Thursday, October 25, 2012

DAY TRIP..& SANDY…& learning

Sitting here at home park,(Ballard Park will be my home park) 10 am and it is windy an pouring down rain, we are now getting first rain band from Sandy. Intercostal water way is really choppy. I was going to the beach, check out waves etc, but wind is too high even though I only have couple miles to go, I have to cross high bridge and not being used to driving rig I will wait for another day. Nice breeze when I can open window. Things are to deteriorate b y 2pm so I won’t be here all day, even though I only have 800 ft to pull in dads drive way. Up a small hill and around the corner. Was not to bad today but at 4pm..I looked out the window and could see a white wall coming across from the beach..was not fast enough….it was a rain band from Sandy along with fierce wind. So we thought it was time to go.030This is the view out my window today. Very gray and rainy.003Maggie's favorite place to sit. She is waiting on squirrels at this point.
Colleen…Thanks for the info..most helpful, I will have to figure out the hot water tank thing…not sure what you mean pass…
I did do a little better figuring things out today…thanks to your comment Colleen and the answers to my question on the forum. I remembered how to switch on the house power …the switch by the door..for battery…I think…anyway when I clicked it I could then  check the panel and see that my house battery was fully charge…progress…wow. … lol. Right now I am tired form trying to absorb all the indo…so this is it for now
Thanks for looking and come back soon.


  1. Check your books. The handles for the by-pass may be down by the water heater. It is very good to have a by-pass in case you have to winterize the RV with RV antifreeze. That way the anti-freeze goes in the water lines but you don't have to fill up the water heater with antifreeze. It basically diverts water past the heater which is why you don't want to have it on bypass when you start the water heater because there needs to be water in the heater.

  2. Thanks so much colleen, you have
    been a big help to me! Its getting
    less scary lol