Sunday, February 17, 2013


003So no one was doing much in the campground today, (to cold in Florida today) including Maggie & me. So got out my jewelry making tools, beads and baubles and worked on a few earrings. And sorted out some of my vintage jewelry. Think I might start up an Etsy store and try and sell some things.
004And this is what Maggie did!! Not a bad idea either!
011Was even to cold to set up my patio. But I did  put on my hoodie and sun bathed for a while lol….
015And of course my food for the day…dinner of ham, micro wave baked potato, cottage cheese and pineapple salad. With ice tea to wash it all down. I like to eat of reg. plates and use glass…so my plate is a vintage Franciscan Ware, Jadeite Fire King and a frosted glass from the 60’s. Just like down town….lol. Later in the day a few of the Women RV girls came by….Sarah, Wendy, Linda, and Sandy. I will post with pic’s next time about that. Well that’s it for now , so thanks for looking and come back soon.
blessings G&M


  1. I think you have the hang of it now!

  2. I also like to use my nice dinnerware when camping in the RV. At first I thought paper plates were in order but soon realized that I used my microwave alot and foods came out nicer when cooked on Corning Ware which can also be used in the oven.

  3. Nice to see the newbies from the womens forum getting to know each other and finding out how much fun we can be!
    I have a full set of the Franciscan Rose and carry several pieces in the coach. After all these years I'm ready to try a different pattern, tho! LOL!