Saturday, February 27, 2010





Here are a few pic's of what I have been doing. The two tables are like the ones that they sell at Ikea, (I think) I got them at a yard sale a few weeks ago. Needed something to do so I painted them red white and blue then antiqued them. I usually use Bri Wax to antique with but didn't have any with me and could not find any here. Used some stuff I got at Micheal's but don't like it at all. But they still look nice. I put them in the yard sale but they didn't sell , I didn't think the would because they were not priced at a yard sale price. I will take them up north with me and sell there. The other thing that took up a lot of time was helping dad get ready for his yard sale. We had a good amount to sell and sold almost all of it. Made him happy. I will be having another sale next Sat. if the weather is ok. I brought stuff to sell at some flea markets here but have not found one that would work for me. Maybe with yard sale I can make some gas money for return trip.
This AM I went to a grocery store called Publix nice store, a relief from WM. There are a few others I want to try also. We won't be doing much today I am sitting here in front of the window blogging watching the rain pour down. Maggie is lying on the bed sleeping. She wakes up if a squirrel runs up one of the palm trees in front of the window, the other day one fell out of the tree and hit the window, scared the bejebies out of me. lol. Well thats all for now stay tuned to see whats next in sunny FL
happy caching

Friday, February 26, 2010


WEATHER: Cool today high 58 but sunny
Hi everyone, sorry I've been away so long been really busy and too tired to blog at nite. So I think I will try and do it in the afternoon. Found this cache the other day after 3 tries. It is a micro hid in a tree. I'm not sure I like those hard to find. You have to look in every nook and cranny. Found another one I have visited several times will blog about it another time.
We finally were able to have the yard sale! Dad did very good, sold over 1/2 of what we had out.
Took what clothes that were left to goodwill next day.
This has been the coldest winter in over 30 yrs here in Fl , of course it would be when I came. I get accused of binging with me. The killing frost they had before I got here killed of a lot of beautiful foliage, what a shame.
We are going to the Strawberry Festival in Plant city next weekend, looking forward to that. I will take pic's. I will be heading back to PA around the 25th of march, it's been a short winter. I suppose that having no snow helps it along! I guess at home they are getting pounded with snow this winter, and I thought it was bad before I left!
I really love FL and cant wait to come back. (even before I have left lol)
I will have pic of yard sale tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


THE CACHE WEATHER: Nice this AM rain this afternoon, part of the snow storm in the north.
temp was 70 mostly cloudy
Here is another geocache we found, a typical fence type cache. It hides a trash container owned by East Coast. Was pretty easy to find now that I know about the " fence type caches" and nothing exciting happened while we looked for it.
Worked in the yard again today, on Mon. dads friend came by with his chain saw and gave the palm trees a" hurricane hair cut". I will show you pic's and explain when I get the pic's uploaded.
I am going to plant an herb garden and I worked on getting that ready. In the fern weeds I found a stag horn plant , it was almost a goner but I am going to try and save it, they are very interesting things. I have do some research on them.
I am trying not to think about leaving and heading north,my time here is going so fast! the things I have been working on , I will have some before and after pics to show you.
Guess thats all for tonite, to see what tomorrow will bring stay tuned
Happy Caching

Monday, February 8, 2010



WEATHER: It has been a little on the cool side this weekend, Sat. was rain all day, Sun. was sunny but a cold wind blowing in from the ocean. Today sunny and 65 great day!
Yesterday morning Maggie was barking, going nuts looking out the living room window. I went to take a look , there were bunches of peeps running past the house, seems we were on the race rt. for the Melbourne & Beaches Music Marathon race. Later company came to watch the game. They brought chicken cooked in the Green Egg, a smoker of some sort , we made the rest of the meal.
Today I mowed the yard, "IN FEB "still having problem with the weather here. Also took of pic of a pink rose in the back yard for all you garden deprived peeps out there. This afternoon I took a ride looking for a Micheal's store, found one about 15 miles away, in a great shopping center. They have every kind of store you could want. Next time I go will take pic's.
My brother is doing good after his by pass surg thanks for all your prayers.
Got a call today from an old friend in PA. it was nice, I am not home sick for PA but I do miss my peeps up north. Well thats all for now, what will tomorrow bring, stay tuned and find out.
PS have not been caching for a few days.

Monday, February 1, 2010


THE CACHEWEATHER: Today it rained all day long gray and cloudy, still 63 so I still like FL.
Maggie and I went out caching again today but cut it short because of rain. We did find this one not far away about 2 mi. I was a pill bottle with just a log. I looked for this one the other day but to many mugglers around so we came back. A hind was " look waist high" well I looked all over that place and could not come up with it, so got out old Mrs. Garmin-Geea and as soon as she zeroed in on it ...I found it. I still am not sure how much I should post about the cache's, I would like to tell more but, don't want to give it away. Any ideas out there please post them.
They came to start on energy saving construction on dad's house today he got some grant stuff from the state. Insulation, caulking , duct work, etc stuff like that. It was all to much for Maggie so we went out and about in the rain. I hope we have no rain on sat so we can have the yard sale.
Not much else going on this rainy day. Don't know what tomorrow will bring stay tuned to find out.
Happy Caching
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