the beach the other day. Kinda cute so I took pic, click on it to in large. No geocaching today, Dad said your front tire looks a little low. Well wouldn't ya know I had a nail in it! So that was the project for the day. Thankfully they were able to repair it and not to much of a cost. So worked on pricing more yard sale stuff and took a couple walks with Maggie. Shorts and Tshirt. I am having a problem wrapping my mind around the fact that it is Jan and the sun is shining and it is in the 70's some times 80's! I think I have all most forgot the snow. lol. Not quite. Did I say that I love being in Florida?
Family: What do you put on your blog?? I read lots of blogs on a regular basis, full time RV'ing I read a lot of those and some geocaching. Most of them talk about where they are ,what they are doing ,how they got to what they are doing, and all most all of them talk about family. So much so that after a time of steady reading you get to feel you know them as friends, and thur email, and blogging communication you do become cyber friends, thru the years I have met some of my cyber friends in person. What I am getting at here is that sometimes family members don't want to be on your blog, some don't some say ok, but this time I have one close family member that is having some health issues , triple by pass surg , and I would like to ask my cyber friends to say a prayer or two for him, I did not ask if it was ok, I am just doing it! So thanks to all for your prayers.
That's about all for today.
Happy Caching


  1. Positive thoughts and prayers to you and you family. That's a tough bit of surgery to be going through.