Saturday, February 23, 2013


2013-02-23_17-05-52_832Early in the afternoon I seen the SEA TOW guy go out…then about 4pm seen him coming back towing something…not a boat.
022313172011Then these guys show up. Florida Fish and Wildlife.
2013-02-23_17-09-35_483With a big trailer on the back of there pick up.
022313172206Here they are picking up the tow…I talked to the Sea Tow guy ..he said they had called him earlier and ask him to pick up this dead Manatee. Seems like they were very busy today…this was the third Manatee…they had got calls about…so when they are busy they ask him to go out and pick one up for them….so sad….I didn’t go up and look in the trailer but the other two were in there. After I took theses pic’s we walked around the park…to sad to watch any more….but its part of life…I did see on the news  that there have been at least 40 Manatee deaths so far this year in Brevard Co. …I guess that is a lot….They are blaming the weather…cold snaps and then big warm ups so they go out into open water ..the cold comes and they are to far out to get back to the warm water…
This morning I went to a few yard sales and got a couple things and will post later on what I got. Also there was another encounter with a pelican. Not me this time but some boys at the park….
All for not thanks for looking and come back soon

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