Sunday, January 24, 2010



WEATHER: 76 today with clouds and sunshine, one small rain shower but sun came right back.
Maggie and I ate breakfast and went for our walk to the park. Guess that will be our morning walk. Lot of people out in the park early, being Sunday was busy place. Talked to a kid from Ohio asking about fishing what kind of bait he was using and what does one catch around this area. He was very helpful, shrimp and small fish are used as bait, he also said I could use lures and plugs because on of the fish called snook is like a bass only much larger. Dad fixed a Sunday dinner oven baked chick, mashed tata's stuffing (stove top) carrots. Tomorrow I will be taking over the cooking duty. Since the Steelers are not playing I was not interested football , so Maggie and I went caching, she needed a "ride in the truck fix anyway" we only found one out of three.
Name of it Logan Sith. It was near two ponds in a small park, where they play baseball. It took me about 15 min to find this one a large amo box filled with goodies. I also was able to drop off Lil
Maracas Travel Bug so she could shake, rattle and roll all over FL. I was glad to be able to find a cache big enough to leave her. The only interesting thing that happened was the whole time were looking a police car sat and watched us. If you click and in large the third pic you can see him sitting back there with his lights on. He left when we did. After that we road around getting to know the area and stopped and got Choco/peanut butter ice cream....I think I am hooked on it. Had another nice day in FL.
Don't know what the day will bring tomorrow stay tuned and find out.
Thanks for stopping by and happy caching

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