Thursday, February 21, 2013


004Every Tues. at 9 am they have coffee & donuts at Wickham cg. You take a dollar and get the goodies…. Here is a few getting in on the goodies. We got ours and took them over to MM’s site and ate them with these three characters …Nikita, Marilyn’s long dog….Harley sometimes called monkey dog….miss priss herself Maggie….
002Nikkita (hope I spelled this right…
001Harley (aka the bark ranger)
003Maggie the Papillon Princes. Later we went out to lunch and then I went to WM and headed back to dad’s This was my last day at the CG. That all on Tues.
Then yesterday on Wed. I posted about the Pelican…but I also was a busy bee…did 4 loads of clothes and rugs… brought all my food from fridge in rig to the house….cleaned and vacuumed rig…had some lunch…cooked lasagna for dad that was lunch….folded and put away clothes…took a break and talked to DD for awhile…then got out the bucket, soap, long pole, and other things for washing MySweetDream. Took me about 2 hrs. I really would like to hire someone to do a wash and wax job…but here in Florida it is so expensive. Maybe when heading north this spring I can find someone along the way….
Well I am pooped…time to call it a day..get ready to watch Survivor…one show I really do like on TV…
So thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings G&M

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