Wednesday, October 31, 2012


2012-10-30_11-34-38_41We went to Wickham Park here in Melbourne yesterday. This is where we parked for the day. Very few people around.
2012-10-30_11-33-16_594This was the view out my window at the park. Not much happening there today. We took a couple walks & that’s about it.2012-10-20_18-23-29_360Even Maggie was a little bored. I did play ball with her a few times. 001Worked on my dd Christmas stocking, these are the colors she chose. Sand colored tan, light blue, and off white, then black to tie it all together. Hard to tell color in my photo. I read more on my manuals for the MH….have not tried anything else yet. I am going to the beach on Wed. That should be more interesting. The weather was very cool if not down right cold last night and today. Cold wind blowing from the north. 46 when we went for our walk early this morning.
All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.
blessings G&M

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


004On Sat. I posted about this bush that got wind blown by the hurricane. Today dad got me a piece of lattice and I fixed it up. The bush is lying on the ground in front of the lattice. Had to tie it back up.
005WO-MAN tools …lol…got these on sale  last summer at sears. I had a Ryobi drill for about 20 years, it was used constantly when I had my business now I needed a new one…got 2 for the price of one on sale…big sale….
008Did not take me long and got it all back up. But I did have to cut a lot of green and flowers off it. In the process I lost the tighten chuck off one of the drills. Been looking for it all day.
You can right click to open all pic’s to make them bigger.

So we did not go on a day trip. But did fuss around in the MH. Took a few stacking plastic drawers to use as storage for clothing etc. Two fit in the bedroom closet and I think still can hang shirts in there. Then I hooked up to dads electric, check everything and all worked, but not signal on TV. At the dealership had a good signal with many stations. Guess it is hit and miss. After that I found out you have to have the house battery on in order to start up the generator. So happy day I got the generator started …started right up…and not to noisy. What a relief I am getting things accomplished. I don’t know why I was so scared…I guess I didn’t want to mess anything up. I am getting there.!  Need a name for the MH ..any ideas ???
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blessings G&M

Monday, October 29, 2012


Got up at the crack of dawn today in order to go over to the local WM and get our first gas up in the MH. I figured it would be less busy at 7 am. And it worked out fine, was able to get in easy and leave easy.
As you can see Maggie girl was supervising the whole ordeal. We did ok, I hope all gas ups are as easy as this one was.
Then we at our breakfast in the parking lot, I made my version  of egg mcmuffin at home and brought it along.
Then we headed out for our day trip today. No beach or park this time. Instead we went to the Supper Flea Market in Melbourne. Got there about 8:30 weren’t to many ahead of us, parking lot was almost empty. We parked way in the back. But by noon the lot was all most full, with a semi parked right in front of us. He had a whole parking lot to park in when he pulled , why he got in front of us is beyond me.
Nice having our house on wheels with us! We walked around first thing , but many booths were  not open yet so we went out side walked around a bit, waited in MH for a couple hrs. Worked on the Christmas stocking I am crocheting for my dd. She lost hers.   Only bought pizza and bad girl got a
funnel cake!! That was the first and last one this year. I did see alot of neat things  to use in the MH but did not buy anything yet. Maggie got pushed around in her "buggy" haveing a good time. She really likes to ride in it. When she sees me getting it ready she is dancing around can hardly contain her self lol.
Then we went to the park for a few hrs. and see this kid with his fishing bike. Way cool, I ask him if he made it and said sure did. Love it.

102812170415All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.
blessings G&M

Saturday, October 27, 2012


001We did not have any damage except this bush and lattice blew down. The lattice was so brittle from the Florida sun that it just broke apart. The bush did not spring back up when I took out all the brokenlattice so I hope I can get it back up.
003A few chairs, table and plants flew around out back. But that was it…really lucky that was all. Some got it much worse. Why I did not put the lawn furniture up is beyond me…but then again this was my first hurricane. 004At the park….palm branches were all over the place is a mess. They came by a little while ago and picked up some of them and piled them up….guess they will be back to cart them away. This park is usually well taken care of.009There is flooding here tho….the shore line is out there where that blue heron is between the two tree clumps. Still windy here…wow gust jest went tru …thought the rig was going to  lift off. Yikes!….I will not stay here if a hurricane ever made land fall near Melbourne. There are a few brave souls here at the park today …couple guys even put their boats in…nuts! 
Well the rest of the day I think I will be watching the videos that I was able to salvage at the walk thru and read again my rig manuals. Let you know how that goes.
I sure wish I was mechanically inclined  This learning process would be much easier.
All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

DAY TRIP..& SANDY…& learning

Sitting here at home park,(Ballard Park will be my home park) 10 am and it is windy an pouring down rain, we are now getting first rain band from Sandy. Intercostal water way is really choppy. I was going to the beach, check out waves etc, but wind is too high even though I only have couple miles to go, I have to cross high bridge and not being used to driving rig I will wait for another day. Nice breeze when I can open window. Things are to deteriorate b y 2pm so I won’t be here all day, even though I only have 800 ft to pull in dads drive way. Up a small hill and around the corner. Was not to bad today but at 4pm..I looked out the window and could see a white wall coming across from the beach..was not fast enough….it was a rain band from Sandy along with fierce wind. So we thought it was time to go.030This is the view out my window today. Very gray and rainy.003Maggie's favorite place to sit. She is waiting on squirrels at this point.
Colleen…Thanks for the info..most helpful, I will have to figure out the hot water tank thing…not sure what you mean pass…
I did do a little better figuring things out today…thanks to your comment Colleen and the answers to my question on the forum. I remembered how to switch on the house power …the switch by the door..for battery…I think…anyway when I clicked it I could then  check the panel and see that my house battery was fully charge…progress…wow. … lol. Right now I am tired form trying to absorb all the indo…so this is it for now
Thanks for looking and come back soon.


068Here is the kit that they gave me when picking up my rig. 10 ft. sewer hose I wonder if that will be long enough?
070The just before I was leaving one of the guys there said I have bunch of stuff I need to get rid of so take this also. Plus it had a couple WM bags with new sewer hook ups. 069Magana Hose as seen on TV not sure if this will be useful camping or not. 073And here is a pic of the power room. It is bigger than I thought it would be. The shower is right across from it.
Well I am overwhelmed with all I have to remember and know about this rig. I think the water intake, and dump will not be hard, nervous about doing it for first time (when ever that my be) but think I can do it.
Now the electric stuff is a problem, like …. I will be only doing day use for awhile parks , beach, etc. But I don’t know if I can use the house batteries , for such things as, TV, laptop, CD player, ?? with out draining them …how long do the house battery last?
I see the panel in the kitchen area , that shows levels of tanks, genny turn on, and other stuff. How about propane lots to know about that also …right now every thing is turned off…I want to use it and don’t know how Sad smileSad smile….and also with the start battery and house battery ….how full are those holes supose to be with the distilled water??? This only a few questions,,, but the major ones at this time

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


002This is where we went  on our day trip yesterday, There are 2 Canova Beaches , one is a dog beach, and this one no dogs. The dog beach is only a few hundred yards away, and we walked over there. The parking lot is a little to tight at the dog park  for me yet. 2012-10-22_09-34-59_598We parked in this large parking lot . Only a few others where here all day and that was at lunch time. There were a few more that parked behind me, close to the access board walk to the beach. Not enough room there for me. To the right of the rig is the ocean where the green foliage is. About one hundred yards from the parking lot.008This was the view out my window all day. Nice! There was a big breeze yesterday and I opened all the windows and was beautiful in the rig. In fact we were doing a little rock & rolling ! The color of the Atlantic was green and blue yesterday truly beautiful. High waves too.2012-10-22_12-02-50_486While we were over at the dog park we met this guy, Ryan and is Macaw Skipper. She has been in his family since she was hatched 26 years ago. He said that he has had her since 2000. Very interesting young man. Never know who or what you will run into while out and about. Have not been camping or traveling yet and I love being in the rig, pretty sure I could do full time. I don’t even want to be in the house, enjoying this new adventure so much. We took a couple walks and I worked on my mini paper bag albums. I want to start selling again make some $$$ so I can travel.
Thanks so much for your comments, I appreciate them very much. Sometime I was wondering if anyone even looked at  my blog.
Well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon.

Monday, October 22, 2012


004After paper work done here is Grammy & Maggie in their new MH. We are happy “campers”
080Looking from front toward the back bedroom. The dinette and kitchen. This is the only slide in the rig, but it is enough for us.081Hmmmm…guess I got two alike pic’s oh well slightly different look. Have a few things out making it our own. Vintage enamel coffee pot got for 50 cents at yard sale. I will use it for heating water when I need it. 077And here is the sofa, with a sweet little girl resting on it. She had to test all seats out. It is pretty comfortable. I cant get over how clean this rig is. It is just like new inside, who ever had it took very very good care of it.
Since I can not go camping yet, I am going to take advantage to my closeness to the ocean, and take day trips there and to local parks. And any other places I can find for a day trip. Will tell you tomorrow about our first day trip.
Thanks for looking and come back soon.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


067SOLD !
001We got off to a late start. and also I deleted a pic of Maggie waiting in the van ready to leave on our trip. Friend was late getting to our place so I just said I will come get you, we were already 15 min late. Then on the way over bam…train came along. Finally we got on our way, it was a 2hr trip to West Palm Beach. We were only few min. late.002Then when we got to the dealer ship LaMesa RV it was total chaos people all over the place. An RV’s 100’s of them again all over the place, new, used, some in the working bays. I could not even park on their lot, had to use parking area across from then at another business. We wondered around a bit then found my tech guy Cas.  He said they were swamped and running behind. He took us to a lounge on the second floor of a really nice new looking building. That held the offices. Said he would go check and see what was going on and what we would do first, finance was to be that next stop. 
003Then along came my sales lady from the show Randi. We bonded at show and she was just as nice now as she was then. A dog lover she fell in love with Maggie and they were glad to see each other. She was with us about 30 min , then Cas came  back said would be soon. Half hr late we were still waiting. Finally Cas came back said finance was swamped and we would start the walk thru first.
I will end this segment for today, don’t want to ramble to long! I did take video’s of the walk thru, but a lot did not come out not sure what I did. Right now I am trying to sort out all the pic’s from the video. I took some nice pic’s this morning of the inside and will show those next.
Thanks for looking and come back soon.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


002One last day for our breakfast camp. At Wickham Park, took one last pic of van. I really thought I wanted this van to camp and travel in. But it was not to long (a couple nights sleeping in it on the way down to FL ) I knew it was not for me at this time. Too small and I really wanted some of the creature comforts that we all are use to. Maybe if it were a class b with a floor plan and the comforts I would be ok with it …not sure B’s are small.  003Maggie wanting out lol. I like this van…but sure I will like class C even better.
004While we were at the park, ground keepers  was putting up the lighted Christmas decorations. They have a lighted drive thru at Christmas in the park. Really nice.
001And what would a lighted Florida park be with out a few flamingos. I love flamingos. Pleasing to the eyes.
So now the real count down begins SmileSmile one day then on the road! Will leave here about 8:15 on Friday morning  to be there at 10 am. Not sure how long it will take , at the very least one hr. But I want to be on time or even early. Played with my camera and figured out how to take videos with it, so now hopefully I will remember more.  All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


003I am beside my self…..itching to get my RV and do something with it. I got the call and my appointment was made for the 19th. This is the date I wanted. Glad it worked out. Finally some fall like weather here in central FL. This morning at about 6:45 it was 74, and when I walked out the door with Maggie the humidity did not hit me in the face and knock the breath out of me… There was a good breeze and when a dried out sea grape leave blew up along the curb, it sounded just like the fall leaves do blowing on the streets  up north. I loved it, I do miss the season changes. The pic above is as close to the things I love about fall. Maple leaves swag with their beautiful colors, some large orange mums all decorating Norma E. I found in my jewelry box at home the name pin Norma that belonged to my mother who Norma E is named after. Need to find me a letter E now. 005Since no RV playing today I decided to do some food stuff. I do like to cook and bake, so I made my version of fried rice with chicken. I used John Soules Food, chicken fajitas fully cooked frozen. Got them at Sam’s Club.You can use them in many ways one other way I use them. I make chicken tacos. They are well seasoned also. Rice, and frozen snap pea stir fry from WM, with a little soy sauce and sweet and sour sauce if you like that. I make enough to freeze a couple meals and have a couple when I make it. 
004Next I made a few choco chip cookies. Mmmmmm love cookies. Even tho I am trying to cut out most  sugar in my diet I made them anyway. I know I will always have some sugar I will not be a pig out on it like I used to. So that’s my food blog today. Maybe I will make food a part of my blog. Food and the RV cooking . Sounds good to me . lol 006
When I get on the road , I hope I will have more interesting things to blog about, and maybe get a few more readers. Looking at map of FL this am, and mapped out my route to the GTG in Jan at Hillsborough St. Park. Looks fairly easy from Melbourne, anyone over this way going and wants to caravan with me let me know. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.
Blessings , G&M

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


2012-10-07_11-05-09_825Well I  am so excited that I have a hard time figuring out what to do next. If I am coming  or going ! Did go yesterday and get Ins. started. They called me yesterday about a pickup date. So it will be a week from this Friday Oct. 19th. I will have my RV crash course school that day also. Was thinking about asking dad if he wanted to go with  me, four eyes and ears are better than two. Especially when two of them are so excited that things will be missed and will not be remembered later. He could rest in the rig when he gets tired. This pic was take with the dinette slide in, and look at how much room  is still there.
2012-10-07_11-04-18_740And look who already is at home!! When my tech Cas called yesterday he said if I had any questions just to call him. Well I called him this morning after being awake most of last night thinking lol But all the things that I ask about were already in the process of getting the rig ready for delivery. It sure sounds like from what the sales peeps told me and what the tech said they really go over their rigs with a fine tooth comb, to make sure they are road worthy before they send them out. They also do a complete job of detailing inside and out. The only thing they don’t do is wax the outside, even tho I mentioned it I couldn’t get that done lol. The it has a back be with windows all around what you see is the back window. There is only one slide and that is the dinette. It has a back up camera also. I tried it out when I test drove it, I tried to back it in between the white lines in a parking space at the Mall and did it perfect! But then again I am use to backing up a full size van over the years, so it worked good for me. For some reason I thought it was 25ft but it is 29ft. 25 would have been better for me but I can work with 29 Winking smile I will have more to tell ya soon.
Thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings G&M

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Soooooo… for my Happy news….life long dream coming true. No longer a wanabe Rv’er  Went to RV show this weekend spent both days there. Ended up Sunday with this Itasca by Winnebago RV. SmileSmileSmileSmile so that makes me doing the HAPPY DANCE !!! I will soon have more up dates on my new adventure, I can’t believe this is happening, after all these years. I will not by any means full time, but I sure will be out and about. And I can not wait to get started. I have not picked her up yet, that will be some time next week, after “ RV school”   and they do all the things that need done and things that I wanted then to take care of. Thanks for looking and come back soon!!
Blessings G&M
Ps. Maggie was right at home in her now house on wheels.