Wednesday, January 27, 2010



LOOKING FOR FISH WEATHER: Mostly in the high sixty area, sunny and wind. Should be 80 on Fri.
Here are a few things we were looking at in the park yesterday. I wonder where the gator's are?
I would like to see a few. The other sign is for the manatee's this area is usually full of them, the come to the warm water to feed. But after the freezing weather in Fl they went up in the canals for the warm water, the wild life people were glad, as they could then count them, last I heard the had counted over 5,000 ! Pretty neat I thought, and they had pic's in the paper of them in the canals.
The other pic is of a guy (he must be close by) he brings his boat via a lawn mower.
The other day dad said the robins will be here soon, I didn't ask questions just thought it was just some birds. Well on Mon. morning there were hundreds and hundreds of robins around here.
Flying and cheeping away. All day and evening they were here, then yesterday they were all gone, guess this is a stop over on their way north, was very interesting to see, knowing where they were headed. I never in countered a migration like that before.
Don't know what tomorrow will bring stay tuned and find out.
Happy Caching

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