Monday, October 29, 2012


Got up at the crack of dawn today in order to go over to the local WM and get our first gas up in the MH. I figured it would be less busy at 7 am. And it worked out fine, was able to get in easy and leave easy.
As you can see Maggie girl was supervising the whole ordeal. We did ok, I hope all gas ups are as easy as this one was.
Then we at our breakfast in the parking lot, I made my version  of egg mcmuffin at home and brought it along.
Then we headed out for our day trip today. No beach or park this time. Instead we went to the Supper Flea Market in Melbourne. Got there about 8:30 weren’t to many ahead of us, parking lot was almost empty. We parked way in the back. But by noon the lot was all most full, with a semi parked right in front of us. He had a whole parking lot to park in when he pulled , why he got in front of us is beyond me.
Nice having our house on wheels with us! We walked around first thing , but many booths were  not open yet so we went out side walked around a bit, waited in MH for a couple hrs. Worked on the Christmas stocking I am crocheting for my dd. She lost hers.   Only bought pizza and bad girl got a
funnel cake!! That was the first and last one this year. I did see alot of neat things  to use in the MH but did not buy anything yet. Maggie got pushed around in her "buggy" haveing a good time. She really likes to ride in it. When she sees me getting it ready she is dancing around can hardly contain her self lol.
Then we went to the park for a few hrs. and see this kid with his fishing bike. Way cool, I ask him if he made it and said sure did. Love it.

102812170415All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.
blessings G&M

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