Sunday, October 21, 2012


067SOLD !
001We got off to a late start. and also I deleted a pic of Maggie waiting in the van ready to leave on our trip. Friend was late getting to our place so I just said I will come get you, we were already 15 min late. Then on the way over bam…train came along. Finally we got on our way, it was a 2hr trip to West Palm Beach. We were only few min. late.002Then when we got to the dealer ship LaMesa RV it was total chaos people all over the place. An RV’s 100’s of them again all over the place, new, used, some in the working bays. I could not even park on their lot, had to use parking area across from then at another business. We wondered around a bit then found my tech guy Cas.  He said they were swamped and running behind. He took us to a lounge on the second floor of a really nice new looking building. That held the offices. Said he would go check and see what was going on and what we would do first, finance was to be that next stop. 
003Then along came my sales lady from the show Randi. We bonded at show and she was just as nice now as she was then. A dog lover she fell in love with Maggie and they were glad to see each other. She was with us about 30 min , then Cas came  back said would be soon. Half hr late we were still waiting. Finally Cas came back said finance was swamped and we would start the walk thru first.
I will end this segment for today, don’t want to ramble to long! I did take video’s of the walk thru, but a lot did not come out not sure what I did. Right now I am trying to sort out all the pic’s from the video. I took some nice pic’s this morning of the inside and will show those next.
Thanks for looking and come back soon.

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  1. You're going to leave us stuck in the parking lot with only that one teaser shot?? Titch titch, Donna! :)