Monday, February 1, 2010


THE CACHEWEATHER: Today it rained all day long gray and cloudy, still 63 so I still like FL.
Maggie and I went out caching again today but cut it short because of rain. We did find this one not far away about 2 mi. I was a pill bottle with just a log. I looked for this one the other day but to many mugglers around so we came back. A hind was " look waist high" well I looked all over that place and could not come up with it, so got out old Mrs. Garmin-Geea and as soon as she zeroed in on it ...I found it. I still am not sure how much I should post about the cache's, I would like to tell more but, don't want to give it away. Any ideas out there please post them.
They came to start on energy saving construction on dad's house today he got some grant stuff from the state. Insulation, caulking , duct work, etc stuff like that. It was all to much for Maggie so we went out and about in the rain. I hope we have no rain on sat so we can have the yard sale.
Not much else going on this rainy day. Don't know what tomorrow will bring stay tuned to find out.
Happy Caching
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