Wednesday, October 17, 2012


002One last day for our breakfast camp. At Wickham Park, took one last pic of van. I really thought I wanted this van to camp and travel in. But it was not to long (a couple nights sleeping in it on the way down to FL ) I knew it was not for me at this time. Too small and I really wanted some of the creature comforts that we all are use to. Maybe if it were a class b with a floor plan and the comforts I would be ok with it …not sure B’s are small.  003Maggie wanting out lol. I like this van…but sure I will like class C even better.
004While we were at the park, ground keepers  was putting up the lighted Christmas decorations. They have a lighted drive thru at Christmas in the park. Really nice.
001And what would a lighted Florida park be with out a few flamingos. I love flamingos. Pleasing to the eyes.
So now the real count down begins SmileSmile one day then on the road! Will leave here about 8:15 on Friday morning  to be there at 10 am. Not sure how long it will take , at the very least one hr. But I want to be on time or even early. Played with my camera and figured out how to take videos with it, so now hopefully I will remember more.  All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.

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