Friday, February 26, 2010


WEATHER: Cool today high 58 but sunny
Hi everyone, sorry I've been away so long been really busy and too tired to blog at nite. So I think I will try and do it in the afternoon. Found this cache the other day after 3 tries. It is a micro hid in a tree. I'm not sure I like those hard to find. You have to look in every nook and cranny. Found another one I have visited several times will blog about it another time.
We finally were able to have the yard sale! Dad did very good, sold over 1/2 of what we had out.
Took what clothes that were left to goodwill next day.
This has been the coldest winter in over 30 yrs here in Fl , of course it would be when I came. I get accused of binging with me. The killing frost they had before I got here killed of a lot of beautiful foliage, what a shame.
We are going to the Strawberry Festival in Plant city next weekend, looking forward to that. I will take pic's. I will be heading back to PA around the 25th of march, it's been a short winter. I suppose that having no snow helps it along! I guess at home they are getting pounded with snow this winter, and I thought it was bad before I left!
I really love FL and cant wait to come back. (even before I have left lol)
I will have pic of yard sale tomorrow.

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