Saturday, October 27, 2012


001We did not have any damage except this bush and lattice blew down. The lattice was so brittle from the Florida sun that it just broke apart. The bush did not spring back up when I took out all the brokenlattice so I hope I can get it back up.
003A few chairs, table and plants flew around out back. But that was it…really lucky that was all. Some got it much worse. Why I did not put the lawn furniture up is beyond me…but then again this was my first hurricane. 004At the park….palm branches were all over the place is a mess. They came by a little while ago and picked up some of them and piled them up….guess they will be back to cart them away. This park is usually well taken care of.009There is flooding here tho….the shore line is out there where that blue heron is between the two tree clumps. Still windy here…wow gust jest went tru …thought the rig was going to  lift off. Yikes!….I will not stay here if a hurricane ever made land fall near Melbourne. There are a few brave souls here at the park today …couple guys even put their boats in…nuts! 
Well the rest of the day I think I will be watching the videos that I was able to salvage at the walk thru and read again my rig manuals. Let you know how that goes.
I sure wish I was mechanically inclined  This learning process would be much easier.
All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.

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