Saturday, February 23, 2013


2013-02-23_17-05-52_832Early in the afternoon I seen the SEA TOW guy go out…then about 4pm seen him coming back towing something…not a boat.
022313172011Then these guys show up. Florida Fish and Wildlife.
2013-02-23_17-09-35_483With a big trailer on the back of there pick up.
022313172206Here they are picking up the tow…I talked to the Sea Tow guy ..he said they had called him earlier and ask him to pick up this dead Manatee. Seems like they were very busy today…this was the third Manatee…they had got calls about…so when they are busy they ask him to go out and pick one up for them….so sad….I didn’t go up and look in the trailer but the other two were in there. After I took theses pic’s we walked around the park…to sad to watch any more….but its part of life…I did see on the news  that there have been at least 40 Manatee deaths so far this year in Brevard Co. …I guess that is a lot….They are blaming the weather…cold snaps and then big warm ups so they go out into open water ..the cold comes and they are to far out to get back to the warm water…
This morning I went to a few yard sales and got a couple things and will post later on what I got. Also there was another encounter with a pelican. Not me this time but some boys at the park….
All for not thanks for looking and come back soon

Thursday, February 21, 2013


004Every Tues. at 9 am they have coffee & donuts at Wickham cg. You take a dollar and get the goodies…. Here is a few getting in on the goodies. We got ours and took them over to MM’s site and ate them with these three characters …Nikita, Marilyn’s long dog….Harley sometimes called monkey dog….miss priss herself Maggie….
002Nikkita (hope I spelled this right…
001Harley (aka the bark ranger)
003Maggie the Papillon Princes. Later we went out to lunch and then I went to WM and headed back to dad’s This was my last day at the CG. That all on Tues.
Then yesterday on Wed. I posted about the Pelican…but I also was a busy bee…did 4 loads of clothes and rugs… brought all my food from fridge in rig to the house….cleaned and vacuumed rig…had some lunch…cooked lasagna for dad that was lunch….folded and put away clothes…took a break and talked to DD for awhile…then got out the bucket, soap, long pole, and other things for washing MySweetDream. Took me about 2 hrs. I really would like to hire someone to do a wash and wax job…but here in Florida it is so expensive. Maybe when heading north this spring I can find someone along the way….
Well I am pooped…time to call it a day..get ready to watch Survivor…one show I really do like on TV…
So thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings G&M

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


009It all started with Maggie barking her head off in the living room. She was barking at this guy on the front side walk by the house. I grabbed my camera and out the door I went…I thought he would fly off…but not…he walked around real slow and let me get very close…like a foot away…
007I backed up a bit and he turned and headed toward the corner of the grass. I walked up close again and he started to peck at the water sprinkler head. You can see it in the corner of the grass.  Now this had not been turned on since Sat. and was not wet….
016I was really trying to figure out what was wrong with him….maybe he needed some water…so I walked over to the hose on the corner of the garage and turned it on to not to scare him…as soon as I turned it on he ran over to me and I mean ran… I kept it on him and he would tilt his head back and open his beak to get the water…This went on for about 10 min…I finally turned of the spay…he walked over and pecked at my foot..not sure what that was about wondering he thought my dirty tenny shoe was a fish or did he want more water…so I turned the water back on it came out fast and scared him. He ran under the MH and then over to the neighbors. I knocked on the neighbors door and ask if he new who we should call for a distressed pelican. He called animal control or someone like that ….they said could not send anyone out …unless it was in distress just not able to fly…well this bird was in distress as far as we were concerned. They said they would see what they could do. HUH?
017Here he is on the neighbors porch…he hung around all morning but would not let us get close again…but would not fly…flap his wings like he wanted but couldn’t….no animal people came along.  Finally about noon I went out to see where he was and another neighbor was out checking him out. While we were talking he walked around and then flew off…Wonderful… now I don’t have to worry anymore.!!!
And so far that’s the end of the Pelican story. Judy if you happen to read this post….do you have any insight into this behavior?
Thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings G&M

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


018I have been trying to figure out how to bring and store my craft stuff and material for making and selling things on Etsy'.
005One thing I found was this picket over the door holder. It has 35 pockets on each side of various sizes. Perfect! I have it hanging on my bathroom door.
026Thought I would thro in a few more pic’s of my fun time at Hillsborough St  Park. I had such fun there. Click on the pic to enlarge and see how beautiful the Hillsborough river is. This is Liz and me.
027And another pic of a large gator…I think we saw three large ones in the two days we were on the river. Along with a whole bunch of small to three babies.
I am packing up this morning leaving Wickham back to dads….I really love living in MySweetDream sure wish I could do it full time… A friend will be in Long Point Park another county park in March. Maybe I can  make a couple days there. I am going to get my Florida drivers licenses. RV is already registered in Florida. That way I can start staying in Florida State Parks for 1//2 price. NICE! So better get busy now…also going to lunch with a couple other RV ladies. Thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings G&M 

Monday, February 18, 2013


 003looked out the window and saw this white van pull in front of the rig. Thought someone was wanting my spot. Went out and seen these 4 girls! Linda, Sarah, Sandy and Wendy!
004Here we all are freezing but posing for our pic. Cynthia took it for us. I was really glad to see them. The were over at the beach looking at the waves and came by to see Wickham Park and stopped to visit.
001Was a little warmer this afternoon so went out on the picnic table and worked on my flamingo flag. The letters I glued on got wet and started to come off. So I traced around them and now I will paint them on. Also made 5 pairs of earrings while I was out there in the sun.
002Food shot for the day….a snack this afternoon…micro wave cheese nachos. I used very little mild salsa…it does not agree with me…but a little once in awhile is ok. These are very good! Top them with sour cream and black olives, what ever you like. I will be packing up in the morning going back to my dads. But will be going out to lunch with Cynthia and another lady Marilyn here at the cg. I was nice getting away just wish it would have been warmer.  Not sure where my next get away will be or when. That’s all from Maggie & me for today thanks for looking and come back soon.
blessings  G&M

Sunday, February 17, 2013


003So no one was doing much in the campground today, (to cold in Florida today) including Maggie & me. So got out my jewelry making tools, beads and baubles and worked on a few earrings. And sorted out some of my vintage jewelry. Think I might start up an Etsy store and try and sell some things.
004And this is what Maggie did!! Not a bad idea either!
011Was even to cold to set up my patio. But I did  put on my hoodie and sun bathed for a while lol….
015And of course my food for the day…dinner of ham, micro wave baked potato, cottage cheese and pineapple salad. With ice tea to wash it all down. I like to eat of reg. plates and use glass…so my plate is a vintage Franciscan Ware, Jadeite Fire King and a frosted glass from the 60’s. Just like down town….lol. Later in the day a few of the Women RV girls came by….Sarah, Wendy, Linda, and Sandy. I will post with pic’s next time about that. Well that’s it for now , so thanks for looking and come back soon.
blessings G&M

Saturday, February 16, 2013


2013-02-16_15-25-40_796BBQ CHICKEN, HOT DOGS, HAMBURGERS.
FOOD, BEVERAGE, AND ENTERTAINMENT ….that’s what greeted me shortly after I got to my site at Wickham Park. When I got there Cynthia was out and about…I was just finishing up my hook up when she got back….said we were invited to a party! Some of the nice people parked across the way.... so gathered up our chairs, dogs, some beans she made and off we went.
2013-02-16_15-26-38_732The beverage was mmmm good. A big pitcher of sangrias…tasty…. something I have not had before.
2013-02-16_16-12-42_495After the food and drink we were entertained by these guys. The host on the right in the pic below …use to open for some big name entertainers…like in the 80’s I think he said. Him and his wife.
2013-02-16_16-18-03_421Think there were about 15 people and numerous dogs. As the sun got lower in the sky boy did the temps dip and the wind picked up….cooled right down so Maggie and I headed for home. Had to figure out why I could not get the TV to work…finally remembered that I had (with some help) to do a search scan. Ok that worked. Now to figure out why my stove top is not working. Hot water heater is working so I know I have propane. Another thing that I can not figure out is how to turn of the furnace. There is no off position … I have the thermostat turned way down and it still comes on. I want to use my little electric heater and not use up all my propane. I guess these will be projects for tomorrow cause now I am tired….and headed for bed.
Thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings G&M

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


010On the way home from the GTG last Friday, we stopped at a flea market.
008My sister got some air plants for her kids and Gkids.
011We were sitting out on the patio and I was playing around with them, had some shells handy, grabbed this little fair girl from my art/craft room. Fun things to make with them, I got a ton of ideas just sitting playing.
016And here is Maggie getting rocked my sis. She is Maggie’s A. Nancy…she knows her name. She knows most family member names and gets excited when someone is mentioned, she thinks she is going to see them. You have to be careful what you say around her ….just like a kid…she also knows her doggie friend’s names and does the same thing….Well will end on the note…I could go on and on about how smart Maggie is Smile…but that will be it for now thanks for looking and come back soon

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Yesterday sis and I went out and did a little shopping, went to Viera. Went over to The Avenue,  stopped at Michaels. Then went over to the WM plaza and stopped at Holly Lobby and Ross’s. I got a couple tops and a table cloth at Ross’s. Took us all day for 3 stores, we would have to spend a week or more to visit every store there. Also had lunch at Chic F. Here is a link to the shops at The Avenue

018Got this hanging holder with 35 pockets on each side to store things. I will be using it for my art/craft items that I want to travel with me in the rig. In fact it is working so good I am going back and get another one. Got this at Ross’s while shopping in Viera.
A couple  of sis visiting days we went to the beach.
2013-02-06_15-22-22_829This is a pic from the first day we went. It was hazy and over cast most of the day, then in late afternoon the sun came out a bit, and the color of the ocean was unbelievable, bright aqua, in front with dark blue the further out you went….click on the pic to see the color better…at times like this I wish I had a good camera.

2013-02-06_15-06-25_433And here is Maggie lying on her new beach matt. Enjoying the waves and sea gulls and other birds that she can not catch, much to her dismay.
2013-01-07_11-30-16_836We took the rig so we could take breaks, here is what we had for lunch. Pretty healthy I would say …better than McD’s that is right across the road.
The main reason for going to the beach was to get some shell for sister Nancy. There were a ton of shells that day so she had a ball gathering. I have not yet taken any pic’s of the shells. We are having a good time visiting here in Florida, everyday we check the weather in PA… and compare lol….

Saturday, February 9, 2013


035My post about this GTG is not in any order, I was bad girl and did not keep a log each day…just too tired. One of the nights the pot luck dinner was held at Linda and Sandy’s this is their TT. Just getting ready for the dinner.
034We were eating at this point.
037More good eating!033Then these two big boys came along. Seems like we had to many cars parked in one site…anyway they were a couple fun guys. you can see they are laughing…this was such a fun get away for me…my very first GTG with the Women RV group and what a great group of people they are. I cant wait until the next one. Looks like there might be one in NY this summer and I will be in PA ….so I think I can go to that…I  am doing things I never thought I would ever do….I am living my life!!!
Thanks for looking and come back soon.
blessings G&M

Sunday, February 3, 2013


2013-01-31_09-27-47_667One morning we went over to Nan’s site for coffee and bagels. Nan on the right in blue. She told us some of her experiences in her RV world. Things like the picnic table trying to follow her out of the site, several antenna that got tired of living on her roof, and an awning that tried to kill her roof, among many others..she was cracking us up…so funny and what a great story teller she is. So my new motto this: “Don’t Worry, Nan Already Did It” Winking smile
2013-01-31_07-33-51_11I had reserved a site for two days, and after I got there I wanted to stay. So I was able to get another site for two more days! Doing a happy dance for sure. The site was right beside Sarah and her pup Nikki, (I think right name) It was the run of the mill site, didn’t have ambiance our first site had with the fence , little bridge, and trail behind the fence.  
2013-01-31_14-51-59_577The site turned out pretty good after we set up and put our “camping” things out. I got a patio rug at WM …Liz was trying to tell me about a place near by the St. Park that sold material for rugs, awning shades, wheel shades, etc. but it just was not registering with me. So one day some of the girls took a day trip to the material place and when they came back…I saw what she was talking about. Oh well…the good thing is that it is close enough I can take a day trip there.I want to get material for wheel shades, table cloth, and awning shade.  So that is what I will do.
My sister and I went to a few yard sales yesterday and found some goodies.I will post about what we got later.
So guess this is it for now thanks for looking and come back soon. Blessings G&M

Friday, February 1, 2013


IMG_0212Kayaking with the gators and I am not talking about the football team!! So on Tues. I went on my first kayak trip. Liz(one of the Women RV girls) is a pro at this and she took me out and showed me the ropes… (or should I say the paddles) and the alligators!! I am using Tina’s(another RV girl) Sea Eagle Kayak. It is the small size and can seat two people. I love, love, kayaking but this one was a little large and hard and trying for me to handle. This is a pic of me on the Hillsborough River. Look at that still water…click on the pic to enlarge.
IMG_0218We had not gone very far and this slid into the water about 50ft in front of us!!!! Let me tell you I was scared, but held my own! Winking smileHa….Liz was cool as a cucumber ….we will just wait for a while until he gets across…all the while snapping pic’s like this is an every day happening!! YIKES! So he finally got to the sun on the other side of the river and we past by…with me watching over my shoulder the whole time….I did not take a camera because I know it would have ended up in the river. Liz took all the pic’s. This is such a fun and relaxing (with out the gators that is) I could not believe I was acutely doing it. I have wanted to for soooo long! And I love it…I see a kayak in my future.  I have more to post on my second day out on the river..but we just got home a little while ago and I am tired. I have more to share about the camping trip also. So that’s it for now thanks for looking and come back soon